2019 Tennessee Invite: Day 1 Finals Live Recap

by Ariana Palmer 44

November 21st, 2019 ACC, College, News, SEC


  • November 21st-24th, 2019
  • Alan Jones Aquatic Center, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tennessee
  • SCY, Prelims/Finals
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The first finals session of the 2019 Tennessee Invitational will be Thursday night, where top-20 Division I programs Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, and Indiana will compete along with top-20 Division II program Carson-Newmann.

Among the highlights of the morning session was yet another lifetime best for Virginia super-freshman Kate Douglass, who swam 1:54.30 in the 200 IM. She’s expected to lead off a few relays in the evening session as well.

Other highlights of prelims were a 21.53 in the 50 free from Tennessee senior Erika Brown, and a 4:13.05 from Georgia senior Walker Higgins in the men’s 500 free.

Women’s 200 free relay

  • NCAA “A” Cut – 1:28.43
  • NCAA “B” Cut – 1:29.21
  • 2019 Invite Time – 1:29.36
  1. Tennessee – 1:27.20
  2. Indiana – 1:29.06
  3. Georgia – 1:29.95

BIG start for Tennesee winning in a NCAA “A” qualifying time while also clocking their fastest time this season. That time will place this relay 3rd all-time in program history. Stand-out Erika Brown went 2nd and clocked a 21.10 off a relay start which was the fastest out of the field. Indiana finished 2nd, clocking a “B” cut behind Cora Dupre’s 22.09 lead-off. That swim for Dupre is a new Indiana School Record in the event.

The Virginia “A” relay was disqualified in the race. Freshman Kate Douglass’s  lead off split of 21.50 still counts while Morgan Hill anchored the relay in 21.20.

Men’s 200 free relay

  • NCAA “A” Cut – 1:17.17
  • NCAA “B” Cut – 1:17.86
  • 2019 Invite Time – 1: 18.05
  1. Indiana – 1:17.41
  2. Virginia – 1:18.36
  3. Tennessee – 1:18.48

The Indiana men came up just shy of the NCAA “A” cut in the 200 free relay with a season-best time.  Bruno Blasovic split a 19.16 on the 2nd leg while Mohamed Samy Hassan anchored with a 19.09. The fastest split of the night goes to anchor leg Alec Connolly of Tennessee with a 19.05. Virginia’s time of 1:18.36 was faster than their time of 1:18.62 at the 2019 ACC Championships, or of any time that they swam last season.

Women’s 500 free

  • NCAA “A” Cut – 4:35.76
  • NCAA “B” Cut – 4:47.20
  • 2019 Invite Time -4:40.96
  1. Paige Madden – Virginia – 4:34.64
  2. Courtney Harnish – Georgia – 4:37.16
  3. Josie Grote – Indiana – 4:41.08

Virginia junior Paige Madden won the 500 free with an NCAA “A” cut in the 500 free, swimming a 4:34.64. That’s 5 seconds faster than she swam mid-season last year where she eventually finished 2nd at the NCAA Championships. Georgia junior Courtney Harnish finished 2nd in 4:37.16. Indiana’s Josie Grote was seeded 17th in prelims, but finished 3rd in the final in 4:41.08. That was the fastest time of her career by almost 2 seconds and fastest time of the season by over 17 seconds. She out-touched teammate Cassy Jernberg, who finished 3rd in 4:41.30.

Men’s 500 free

  • NCAA “A” Cut – 4:11.82
  • NCAA “B” Cut – 4:23.34
  • 2019 Invite Time – 4:16.04
  1. Jack Walker – Virginia – 4:15.27
  2. Mikey Calvillo – Indiana – 4:15.94
  3. Kevin Miller – Georgia – 4:16.41

Freshman Jack Walker of Virginia earned a big comeback win in the 500 free, swimming a 4:15.27 that finished just shy of his best time (4:15.02). Mikey Calvillo swam 4:15.94, which bettered his best time of  4:17.22 that he swam at the 2019 Big Ten Championships, earning 2nd just behind Walker. Senior Kevin Miller of Georgia finishes 3rd also bettering his previous best time 4:17.12 he set at the 2019 SEC Championships.

Women’s 200 IM

  • NCAA “A” Cut – 1:53.66
  • NCAA “B” Cut – 1:59.94
  • 2019 Invite Time – 1:56.76
  1. Kate Douglass – Virginia – 1:52.84
  2. Zoie Hartman – Georgia – 1:53.69
  3. Meghan Small – Tennessee – 1:54.49

Kate Douglass earned a NCAA “A” qualifying time in the 200 IM with a 1:52.84, which is good for the 2nd fastest time in the nation this season and 3rd-fastest ever by a freshman. Her best time coming into college was a 1:56.09, which she already undercut once this season prior to the Invite.

