Hausding Wins 16th European Title, Italy Wins Mixed 3m Synchro


  • Monday, May 10th – Sunday, May 23rd
  • Budapest, Hungary
  • Artistic – Diving – Open Water – Swimming
  • Event Site

The third day of the diving portion of the European Championships in Budapest, Hungary featured a pair of finals competions, the mixed 3m springboard synchro and the men’s 1m springboard.

In the mixed 3m, it was the Italian team of Chiara Pellacani and Matteo Santoro who came away with the gold medal. For Pellacani, this was her second medal of the week, having already picked up a bronze medal on the 1m springboard on day 2 of the meet.

Final Results – Mixed 3m springboard synchro

  1. Italy (Chiara Pellacani, Matteo Santoro) – 300.69
  2. Germany (Lou Noel Guy Massenberg, Tina Punzel) – 294.27
  3. Russia (Ilia Molchanov, Vitaliia Koroleva) – 289.50
  4. Ukraine (Viktoriya Kesar, Stanislav Oliferchyk) – 288.54
  5. Great Britain (Yasmin Harper, Ross Haslam) – 279.45
  6. Sweden (David Ekdahl, Emilia Nilsson Garip) – 264.51

While the Russian duo led through the first three rounds, with Germany holding second, Italy was able to switch places to earn the gold during the last two rounds. Italy was incredibly consistent throughout the contest, with the team’s lowest score across the entire competition being a 6.5.

For Italy’s Santoro, this is his first European medal, as the 14-year old is competing in his first European Championships.

The second competition of the day, and the first men’s event of the week, took place on the 1m springboard.

Final Results – Men’s 1m Springboard

  1. Patrick Hausding – 427.75
  2. Jack Laugher – 402.90
  3. Giovanni Tocci – 402.50
  4. Lorenzo Marsaglia – 371.05
  5. Ilia Molchanov – 370.55
  6. Alexis Handard – 365.75
  7. Nicolas Garcia Boissier – 363.10
  8. Guillaume Duroit – 352.50
  9. Timo Barthel – 349.90
  10. Andrzej Rzeszutek – 346.45
  11. Oleg Kolodiy – 342.75
  12. Vinko Paradzik – 312.55

This is the second time in a row that Patrick Hausding has won the event, and is the 34th medal that he has won at the European Championships. With his win, Hausding has now won a total of 16 gold medals at the European Championships.

Great Britain’s Jack Laugher held a large lead following the prelims session, but fell to third early in the finals competition. He was able to come back through his final dives, taking the silver medal over Italy’s Giovanni Tocci.


Gold Silver Bronze Total
Italy 2 1 2 5
Russia 1 1 1 3
Germany 1 1 1 3
Great Britain 2 2
Switzerland 1 1
Ukraine 1 1


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