Gold Coast Aquatic Center To Remain Roofless

The Gold Coast Aquatic Center in Australia will remain roofless, despite pleas by Australia’s National Swimming Coach Jacco Verhaeren and Australian Commonwealth Games Association President Sam Coffa.

Citing the debacle surrounding the 2014 Pan Pacific Championships, where spectators and swimmers endured days of cold and rainy days in the open-air facility, Verhaeren and Coffa urged the Gold Coast City Council and State government to put a roof over the center to avoid the same situation come the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

“Given the significant issues we had during the Pan Pacs, I am sure that if they come back again they would ask for a roof. We got away with it last time and our swimmers did well but it is not the way to go on the international stage,” Verhaeren stated early last month.

Games Minister Stirling Hinchliffe did concede moving forward with the installation of a temporary roof, however, he has ruled out a permanent structure, which has a price tag estimate of $20 million.

“We were asked to deliver a pool and a park — and we have a pool and a park which I see used constantly, enjoyed by the people of the Gold Coast regularly.” Hinchliffe continued,  “(A permanent roof) is not what the State Government sees as needed … we enjoy the fantastic background and backdrop this facility has.” (Gold Coast Bulletin)

“This is the City of the Gold Coast’s asset and if they want to do something down the track that’s a matter for them,” he said.

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5 years ago

I applaud the city council for standing firm. Why spend millions to ruin the atmosphere for the everyday locals just to coddle some star athletes for a few days every 4 or so years?

5 years ago

Clearly Gary P you have never been to a swimming event in the drivng rain at the $42 million dollar “World Class Facility”. Atmosphere? Those Pan Pac Athletes came out to the blocks in full-on winter gear, mittens, scarves the lot on worldwide television! We’re lucky we didn’t get sued by any of them for hypothermia or pneumonia. Our swim club was there, in the stands, in our ponchos, so our kids could see their Olympic heroes and cheer on our future Olympians. We were not allowed to put up umbrellas in case we blocked other attendees views (there was no one else there, not a sole). Our “coddled star athletes” were changing in a temporary marquee on the car… Read more »

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