How Florida State Streamlines the Way They Write Workouts

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October 15th, 2019 Training

This is a case study courtesy of Commit Swimming.


“Commit is great, especially when you have multiple coaches trying to track the workouts of different groups training at the same time. It makes it easy to keep track of the planning.”

Emma Svensson,

Assistant Coach, Florida State University



The Customer

Florida State University

Florida State University (FSU) is one of the most respected research and learning institutions in the United States. Their swimming and diving teams consistently excel in college athletics, and their swimmers have won many competitions at the national and international levels.

Emma Svensson is an Assistant Swimming and Diving Coach with Florida State. She is a four-time NCAA qualifier, a two-time CCSA Women’s Most Outstanding Performer of the Meet, and the 2013 CCSA Swimmer of the Year.

The Challenge

“I was spending so much time entering stats by hand. It made sense to find a system that could help us do our workout plan and analysis automatically.”

Manually tracking workout stats for an entire team
As an Assistant Coach with Florida State’s Swimming and Diving Team, Emma has a lot of responsibilities. Her daily work involves leading various groups—primarily the sprint group. She’s also tasked with administrative work, such as recording workouts for the whole team.

For a long time, she did this math by hand. She manually entered the stats into a spreadsheet and then plugged them into a formula that would sum up the stats. But this format was time-consuming, and made it difficult to share stats with other coaches and team members.

The Solution

“All of us [coaches] use Commit. We don’t have to print out paper anymore; we just use our phones to pull up our workouts for the day, take attendance, and know exactly what’s going on with our team.”

Collaborative workout logging software
Commit Swimming gives FSU’s coaches a more streamlined way to write workouts.

Now, instead of each coach sending Emma their workouts to plug into a spreadsheet, each coach updates their own workout in the app the night before. Each coach can then pull up the app and see what everyone’s workout plan is for the day.

It’s helped their athletes too. During breaks, the head coach used to send out documents of possible workouts athletes could do at home. Now, they just give their athletes the app. If athletes want to follow along with their daily workouts at home, all they have to do is log in and review the plan.

The Result

“Our head coach loves that he can log in, see the workouts, and leave comments without needing us to send him the info. It makes it easy to collaborate and track what we’re planning even if we don’t see each other every day.”

12 hours saved creating workout plans
Thanks to Commit, practice prep and collaboration have never been easier. By Emma’s estimation, Commit has easily saved her 12 hours of data entry every month.

More important, Commit helps her and the other coaches keep track of workout planning and run things more efficiently. It enables them to review each other’s practices and collaborate—even if they’re not on campus together.

Spend less time planning workouts. See more results.

  •  No credit card required
  •  Customize your own training terminology
  •  4 different plans. If you coach high school, club, college, elite, age-group, it doesn’t matter – Commit has a plan for you.

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