That time for Douglass breaks both the Virginia and ACC Records of 1:54.06 that was set by former Cavelier Kaitlyn Jones in 2016.

Georgia’s Zoie Hartman clocked a 1:53.69, just shy of the “A” cut but she has added herself to the Georgia record books, clocking the 2nd fast time in school history. Tennessee senior, Meghan Small, earns bronze with her fastest time this season in 1:54.49 – almost a full seconds faster than she was at this meet last season.

Men’s 200 IM

  • NCAA “A” Cut – 1:41.34
  • NCAA “B” Cut – 1:46.77
  • 2019 Invite Time – 1:43.82
  1. Mohamed Samy Hassan – Indiana – 1:44.00
  2. Matthew Garcia – Tennessee – 1:44.71
  3. Clayton Forde – Georgia -1:45.04

Mohamed Samy Hassan just out touched Matthew Garcia of Tennessee in a time of 1:44.00 to validate his top seed coming into the final. His best time of 1:43.89 was from the 2019 NCAA Men’s Division I Championships, though he didnt drop much time from mid-season to NCAAs. Garcia, finishing in 2nd, touched with a new lifetime best of 1:44.71, down from his previous 1:45.23 set at the 2019 SEC Championships. Clayton Forde was seeded 14th in prelims with a 1:52.02 and came back to earn 3rd in the 200 IM with a time of 1:45.04, a difference of 6.98 seconds. This is also a lifetime best down from a 1:47.73 he swam at the 2018 UGA Fall Invitational.

Women’s 50 free

  • NCAA “A” Cut – 21.66
  • NCAA “B” Cut – 22.76
  • 2019 Invite Time – 22.23
  1. Erika Brown – Tennessee – 21.19
  2. Morgan Hill – Virginia – 21.82
  3. Cora Dupre – Indiana – 22.11

Erika Brown clocked a 21.19 in the 50 free, good for a 1st place finish, NCAA “A” cut,  7th best performance in history, and a tie for the nation’s fastest swim this season. Virginia’s Morgan Hill earns silver with a 21.82, just off her best time of 21.68 set at the 2019 ACC Championships. Freshman Cora Dupre of Indiana finished 3rd, just ahead of Tennessee’s Bailey Grinter. Dupre swam the 200 IM in prelims, but scratched to focus on this 50 free. Dupre’s best time of 22.37 was set during a relay lead off just a few weeks ago.

Men’s 50 free

  • NCAA “A” Cut – 18.96
  • NCAA “B” Cut – 19.96
  • 2019 Invite Time – 19.35
  1. Kyle Decoursey – Tennessee – 19.34
  2. Alec Connolly – Tennessee – 19.47
  3. Bruno Blasovic – Indiana – 19.61

Tennessee’s Kyle Decoursey earned a 1st place finish with a time of 19.34. In he process, he beat out his teammate, Alec Connolly, who has been the team’s sprint leader this season up to this point, who was in 2nd. Connolly broke his best time of 19.48 from the 2018 SEC Championships by .01 seconds. Junior, Bruno Blasovic of Indiana, finished 3rd with a 19.61.

Men’s 3 mtr diving

  • NCAA Zones Qualifying Score- 320
  1. Zack Allen – Georgia – 371.85
  2. Keegan Richardson – Tennesee – 347.15
  3. Josh Getty – Georgia – 316.65

Zach Allen, a junior at Georgia, won the 3 meter diving competition with a score of 371.85. Josh Getty, also a junior at Georgia, rounded out the top with a score of 316.65.

Women’s 400 medley relay

  • NCAA “A” Cut – 3:31.66
  • NCAA “B” Cut – 3:33.78
  • 2019 Invite Time – 3:34.28
  1. Virginia – 3:27.58
  2. Georgia – 3:30.98
  3. Tennessee – 3:32.25

The Virginia winning 400 medley relay, made up of Caroline Gmelich (51.88), Alexis Wenger (58.91), Kate Douglass (49.98), and Morgan Hill (46.81), smashed the NCAA “A” cut in a time of 3:27.58 and finished ahead of Georgia by over 3 seconds. Their time of 3:27.58 would have placed the team 4th at the 2019 NCAA DI Women’s Championships.

That’s the 2nd-best 400 medley relay in school history, and the school’s fastest since 2015.

Georgia freshman Zoie Hartman split 57.8 on the breaststroke leg of the Bulldogs’ runner-up relay, setting up a tantalizing matchup between her and Douglass in the individual event later in the meet. Erika Brown split 50.08 on the fly leg for Tennessee’s 3rd-place relay.

