Georgia Women Add Second NCAA Diving Qualifier on Wednesday

For the sake of cleanliness, we’ve started a new page for Zones A, C, and E. After they’re all done, we’ll combine them so that they become one resource. Click here to read about the other three zones.

[Updated Notes from Wednesday’s Men’s events] – Things almost worked out for Texas to snag a third qualifier in Zone D, but they came up just one qualifying spot short. Instead, Minnesota’s Jordan Lesser and SMU’s Devin Burnett put themselves on the list for NCAA’s. Big note – Missouri’s David Bonucchi scratched this paltform competition despite being the runner-up at SEC’s. He injured his eardrum in the days leading up to the SEC Championships, and though he dove through the pain there, he chose to focus on the springboards at this zone meet. Because he didn’t even attempt platform here, he won’t be eligible to dive it at NCAA’s – which could lead to even further points for those platform specialists lucky enough to make the meet.

Duke’s plan worked out perfectly in Zone B. Nick McCrory ran away with the Zone B platform title (by more than 250 points, at that) which meant that his teammate Jordan Long became an NCAA qualifier.

[Updated Notes from Wednesday’s Women’s events] – In Zone D platform diving, with only one spot remaining, Texas’ Shelby Cullinan did everything in her power to sneak her freshman teammate Meghan Mouston into the meet, but even with her win, Minnesota’s Sarah McCrady was 2nd, meaning the 7th and final spot belonged to her. Both the Longhorns and the Golden Gophers got two qualifiers each, while Houston (the diver) had some tough luck by the way qualifying fell. She is a former Junior National Champion though, so she’s got some big meets in her future still.

In Zone B, the Georgia women continue to have everything break their way. They’ve now qualified a second diver for NCAA’s. With the way divers are counted at the National Championship meet toward roster limits, when you get two, it really starts to pay off, because betwixt them they only count for a single roster spot. Ann-Perry Blank took 3rd in the platform to become the final qualifier out of that Zone. With the way things have gone early, a lot of the country’s best platform specialists won’t be at NCAA’s, so she’s got a chance to make a significant impact.

[Updated Notes from Tuesday’s Men’s events] – Finally, some breaks for the platform divers. In Zone D, the top three finishers on the 3 meter on Tuesday were exactly the same as the top three from the 1 meter on Monday. That means that the top two platform finishers from Wednesday’s final will qualify automatically, and the third possibly could if either of the top two comes from the group already qualified (which seems fairly likely, given how good Bonucchi is diving and how good he is on platform).

In Zone B on the 3-meter, perhaps some gamesmanship from Duke. Nick McCrory, who’s already qualified, did an extremely easy round of dives in the finals (and did them quite well), which dropped him all the way to 10th. That improved Jordan Long’s standing to 3rd, which gives him a much better chance at NCAA qualifying. If that was the plan, then smart play on Duke’s part. Now all McCrory has to do is either win the platform, or have it won by Santieu, Sterling, or Neubacher (he and Santieu were the ACC and SEC Champions, respectively, already). That gives Duke a great chance.

[Updated Notes from Tuesday’s Women’s events] – After the women’s 3-meter, no more than the top two on the platform can qualify for NCAA’s from Zone D. If the winner is one of the 6 who have already qualified, then the runner-up also goes to NCAA’s. If both 1st and 2nd have already qualified, then Texas gets a third entry from Meghan Houston.

In Zone B, We’ve had a few repeats to the benefit of lower-seeded divers. That moves the auto-qualification line down to beneath the top 3 on the platform. Headed into platform, Alabama’s Paige McCleary, Miami’s Kara McCormack, and Florida’s Kahlia Warner are still alive (though far from guaranteed) based on their performances already, as well as is anybody who is in the top 4 in the platform.

[Original Notes from Monday] – Below, we’ll keep track of the NCAA qualifiers from each Zone. Divers who qualify for NCAA’s are eligible to dive all of the three diving events at NCAA’s, regardless of which one they qualified in, with the caveat that they can only dive an event at NCAA’s if they attempted it at Zones.

