Reports Lochte Robbery Story Was Fabricated, Alleges Gas Station Altercation

Brazilian news site is reporting that Ryan Lochte and three other American swimmers weren’t robbed at gunpoint as they originally alleged, but rather were involved in an altercation at a gas station after the swimmers damaged a bathroom door and other items. says that Lochte, Jimmy Feigen, Gunnar Bentz and Jack Conger were in a cab Sunday night on the way home from a party and stopped at a gas station to use the bathroom. The Globo report says damage was done to the bathroom door, soap dispenser, paper towel dispenser and a bathroom sign, and that the swimmers wanted to leave without paying for the damages.

The police were called, the report says, but while waiting for them to arrive, the swimmers were “aggressive” and forced security guards to point a gun at them to keep them from leaving the scene. says an agreement was struck at some point for the athletes to pay for the damages.

There’s some confusion as to Bentz and Conger’s involvement. Originally, a judge ordered that Lochte’s and Feigen’s passports be confiscated until the full story became clear, but Bentz and Conger were not included in that order. But the two were pulled off of the airplane prior to their flight home from Rio last night.’s report says that police say Bentz and Conger are only witnesses to the altercation, though a judge’s order says differently. The four now have a Brazilian lawyer, Sergio Riera, who says they were “frightened” and didn’t originally understand why they were pulled from the flight.

Lochte has already left Rio and is back in the United States. But it appears the other three will remain in Brazil until the situation is resolved.

Meanwhile ABCNews reports that CCTV footage showed one of the swimmers “breaking down the door to the bathroom at the gas station and fighting with a security guard,” citing a Brazilian police source.

UPDATE: Now ESPN is reporting that the swimmers wanted to use the bathroom but found the door locked. The alleged breaking of the door happened when “a few of the swimmers… pushed on the door and broke it.” ESPN also reports that a security guard confronted the swimmers but did not take out his gun or point it at the swimmers. ESPN’s info comes from an anonymous official with the Brazilian police department.

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  1. swimdoc says:

    Oh, Jimmy. Methinks you busted down the bathroom door.

  2. coach says:

    I’m so sad

  3. I really hope this is just the Brazilian spin on what happened. But, if it isn’t…….

  4. swimdoc says:

    “An agreement was struck at some point for the athletes to pay for the damages.” Funny how cocking a gun and pointing at someone brings out the generosity in others.

  5. taa says:

    Way to make America look good

  6. caliswimmer says:

    So they lied, makes sense

  7. swimdoc says:

    Gunny Bunny’s snapchat of Conger giving a celebratory fist after clearing customs isn’t the best look.

    • Attila the Hunt says:

      That was a major dick move.

      Super embarrassing, especially shown in contrast how frightened like little girls they were after being pulled from the gate.

    • swamswam says:

      Lets remember Gunny Bunny is also the athlete who gave his food to a homeless man in the car karaoke video before questioning his character and trying to make him out as some arrogant monster.
      Especially after the Aussies are now reporting being robbed, I’m not convinced that Brazil isn’t trying to slander the Americans just to make Rio look safer than it clearly is.

      • Wow says:

        Let’s also remember that he’s a lying punk who is a total embarrassment to the US.

        • Reasonable says:

          A lying punk? Calm down you jerk. You don’t know anything more than anyone else.

          • Wow says:

            Oh I’m very calm. Just expressing my accurate and correct beliefs about this hot mess. Last time I checked, they are all liars and made up the whole story. There is surveillance videos to prove it so yes, I clearly know more than you, jerk.

        • PVSFree says:

          Bentz and Conger never confirmed or denied the story. All we know is that they were there

      • swimdoc says:

        I’m sure they are. This is political/PR bs.

      • Attila the Hunt says:

        Even after Lochte kept changing his stroy and now Brazilian police has all the CCTV recording from gas station, evidence, witness statements from all three swimmers (accompanied by lawyers and US consular services), and testimonies from the taxi driver, security guard and gas attendant….. and you shifted the blame and slander the Brazilians accusing Brazil of slandering Americans?


