How Fast Will Katie Ledecky Swim at the 2021 U.S. Olympic Trials?

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Olympic and World Champion distance swimming icon Katie Ledecky swam well at the San Antonio Pro Swim, but she was her own biggest critic unpacking her swims in the post race interviews.  I thought Ledecky looked great considering she hasn’t really traveled and competed in a year.  Suiting up at home and running an elite meet schedule isn’t the same experience.  I think Ledecky knocked off some rust in San Antonio. What do you think?  If you missed the meet coverage, see her times:

Ledecky – 2021 San Antonio Pro Swim

  • 1500 free – 15:42.92
  • 800 free – 8:13.64
  • 400 free – 4:04.72
  • 200 free – 1:56.62

For reference, see Ledecky’s 2020 Des Moines Pro Swim Times:

  • 1500 – 15:29.51
  • 400 – 3:59.66
  • 200 – 1:54.59

U.S. Olympic Trials Predictions?

Ledecky will swim fast, but not as fast as she will at the 2021 Olympic Games.  At U.S. Olympic Trials I see a 1:54.5 200 free,  3:59.1 400 free,  8:09  800 free, and a 15:29 1500 free.  I might be playing it a little too safe, but I don’t see a reason for her to swim faster when making Team USA  is all that’s needed.  Still, those would be solid swims in June for Ledecky, but the big question is will she swim the 100 free? I don’t know. I haven’t asked her, but I don’t think so. It’s been a weird year battling the pandemic. I think Ledeckey stays focused on her core schedule at U.S. Olympic Trials.  But who cares what I think?  I want to know what you think? Give me your best expert swimming analysis.

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28 days ago

I’d be pleased if she matches her des Moines times @ OT’s, which correspond to GMM’s predictions nicely

Reply to  PhillyMark
28 days ago

PS My phone autocorrected ‘GMM’s’ to ‘GOD’S’ fyi

Sun Yangs Hammer
Reply to  PhillyMark
28 days ago

What’s the difference

Reply to  PhillyMark
28 days ago


28 days ago

Katie, we don’t deserve you

Reply to  Swammer
28 days ago

Right? We don’t. Ledecky just delivers again and again.

Reply to  GMM
28 days ago

It’s easy to forget she has been doing this for a solid decade now. No years off. Incredible dedication in a grueling endeavor.

Steve Nolan
28 days ago

Before I thought much about this I assumed she’d swim the 100, I just didn’t know how well she’s set up to place. (I said this before I looked up the Trials schedule – the 100 is near the end, prelims the morning after she’d have 200/1500 finals.) It seems like it’s gonna be a pretty crowded event – maybe not like 100 back level crowded – but there’s a lot of depth there. Should be a ton of 53mids, 54 lows and idk if she’s very likely to definitively break through that pack enough to even final.

Hm. So now I also dunno. You can make a decent case either way.

Reply to  Steve Nolan
28 days ago

…you know, I normally ask Braden his thoughts. I haven’t. I will now…

Reply to  Steve Nolan
27 days ago

I think she stands a good chance in the hundred but might not swim it anyways and possibly get a spot on the relay anyway

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