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Courtesy of 4-time Olympian Roland Schoeman and Athletes USA, a SwimSwam partner

The college athletic recruiting process can be overwhelming, confusing, frustrating, and at times even discouraging. If done right the experience can however be an extremely rewarding one.

Swimmers and parents might feel overwhelmed as they begin the recruiting process. They just don’t know how to get started and they may not have a game plan. While many undertake this journey on their own and successfully navigate the athletic scholarship process, many don’t. If unable to navigate the process successfully, swimmers may lose out on tens of thousands of dollars worth of scholarship money.

Imagine accepting a scholarship to attend college. Imagine the opportunity to build lifelong friendships. Imagine swimming for and graduating from a college you actually wanted to attend. Why wouldn’t you enlist the help of a company that has a proven track record of helping thousands of athletes from across the world secure scholarships?  

Athletes USA was founded in 2008 to help student athletes and their families to connect to college coaches within the NCAA, NAIA and NJCAA. With the college recruiting process being so competitive and confusing, our team of former college athletes, coaches and scouts and our network of 20,000+ American college coaches allows our team to market student athletes to some of the world’s best known universities.

Our success rate and reputation for customer satisfaction has not gone unnoticed, in 2009 we were selected by the Commonwealth Secretariat to represent the Commonwealth Community, receiving platinum recognition status. Through this partnership only Athletes USA helps deliver athletic scholarships to over 54 countries globally.

Our expert team advises over 50 sport bodies, which include National Olympic Committees, NGO’s, International & National Sport Federations and Education and Sport Ministries.

How we help during the recruiting process

Phase 1 – Preparation & Planning  

> Personalized Game Plan & Scheduling

> SAT, TOEFL & ACT support & guidance 

> NCAA or NAIA clearinghouse support 

Phase 2 – College Recruiting & Targeted Marketing 

> College Marketing to either NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA or CCCAA

> Coach connect (Scholarship Offer & Interview guidance)

> Scholarship term finalization 

> School selection guidance 

> Verbal Commitment support 

> School application

Phase 3 – Pre – College

> National Letter of Intent support 

> I20 & Visa support  (International Students)

> Pre-college guidance

Phase 4 – During College 

> 4yr team support during your college enrollment

> 4 year membership program

At Athletes USA we are dedicated and committed to working with you to ensure you receive a scholarship you are truly satisfied with.

The sooner you start your recruiting process the easier it will be for us to help secure your scholarship for you. Every day you don’t take action is another day you are losing out to another athlete

Visit our website now to schedule your free consultation with one of our top scouts



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Courtesy of 4-time Olympian Roland Schoeman and Athletes USA, a SwimSwam partner.  


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Wow an amazing article! Insightful and crafted in a manner befitting a master guidance professional. WELL DONE!!!


I think something that would be very helpful for a lot of swimmers is an article fact checking what it means to go to top D1 program. I see so many people who only look at those and get blindsided when they make a choice for a team they couldn’t handle.

S. Kloss

Both of my sons were recruited by a D-1 swim programs and buyer beware – the commitment letter and the scholarship money are non-binding. Most swimmers and their families are unaware of this. As one would expect, the NCAA and their national letter of intent form are entirely biased towards protecting the schools and there is ZERO protection for the swimmer. The swimmer signs the form and hopes and prays over the next 6-9 months that the admissions office (not the coach!) eventually accepts them late in the fall. While waiting for an acceptance from the admissions office, the swimmer is left powerless – they cannot use their swim credentials to apply to any other school. These SWIMSWAM recruit announcements… Read more »

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