        • swimdoc says:

          Have you seen any of the evidence that you are claiming makes it an open and shut case and makes the Brazilians and those involved in the incident that weren’t swimmers blameless? Sure there aren’t any holes in the testimonies of the taxi driver, security guard, and gas attendant? I’m sure only the finest, most upstanding people are working in a sketchy Rio gas station at 6 AM. Can you share the CCTV recording from the gas station that you’ve reviewed that makes you so confident in your position? Have you ever been outside your own house? What world are you living in?

          If it’s in the media or from a “source” and it supports your view, you believe it 100%. If it’s in the media or from a “source” and does not support your view, you discount it 100%. You can’t have it both ways.


          • Attila the Hunt says:

            The fact that Lochte lied through his teeth across national and international media, thus putting his teammates further in jeopardy doesn’t bother you?

            That is a fact. Not made up. You can watch Lochte lied at several video interview at NBC.


          • swimdoc says:

            Thanks for making my case for me. You say that it was in the media and therefore is a fact. A changing story after being drunk and the victim of a shakedown is not the same as a lie. Read something about victim psychology and inconsistent stories. It happens all the time, and in fact, law enforcement in this country are trained to understand that.

            From your obviously very careful review of the CCTV footage at the gas station, can you enlighten us the specific lies that Lochte made? A gun pointed at him? A person with a badge who wasn’t police, no police car, no lights? Money being demanded without due process?

            Tell us, please: what exactly did you see on the CCTV footage at the gas station?

          • Attila the Hunt says:

            UPDATE: The Associated Press is reporting that Longhorn swimmer Jack Conger has told police that fellow Olympic Ryan Lochte made up the robbery story.

            Gunnar Bentz, a junior at Georgia, also told the Rio police the same account.

            AP quoted an unnamed source saying that Lochte, Conger, Bentz and former Longhorn Jimmy Feigen took a taxi to leave a party. They stopped at a gas station in Barra da Tijuca, a Rio suburb where many of the Olympic venues are located, at about 6 a.m.. One of the swimmers was trying to open a bathroom door, but it was locked.

            The swimmers pushed on the door, which broke it. They were then confronted by a security guard, who was armed, but never drew his gun. The gas station manager arrived and asked for the swimmers to pay for the damages. Another customer translated. The swimmers paid and left.


  8. Victor P says:

    More Brazilian smear.

    • Brute Bradford says:

      Maybe….but let’s see the video. Maybe the place was a wreck before Locate and Company got there and this is a convenient narrative. But maybe not.

      • Swammer says:

        Well yesterday the Brazilian police were saying the event was fabricated based on there being no one else to corroborate the story and because the swimmers were not shaken up when they returned to the Olympic village. Now they claim to have video of the swimmers initiating a brawl with security guards.

        • Brute Bradford says:

          That’s the part that makes it seem like the Brazilian cops are looking to create a cover-up narrative. Why no report from the gas station?

          • Attila the Hunt says:

            The gas station has already surrendered the CCTV recording and the attendant and security guard and taxi driver are providing witness statements.

        • halo says:

          This was before the story changed to stopping at a gas station. It started as just being pulled over by “Cops”. Remember, Lochte’s first interview. as the story continues to change, the Americans credibility will drop. We all believed them over the “Corrupt Rio Police” to start. But, now it seems credibility for both parties is equal.

          We shouldn’t jump to any conclusions but it’s starting to look like they busted up a gas station bath room, Attendant wanted them to pay now since they were American Olympians who were likely leaving soon. They refused and then things got out of hand.

  9. Attila the Hunt says:

    What’s disgusting is that Lochte kept on lying.
    Telling his mum a little lie was one thing.. but he kept lying through national and international media, further putting the well-being of his teammates in jeopardy.

    Stupidity is too kind a word.

    • Brute Bradford says:

      If this is true I will owe you an apology too for having thought you a troll instead of a truth-seeker.

      • Attila the Hunt says:

        Thank you I appreciate that.. no need to apologize.

        Actually, if you read my comments from the very beginning when this robbery story came up, I defended Lochte, I even questioned if IOC and USOC should apologize to Lochte. It’s all in here.

        But when little things started to look suspicious and nothing checked out within Lochte’s robbery narrative, I had doubts.

    • northern light says:

      Well, now I know why Lochte has never been a team captain.

    • Aquaman says:

      To the guy who thought the story didn’t add up: why would these guys draw attention to this by reporting it? If it was me I’d shut up and let it lie if I’d got caught in a brawl/ public urination/vandalism act.

