High School Swimmer in Oregon Drowns after Swim Practice

14-year old Nabila Maazouz, a member of the swim team at Liberty High School in Hillsboro, Oregon, was found dead on Wednesday night after a team practice, Hillsboro police say.

According to a statement made by local police, Maazouz was found underneath the pool cover.

After a practice at the Shute Park Aquatic & Recreation Center’s outdoor pool, the swimmers pulled the cover over it before leaving the water. After the swimmers got out of the pool and started leaving the facility, Nabila was discovered to be missing. She was not found until 20-to-25 minutes later, at which time facility staff pulled her from the water and started lifesaving efforts.

The efforts were unsuccessful, and Maazouz was pronounced dead.

Maazouz attended Oregon Episcopal School, though she competed on the Liberty High School swim team.

According to the team’s website, they practice from 7:00-9:00 PM at the Shute Park outdoor pool on Wednesdays, making them the last group to use the pool that day. The outdoor pool, which originally opened in 1954, is a 17 yard x 50 yard pool. The facility also has an indoor 25 yard pool.

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Corn Pop
3 years ago

Perhaps this is a possible reason . Recently whilst doing some dps breastroke I looked down & saw a swimmer having an epileptic fit on the bottom at 2 mtr depth .it took a micro sec to realise it was not underwater playing around / deep drill so I dived down with my paddles still on & grabbed them under the arms & pulled them up . ( I had estimated they were a out 55-60kg & doable) Luckily pool attendants got the oxygen mask on quickly & the swimmer recovered .

If it was dark under lights & no one was doing long breastroke where you do look around it is possible to miss this eg swimming backstroke… Read more »

Corn Pop
Reply to  Corn Pop
3 years ago

Today I debriefed with the lifeguards .They verified that he had lost consciousness .but luckily for him , only just . I recall now being a bit confused & changing my grip ( i still had paddles on ) & that a limp unconscious body is much harder to get their face clear ( not that I wanted to be hit either by flailing arms ) . I don’t care about the 3:1 downvotes ( I expect it ) but I hope someone reads this & will also save a young life . I am sorry that girl had no one caring & aware like myself & the lifeguards . Prayers & condolensces are no substitute .


Swim mom
Reply to  Corn Pop
3 years ago

I don’t think her drowning means there was no one who cared. To suggest that is very unkind. It’s very possible that she got stuck under while pulling tarps and no one noticed. Obviously they cared or they would have searched for her for 20 minutes.

It is a tragic story and one I have forwarded to my kids so they will continue to exercise great care when dealing with tarps.

Lane 8
3 years ago

How terribly sad and devastating. Prayers to her family and team.

Swim mom
3 years ago

How horribly sad for everyone. The loss for the family, the guilt and trauma of the kids involved. Just devastating.

Clock don’t lie
3 years ago

That should not happen. So sorry for the families loss

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