Below is the order for qualifiers based on placements. The order is the same for each zone, though each zone is allocated a different number of spots – based on a sliding scale of how well they did the year before.

NCAA Qualifying Cutoff As of Now – Everyone above this line has QUALIFIED for the NCAA Championships.
Lowest Theoretical Qualifier As of Now – Every result above this line has an opportunity to qualify for NCAA Championships, depending on the results of the rest of the events.

The number of divers for each zone is the number of different divers, so as different divers take high spots, the “Lowest Theoretical Qualifier As of Now” line will move up.

Male qualifiers so far:

Auburn – John Santieu
Duke -Nick McCrory, Jordan Long

Florida State – Thomas Neubacher
LSU – Sean McKinney
Minnesota – Michael Ross, Jordan Lesser
Missouri – David Bonuchi, Clark Thomas
SMU – Devin Burnett

Tennessee – Brent Sterling
Texas – Will Chandler, Sean Bowersox

Female qualifiers so far:

Florida State – Kelsey Goodman
Georgia – Laura Ryan, Ann-Perry Blank

LSU – Cassie Weil
Miami – Carrie Dragland, Lindsay Lester, Kara McCormack
Minnesota – Maggie Keefer, Sarah McCrady
Missouri – Loren Figueroa

North Carolina State – Rachel Mumma, Hannah Hopkins
Tennessee – Jodie McGroarty, Victoria Lamp
Texas – Maren Taylor, Shelby Cullinan
Texas A&M – Rebecca St. Germain

Zone B – Knoxville, Tennessee
Championship Central.
5 Men & 10 Women

1. Platform – 1st — Nick McCrory, Duke
2. Three-Meter – 1st — John Santieu, Auburn
3. One-Meter – 1st — Nick McCroy, Duke 
4. Three-Meter – 2nd — Brent Sterling, Tennessee
5. One-Meter – 2nd — Thomas Neubacher, Florida State
6. Three-Meter – 3rd –Jordan Long, Duke
< — NCAA Qualifying Cutoff Completed— >

7. One-Meter – 3rd — Fraser Mckean, Auburn
8. Platform – 2nd — Michael Lewark, Florida State
9. Three-Meter – 4th –Fraser Mckean, Auburn
10. One-Meter – 4th — Brent Sterling, Tennessee
11. Three-Meter – 5th — Cole Miller, South Carolina
12. Platform – 3rd 
13. One-Meter – 5th — Hudson Rains, NC State
14. Three-Meter – 6th — Hudson Rains, NC State
15. One-Meter – 6th — John Santeiu, Auburn
16. Platform – 4th 
17. Three-Meter – 7th — Jordan Mauney, Tennessee
18. One-Meter – 7th — Jordan Long, Duke
19. Three-Meter – 8th –Luke Zippi
20. Platform – 5th 
21. One-Meter – 8th — Justin Youtsey, Auburn
22. Three-Meter – 9th — Sean Saley
23. One-Meter – 9th — Sean Saley, Florida
24. Platform – 6th 
25. Three-Meter – 10th — Nick McCrory, Duke
26. One-Meter – 10th — Nicholas Klein, Florida State
27. Three-Meter – 11th — Justin Youtsey, Auburn
28. Platform – 7th 
29. One-Meter – 11th — Deon Reid, Duke
30. Three-Meter – 12th — Deon Reid, Duke
31. One-Meter – 12th — Tanner Wilfong, Miami

1. Platform – 1st Place – Hannah Hopkins, NC State
2. Three-Meter – 1st Place — Laura Ryan, Georgia
3. One-Meter – 1st Place — Rachel Mumma, NC State
4. Three-Meter – 2nd Place — Rachel Mumma, NC State
5. One-Meter – 2nd Place — Kelsey Goodman, Florida State
6. Three-Meter – 3rd Place — Jodie McGroarty, Tennessee
7. One-Meter – 3rd Place — Victoria Lamp, Tennessee
8. Platform – 2nd Place — Kara McCormack, Miami
9. Three-Meter – 4th Place — Carrie Dragland, Miami
10. One-Meter – 4th Place — Lindsay Lester, Miami
11. Three-Meter – 5th Place — Lindsay Lester, Miami
12. Platform – 3rd Place — Ann-Perry Blank, Georgia
< —- NCAA Qualifying Cutoff Completed—- >