      • Attila the Hunt says:

        They didn’t report it initially.
        Lochte’s mum broadcast it.

        I am 100% sure Lochte is now regretting he told his mum that little lie.

  10. ATXSWIMMER says:

    I would like to see the video itself to be able to discern 1st hand what I believe

  11. Serious Coach says:

    Lochte and co needs to apologize brazilian people

  12. Laura says:

    Ugh, I wanted to believe them, but this isn’t looking good.

  13. Brute Bradford says:

    If this report is true, then I am ashamed of them because they are ambassadors of our country and they have behaved like spoiled entitled fifteen year olds. None of them should ever represent the US again. And I will owe Brazil an apology for defending them. I hope it isn’t true.

  14. Votehillary says:


  15. Just saying says:

    maybe those people were lying about lochte lying? I don’t know but I believe Brazil is a pretty dangerous country and people get robbed all the time there so

    • Attila the Hunt says:

      But we know that Lochte was lying. Did you not watch his interviews with NBC?
      He kept changing his story.

  16. Wahooswimfan says:

    language and translation difficulties may be the root source of confusion. Visit the “ articles, use Google translate, and the stories on that site are themselves inconsistent. one says they vandalized the bathroom, another says the just urinated outside the bathroom. The men with guns may in fact have bee security guards, but the swimmers may not have known that – and thought they were robbers – drunk, gun(s) pointed at you – in the US security guards cannot point guns in a situation as described, so swimmers may have thought it was a robbery.

  17. xenon says:

    Whatever happened, they shouldn’t have point a gun at them and demanded cash and then kidnap Gunnar Bentz and Jimmy Feigen. Brasil needs to take a **** or get off the pot and send these guys home.

    • Billabong says:

      Brazil needs to extradite Lochte and let him face justice. That’s the kind of justice that Dubbya was a fan of.

  18. Joel Lin says:

    I’d like to see a video before casting doubts on the swimmers. The Brazilian authorities waited all of a second before ensuring te video at the Olympic Village was widely distributed to the world media.

    So why the slow roll here? Sorry, I am absolutely resolute in the side of our guys until or if I see that. This is one of the most corrupt cities and countries in the world. There isn’t anything the police or judges wouldn’t pull for a buck or to cover face.

    And one other question for the angry mob:

    Does anyone else think it is also possible that the bathroom in a runned down gas station MIGHT not be in pristine shape? Broken toilet seat, door, cracked soap dispenser? Golly, four well dressed white guys walk into a gas station on the wrong side of the tracks in Rio, and that doesn’t seem like candy to a local? Security pulled a gun to ask for money to fix a crappy bathroom? What is this, Christmas in April for loansharks?

    Sorry…I’m standing by these guys until it is proven they are lying. Presuming someone as a liar is most foul. Brazil could just shut up and do their investigation…but there’s a bridge too far.

    Thanks IOC, the Dumpster Fire games went just as planned. Empty seats, crushing debt for the city to drown in, no real economic development or infrastructure for the city and a very bad look for the world to see…just a violent and poverty stricken place that needs help. All the IOC did was use Rio for a few bucks.

    • Brute Bradford says:

      Excellent post and exactly my thoughts.

      • Joel Lin says:

        Honestly, now I am just plain angry. Brazil can’t wait to rub the snouts of the American four in scandal and humiliation. Their national pride has been wounded by a phony street mugging! So where’s the video?

        My guess is they’re finishing it up on photoshop. Or it doesn’t exist. Sorry — I don’t buy it that Brazilian authorities would hesitate for a moment to not put this video out to shame the Americans as fast and loud as possible. But that just isn’t happening. I wonder why that is.

    • swimdoc says:

      There’s a picture of the gas station on the Daily Mail website. I’m sure a few “suggested” repairs have never been encouraged from unsuspecting patrons there.

      Those guys got robbed of their cash, at gunpoint, in exchange for letting the matter go away and not continuing to be threatened. Did they get into an “altercation” over it? Most drunk young guys would, and we don’t know if it was simply an “F you” of something physical. Does that make them any less the victims? No.

      I’m with you on this one, Joel.

      • Attila the Hunt says:

        Keep defending the lying punks who have embarrassed themselves, their families, their coaches and their countrymen.

