FINA & LEN Will Not Accept Gyárfás’ Resignation Until After Court Decision

We reported late last month that former president of the Hungarian Swimming Federation, Tamas Gyárfás, has formally been charged by prosecutors on charges that he allegedly ordered the killing of a media rival in 1998.

Gyárfás was first arrested in early 2018 on suspicions that he ordered the murder of Janos Fenyo, who was shot to death while in his car at a stoplight in 1998. Gyarfas has denied involvement in the murder, and has paid a 200 million Forint bond ($700 thousand USD) to be released from house arrest.

You can read more about the case’s unfolding here. Gyárfás has maintained his innocence throughout the case.

Gyárfás is also a FINA Bureau member, as well as the treasurer of the European swimming governing body of LEN. He reportedly turned in his resignation to each organization, but both FINA and LEN have rejected his request.

Per a report appearing in About Hungary, the aforementioned governing bodies have said they will not accept Gyárfás’ resignation until after a court decision, saying their decision was based on the presumption of innocence. We reached out to both LEN and FINA for comment, but neither responded to the request for comment.

Gyárfás is also a member of the International Swimming Hall of Fame, although they said they would make a decision on his inclusion after the legal system runs its course.

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2 years ago

FINA wont accept the resignation from an accused murderer?! High standards. Time for FINA to go.

2 years ago

Gyárfás is the Sepp Blatter of 2019

2 years ago

“We are going to assume your innocence, therefore your not allowed to quit your job”, uh what?

Also very suspicious that he wants to step down after these allegations hum…

Either he’s trying to avoid the embarrassment of being removed due to being a murderer, and FINA/LEN want him to be embarrassed, but it also just looks really bad because they want to keep an accused murderer in their organization.


They believe he has enough connections to get away with this and think he’s panicking and after this is all over it will be business as usual.

Either way this is bizarre and all of these guys are corrupt criminals…

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