Men’s 400 medley relay

  • NCAA “A” Cut – 3:05.95
  • NCAA “B” Cut – 3:07.74
  • 2019 Invite Time – 3:08.16
  1. Virginia – 3:06.69
  2. Tennessee – 3:07.20
  3. Indiana – 3:08.68

Virginia claimed 1st in the 400 medley relay ahead of Tennessee and Indiana. Joe Clark of Virginia clocked a 46.01 in the 100 backstroke, the fastest split of the night. Alec Connolly of Tennessee anchored his team’s relay in a 42.41 in the 100 free, which was also the fastest split of the night.

Team Scores: Day 1


  1. Tennessee – 320
  2. Georgia – 308
  3. Indiana – 213
  4. Virginia – 200
  5. Carson-Newman – 72
  6. Tennessee Aquatics – 14
  7. UNC Asheville – 5


  1. Georgia – 291
  2. Indiana – 265
  3. Tennessee – 239
  4. Virginia – 188
  5. Carson-Newman – 66
  6. Tennessee Aquatics – 20

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4 years ago

Has Bella Hindley joined the Tennessee pro group?

4 years ago

Douglass’s 2IM was good… or great, but her fly split was better. That 1:52 would have finished 5th at NCAAs last year but no one split under 50 last year in the 100 fly on a relay. BUT every one (myself included) is talking about Douglass but Brown almost broke the NCAA record in the 50 (.13 off) and Madden’s 500 would have finished 2nd last year.

Reply to  2Cents
4 years ago

Didn’t McNeil, Hansson, and Brown all go 49s last year individually? I’m not sure what their relay splits were (if they were on them and swam fly) but there were some very fast flyers last year.

Reply to  ArtVanDeLegh10
4 years ago

Yes, they were. Brown also has the fastest 100 fly relay split in history, 49.11

2 Cents
Reply to  ArtVanDeLegh10
4 years ago

I’m talking purely about splits on the relay at NCAAs. Fastest split at NCAAs was 50.00.

2 Cents
Reply to  ArtVanDeLegh10
4 years ago

Hansson swam back, MacNeil was 50.34 and McLaughlin was 50.00. Brown was not on the relay for TN last year at NCAAs.

Correction: MacNeil was 49.94 in prelims on the relay. Those times above are from finals.

DeSorbo Effect
4 years ago

#1 in the NCAA!!! We play 1st fiddle! Wahoowa!


Lane 8
Reply to  DeSorbo Effect
4 years ago

For now, I guess. Would love to see UVA have a breakout season, but who knows what could happen.

On Fleek
Reply to  DeSorbo Effect
4 years ago

Hold your horses. According to Meet Mobile, some invite results across the country for this event are:

#4 NC State —— 3:06.43
#13 Missouri —– 3:06.48
#11 Texas A&M – 3:06.68
#9 Virginia ——– 3:06.69

Don’t forget that #1 Cal, #2 Texas, #5 Michigan, #6 Florida, #12 Arizona, #16 Minnesota, #17 Alabama have yet to race the 400 MR…

UVA laying down a fast time during a mid-season invite for sure. But maybe a bit too early to crown yourself #1? 😉

2 Cents
Reply to  On Fleek
4 years ago

Pretty sure they were referring to the women….

4 years ago

Point totals don’t tell the whole story as not all teams have divers at the meet.

Reply to  kdswim
4 years ago

Doesn’t seem like much movement on the women’s side if you take out diving points?

Reply to  Heehaw
4 years ago

Probably, based on UGA and Tenn having the divers and big leads there. Men’s side seems like much closer between 1 and 2 with UGA divers out and 3 and 4 with Tenn divers out.

Reply to  kdswim
4 years ago

tennessee would still be winning without diving points

Reply to  kdswim
4 years ago

I noticed that also. Not sure if scoring is correct or not?!?

4 years ago

Is that correct that Virginia had 4 relays DQ on the session?

4 years ago

Remember when NCST used to DQ at NCAAs a lot? Maybe DeSorbo brought with him one bad tradition 😉

4 years ago

Kate Douglass is suddenly the most valuable swimmer in the NCAA it looks like…can swim so many events…

4 years ago

Beata Nelson says hey

Reply to  Klorn8d
4 years ago

I think after this weekend, it is going to be Douglass. Just wait for her to swim breaststroke

4 years ago

She is not going to run away with it….Zoie is swimming fast too and a 57 split says she is ready to race. Also Emily Weiss

Reply to  Klorn8d
4 years ago

Yes she can swim so many events so well, but can she win all of her events. She is basically a freshman Seli. The problem for her is entry limits…

4 years ago

UVA 3:27.5 on the relay. Would’ve been 4th at NCAA.
Douglass 49.9 fly, Hill 46.8 free

4 years ago

Does anyone want to bet me personally that the 50 free women’s record gets broken this year? I’ll even give 2:1 odds….

Ol’ Longhorn
Reply to  2Cents
4 years ago

So the wager if 4 cents?