        • theroboticrichardsimmons says:

          with so little evidence available to us, why do you immediately characterize these guys as lying punks? there are precious few facts that are present in most reports, but if there are, it’s these:

          1. someone in uniform pointed a gun at the swimmers
          2. cash changed hands

          what’s open to interpretation are the details of how that went down. were the american’s destructive and disruptive perpetrators that destroyed a gas station bathroom (or whatever) and who were politely asked by security to compensate the store owner for the damages? or were they targeted by armed assailants (authorities or otherwise) that saw 4 drunk white boys as easy targets for some quick cash?

          any transactions that involve guns, wads of cash, drunk people, gas station bathrooms at 6 am, and multiple languages is likely to leave many people scared, confused, and with different stories.

          it’s very possible that the americans (well, lochte) is overstating his role as victim and that the brazilians are overstating his role as perpetrator. would anyone be surprised if the truth was somewhere in between? and, if so, are caricatures (corrupt brazilians, lying punks) really needed? i know we all can’t take a moment to acknowledge the fallibility of the human condition or discuss the nuances of shifting perspectives but it’s intellectually lazy and irresponsible to latch onto the black-and-white narrative that satisfies your preexisting biases the most.

        • swimdoc says:

          You’re using a pretty broad brush. Did they all lie? Can you show me a false statement from Conger or Bentz? Even Feigen? Do you know which one, if any, damaged the bathroom? Do you know which one allegedly got into an altercation. If it’s a disgrace to the U.S. to pee on the outside of the back of a gas station, then I apologize, along with about 50 million other college guys before me and since for disgracing the country.

          You’re just seizing on any media report, sewing them together, and being a cyberbully to young guys you don’t even know without waiting for any review of facts. It’s the same mentality that led to the rise and now fall of Trumpism.

        • Joel Lin says:

          Ok, I’ve seen the video.

          An apology is due. An apology from Brazilian authorities to the four US men.

          This video is absolute garbage. Now Brazil’s story makes no sense. First, four guys walk into a seedy looking alley to take a leak. About 30 second later they all file out. In 30 seconds or so they took a leak AND destroyed the toilet seat, a door, etc.? No. Oh, and does it look fishy that the guys in red shirts swirl around the entrance to the alley to the restroom, group and point? Yes, that looks like the first piece of a shakedown.

          Where is the part of this tape where one US swimmer brawls one of the red shirts? Where is the part of the tape where a US swimmer is kicking a door down? If it was all on tape, where is it? Not on this tape.

          Ok, now go to the part where they get into the cab to leave. They are approached. They do get out. But why is there about a two minute gap in the video? Why is that edited out? Then at 6:12 or so we see them step out the care and also out of the camera scope. Then another lag in time and another security camera picks it up another two minutes or so later?

          The US swimmers said they were ordered out of the car (we do see that), and then were asked to lie down when guns are pulled. We don’t see that or anything at all for a two minute gap again.

          This doesn’t look like a fabricated story by the Americans at all. This video is, at best, an edited hack to make a con stick. At worst it absolutely shows that what the Brazilians are stating is entirely devoid of any substance…at least in the substance of this ‘smoking gun’ tape which looks to be nothing more than a ruse to cover up an embarrassing robbery of high profile Olympic athletes. The video is supposed to set them free, here’s the proof? But it didn’t.

          What a goddamn fraud. Shame on all of Brazil authorities and police now.

          • Joel, normally I side with you on almost 100% of your comments, and your litigation / legal skills at defending your point of view are impressive, however, this time I must disagree with you. It seems that the new lead article on this site indicates that Conger and Bentz admitted their story was not true.

            I know that some people will presume that the boys were coerced into saying that the initial story was fabricated and that they wanted to go home. You know the stats on and the reasons for false confessions, as does swimdoc, so we don’t have to go there. I doubt that Conger and Bentz were pressured into stating the initial story was fabricated, though I could be wrong.

            Nevertheless, I think that Lochte owes everyone an apology. All he has to say is he is sorry for the fabrication, and end it at that. If he tries to explain his actions, he will be hammered and made to look like a bigger fool.

          • Attila the Hunt says:

            UPDATE: The Associated Press is reporting that Longhorn swimmer Jack Conger has told police that fellow Olympic Ryan Lochte made up the robbery story.