13. One-Meter – 5th Place — Jodie Mcgroarty, Tennessee
14. Three-Meter – 6th Place — Paige McCleary, Alabama
15. One-Meter – 6th Place — Kara McCormack, Miami
16. Platform – 4th Place
17. Three-Meter – 7th Place — Kahlia Warner, Florida
18. One-Meter – 7th Place — Ariel Rittenhouse, Florida State

19. Three-Meter – 8th Place — Victoria Lamp, Tennessee
20. Platform – 5th Place
21. One-Meter – 8th Place — Kahlia Warner, Florida
22. Three-Meter – 9th Place — Kelsey Goodman, Florida State
23. One-Meter – 9th Place — Paige McCleary, Alabama
24. Platform – 6th Place
25. Three-Meter – 10th Place — Ariel Rittenhouse, Florida State
26. One-Meter – 10th Place — Carrie Dragland, Miami

27. Three-Meter – 11th Place Kara McCormack, Miami
28. Platform – 7th Place
29. One-Meter – 11th Place — Ashley Hardy, Georgia Tech
30. Three-Meter – 12th Place Shanna Schuelein, Auburn
31. One-Meter – 12th Place — Patti Kranz, South Carolina

Zone D – Houston, Texas
Championship Central.

8 Men & 7 Women

Men’s Priority List

1. Platform – 1st — Devin Burnett, SMU
2. Three-Meter – 1st — David Bonuchi, Missouri
3. One-Meter – 1st — David Bonuchi, Missouri
4. Three-Meter – 2nd –Will Chandler, Texas
5. One-Meter – 2nd — Will Chandler, Texas
6. Three-Meter – 3rd — Michael Ross, Minnesota
7. One-Meter – 3rd — Michael Ross, Minnesota
8. Platform – 2nd — Will Chandler, Texas
9. Three-Meter – 4th — Sean McKinney, LSU
10. One-Meter – 4th — Cory Bowersox, Texas
11. Three-Meter – 5th — Clark Thomas, Missouri
12. Platform – 3rd –Jordan Lesser, Minnesota
< — NCAA Qualifying Cutoff As of COMPLETED— >
13. One-Meter – 5th — Devin Burnett, SMU
14. Three-Meter – 6th — William McCraney, Texas
15. One-Meter – 6th — Emanuel Pollard, Minnesota
16. Platform – 4th –Emanuel Pollard, Minnesota
17. Three-Meter – 7th –Sean Obrien, Texas
18. One-Meter – 7th — Sean McKinney, LSU
19. Three-Meter – 8th Devin Burnett, SMU

1. Platform – 1st Place – Shelby Cullinan, Texas
2. Three-Meter – 1st Place — Maren Taylor, Texas
3. One-Meter – 1st Place — Loren Figueroa, Missouri
4. Three-Meter – 2nd Place — Shelby Cullinan, Texas
5. One-Meter – 2nd Place — Margaret Keefer, Minnesota
6. Three-Meter – 3rd Place — Cassie Weil, LSU
7. One-Meter – 3rd Place — Rebecca St. Germain, Texas A&M
8. Platform – 2nd Place — Sarah McCrady, Minnesota
< —- NCAA Qualifying Cutoff As Of Now —- >

9. Three-Meter – 4th Place — Margaret Keefer, Minnesota
10. One-Meter – 4th Place — Meghan Houston, Texas
11. Three-Meter – 5th Place — Natasha Burgess, Houston
12. Platform – 3rd Place

13. One-Meter – 5th Place — Maren Taylor, Texas
14. Three-Meter – 6th Place — Meghan Houston, Texas

15. One-Meter – 6th Place — Sarah McCrady, Minnesota
16. Platform – 4th Place

17. Three-Meter – 7th Place — Rebecca St. Germain, Texas A&M

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