How To Talk To Kids About Pool Safety

Practice Safety Around the Pool

There are a lot of ways a child can protect him- or herself from injury at the pool. The most useful method of swimming pool accident prevention is to follow all the posted rules, such as not running around the pool. If your child is not a strong swimmer, make sure he or she is equipped with an appropriate flotation device while in and around the water.

Talk About Dangers, But Do Not Make Kids Feel Powerless

Drowning and breaking bones are real possibilities at the pool. However, the possibility of being injured should not dissuade children from enjoying time in the pool this summer. Discuss the potential dangers they face, but do not harp on them. Instead, frame them as a factual part of the conversation and a springboard to discussing the importance of taking safety precautions. With younger children, getting them involved with pools safety, songs, apps & coloring activities can help solidify the idea with them.



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