            Gunnar Bentz, a junior at Georgia, also told the Rio police the same account.

            AP quoted an unnamed source saying that Lochte, Conger, Bentz and former Longhorn Jimmy Feigen took a taxi to leave a party. They stopped at a gas station in Barra da Tijuca, a Rio suburb where many of the Olympic venues are located, at about 6 a.m.. One of the swimmers was trying to open a bathroom door, but it was locked.

            The swimmers pushed on the door, which broke it. They were then confronted by a security guard, who was armed, but never drew his gun. The gas station manager arrived and asked for the swimmers to pay for the damages. Another customer translated. The swimmers paid and left.


        • swimdoc says:

          Here’s the video.

          They sure look like lying punks to me. Feigen putting his hands immediately up in the air looks especially punkish.

  19. Sven says:

    Now it’s getting more interesting. If there is video of that, then it’s best to drop the charade completely and just cooperate. I just hope Lochte, in the relative safety of the U.S., understands the severity of the situation for those boys and doesn’t do something silly like double down on the original story.

    As entertaining as it has been to watch all of this unfold, I certainly don’t want to see a couple of young guys with bright futures have to spend time in a foreign prison. Best to fess up, pay a fine, give a public apology, and get home.

    This reminds me of a ship pulling into a foreign port, and a bunch of sailors getting in trouble for being drunken idiots. Any sailor knows that you are expected to conduct yourself well in a foreign port. If you screw up and get arrested, you deal with the consequences. If you can’t get it sorted out by the time the ship is scheduled to go back out to sea, you get left behind. Uncle Sam isn’t gonna bail you out, and the laws of a sovereign nation don’t change just because a bunch of Americans show up.


    It would seem 4 American athletes acted like dicks and disgraced their country. Pathetic pampered boys who need a dose of reality. I hope the NCAA is looking at this for the college guys. They deserve everything they get if this turns out to be true. So sad 🙁

  21. marley09 says:

    I don’t care how this story unfolds. I’m on Lochte’s side.

  22. Victor P says:

    I’ve now heard multiple versions of what went down from different reporters. By their own standard of measuring the legitimacy of the story (since the accounts of the swimmers vary somewhat, they claim they made it up), they themselves are lying. Dan Abrams seems to be the only one giving an accurate take on this. So they mention the CCTV footage – where is it? Is it like the same footage they claimed depicted the swimmers returning to the Olympic early in the morning and “joking with each other” – when none of that was actually apparent on the video?

    Of course, none of this is framed within the already pre-existing context of violent incidents at the Games or the police corruption problem in Brazil. All in all, excellent reporting from the MSM. It’s what we’ve come to expect from them.

  23. Just saying says:

    but honestly how do you guys know he’s the one lying not the government?? I mean I’m just curious haha

  24. swammer says:

    Remember this one Ryan?
    “My philosophy is, if your a man at night, you gotta be a man in the morning.”

    Go back and help your teammates…

  25. Ervin says:

    Can this video please leak already?!?!?!?

  26. Shawn says:

    In no way am I backing the story of our 4 Olympians, but let’s see this video from the gas station. If Brazil has footage, it should show both the “supposed” altercation, and the “supposed” robbery.

  27. UCB says:

    Lochte, Feigen, Bentz, and Conger take home gold in the 4×100 false police report

    • Carolina says:

      The headline is accurate: Video of gasoline station shows confusion with American swimmers. That’s basically how I feel after watching that — confused as to why this is a big deal, why these guys felt the need to fabricate a robbery story, etc. I wouldn’t put it past these four to act like jerks when drunk, but I’m not sure how they apparently wrecked the bathroom in the one minute they were in there before the gas station attendants had them leave. And they appeared to cooperate afterward.

      This whole thing is so weird.

    • Joel Lin says:

      Thanks Juliana, this really does clear things up. The Brazilians authorities completely misrepresented their side.

      • swimdoc says:

        No kidding. I’d say the boys looked like they complied. Feigen’s hands go straight up, wallets come out. Do those guys look like police? No police care, lights. Sure Lochte screwed up some details, but they got shaken down pretty good by the Brazilians.

  28. Rajon says:

    He did flee too. He knew this was coming. Left the other guys out to dry. Its time for him to go. He overstayed his welcome both in and out of the pool.

  29. caliswimmer says:

    Certainly explains why the “robbers” didn’t take their phones, just their money. They wanted them to pay for their damage.

    • Joel Lin says:

      Oh, and one other thing. Petty thieves are smart to not take cell phones. The phones are usually password protected and always have a GPS function.

      So unless a mugger wants to leave a virtual tag on himself…

  30. swimdoc says:

    From ESPN: “The gas station owner told the O Globo newspaper that the swimmers had urinated on a side wall at his premises and that they even had an image of the butt of one of the swimmers.”

    I can see the butt lineup now at Brazilian police headquarters.

  31. Mirabella76 says:

    I have some questions
    1) First police said they were not able to find any witnesses of the crime, driver included. Also they said gas station manager did not recognize guys. All of that was a reason to question guys story and call Lochte “a liar”. Now all of a sudden they have a driver which statement they are going to read at a presser and manager “recollected” how he called a security? He wasn’t able to recollect anything just two days ago.
    2) Is security guard allowed to point a gun at a person in attempt to force them to pay for the alleged damage? Call the police if anything. That alone does not sound good to me.
    3) Judge ordered to confiscate guys passports based on conclusions from the Village footage as she did not think they were visibly shocked enough and were joking (they weren’t btw). Now they say there was a fight but I don’t see any signs of it like bruises on the pictures. When there’s a fight, especially a drunk fight, there’s always bruises, minor injuries and other visible signs of it. I don’t see any. So the judge detained them based on her opinion of them not looking sad enough but ignored that guys don’t look like beaten in the fight? I assume it should have been a serious fight if a guard cocked his gun and pointed on them.
    4) Where is video? Can we say who exactly was fighting on that video? Can we identify people on the video? Is there a gun pointed at guys on that video and will we see why security reacted that way?

  32. Bobfromtheisland says:

    The proof is in the video. Whoever is still making up excuses and trying to defend the guys are in denial. Lochte and Co. were wrong.

    • Shawn says:

      Have you seen the video?

    • Mike says:

      I am not sure what everyone else is seeing in the video, but I see 4 guys going in and then out of what may be a bathroom. Gas station employees looking on and conferring. Would have to guess what went on inside but the guys did not look out of control,no fighting with anyone but the employees were definitely concerned. Then the guys are pulled out of the cab and eventually sat down and held for a while.

      The video does not confirm the story of either side that I can tell but depending on which side you are on and whether there were any language difficulties both the delinquent drunks that messed up your bathroom and the hey I just got pulled out of a cab and robbed story could be feel true to you.

      Maybe there is other video of inside the bathroom or of a physical confrontation with employees that I am not seeing but based on the linked video on this site I am not going to call anyone a liar.

      • Attila the Hunt says:

        UPDATE: The Associated Press is reporting that Longhorn swimmer Jack Conger has told police that fellow Olympic Ryan Lochte made up the robbery story.

        Gunnar Bentz, a junior at Georgia, also told the Rio police the same account.

        AP quoted an unnamed source saying that Lochte, Conger, Bentz and former Longhorn Jimmy Feigen took a taxi to leave a party. They stopped at a gas station in Barra da Tijuca, a Rio suburb where many of the Olympic venues are located, at about 6 a.m.. One of the swimmers was trying to open a bathroom door, but it was locked.

        The swimmers pushed on the door, which broke it. They were then confronted by a security guard, who was armed, but never drew his gun. The gas station manager arrived and asked for the swimmers to pay for the damages. Another customer translated. The swimmers paid and left.

        • Gary P says:

          Their source is an anonymous Brazilian Police Officer. I’d like to hear what Conger has to say when gets back on US soil.

          I’m not so sure the gun was never drawn. If you watch the video, you see a couple of the guys getting out of the car with their hands up while the gas station security guard is off camera. But since the guys were caught in Lochte’s lie, and Brazilian authorities had drug them off a plane and were withholding their passports, I suppose they would say whatever the Brazilian wanted them to say at that point. If saying I saw no gun drawn would get me out of that hell hole, you damn well better believe that’s what I’d say.

  33. bagker493 says:

    This all falls on Lochte. Bentz, Conger and Feigen went along for the ride. Lochte was looking for a good party with his Brazilian friends and brought the others for a ride. Lesson – be careful who you ride with. Remember, this was the same guy who came out with a pilot (Being Ryan Lochte).

    Based upon the video – they looked like 4 white rich Americans who decided to take a leak at the back of the gas station when they realized their wasn’t a restroom in the gas station. Absolutely and opportunity for the Brazilians to take advantage of the situation – which I’m sure scared the crap out of couple of the boys.

    Reminds me of college punks disrespecting other people’s property because of their who they are, where they’re from, and who they know. USA Swimming should be embarrassed by this incident. It goes to the character of these individuals. Don’t care about Lochte – he’s done – but Conger and Bentz could have had opportunities in the future.

    The fact that Lochte doubled down on what happened – and the video shows otherwise- tells you he’s in a strange place. Maybe it was getting 5th in the 200 IM where he just simply didn’t care anymore. What’s a shame is he was on a relay and we wasted a gold medal on him.

  34. Qtip says:

    Sounds to me like they were just wasted after going to the party. Shoot if Id just won some olympic gold medals Id want to let loose too. But being drunk doesnt excuse you for your actions. It doenst make you a bad person cause alcohol really messes with your decision making but you are still responsible. If only theyd just hit the bong instead lf drinking. Only damage done would have been to the gas stations snack supply

    • Attila the Hunt says:

      Being drunk was not the crime.
      The crime was Lochte’s lies about everything to national and international media and giving false statements to the police.

      • Bill Paxton says:

        Lying to media is not a crime.

        • Rafael says:

          Bill, actually saying a crime happened without actually have is an crimincal offence in Brazil, and probably many other countries.. for more than 1 reason:
          1) Use of Police Force resources who could be better used on other places
          2) In some situation, can lead to arrest or criminal charge of innocent people

          And you can try living on a fairy tail that this is not a crime and does not happen on the US.. If you give a false testimony on TV, and police force take action and innocent people get arrested.. good luck.
          What Locthe did is not a “innocent prank” it is a crime with potential serious consequences that anyone should never do..

  35. Attila the Hunt says:

    Lochte didn’t publicise the ordeal. He told a little lie about getting robbed and lost his cash to his mum.

    His mum broadcast “the ordeal”

    Did you not know this?

  36. Jim C says:

    This bathroom story sounds like a lie made up by a woman. A woman might believe that when you have to go you just have to get to a bathroom. A man knows there are other alternatives.

  37. Sprintswammer1992 says:

    This is a national embarrassment. To play on a country’s cliche for your own benefit when they’re in the biggest spotlight is disgusting. Lochte could have just said no there was miscommunication with my mom I had a gun pointed at me while I was out. Months of reports about how terrible Rio is and we come over there commit crime and blame it on this struggling city. Disgusting man, evaluate how much everyone participated and ban them from the national team.

    • Attila the Hunt says:

      If Lochte were a mature person he would have issued apology immediately and clarified that there was miscommunication with his mum as soon as his mum broadcast his little lie.

  38. Donald Trump says:

    Chant with me brothers and sisters! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! #LiarliarpantsOnFire

  39. Call Me Herb says:

    Watch from 7:15 to 7:28. Guy at the screen’s top left appears to pull something from his side and whichever musketeer he’s talking to immediately puts his hands up and backs away…

  40. DutchWomen says:

    And…40+ peopled voted down my anti-alcohol tirade on the “Ryan Lochte to Try Dry Season” article…and now look. College binge drinking leads to “real world” binge drinking and that leads to what we see here today. Life would be better for myriad of people if binge drinking were not part of the equation….yet we continue to celebrate the party lifestyle. And this much I know is true, for another 40+ will vote down this comment as well…we love binge drinking and everything that goes with it. Don’t cry for Argentina (or Brazil), dont cry for Ryan Lochte or the three others dumb enough to party with him – celebrate it, because we love it. If we REALLY cared about this nonsense we would do more to stop it where it starts – at the college level.

  41. swamfan says:

    “Jack Conger confirmed Lochte lied about being held at gunpoint.”
    What if Conger is throwing Lochte under the bus to get back at him for taking his relay spot. lol.

  42. PVSFree says:

    If the police were involved in the whole bathroom incident then why didn’t they come forward at the beginning of this whole ordeal and say that’s what happened?

  43. Victor P says:

    Again, NOTHING in the video evidence corroborates this.

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