Duncan Scott & Tom Dean Dive Under British Record For #1 & #2 200 Free Times


The final race on the final night of competition at these 2021 British Swimming Olympic Selection Trials brought down the virtual house, as Duncan Scott stormed his way to a new British national record in the men’s 200m free.

After a scintillating prelim where we saw 5 men get under the 1:47 threshold, Scott scorched a massive personal best of 1:44.47 to ultimately reach the top of the podium and add this event to his Tokyo line-up.

That cleared his own British Record of 1:44.91, done at the 2019 World Championships, by almost half-a-second.

Scott launched his assault with an opening 100m of 50.25 before bringing it home in 54.22 to collect his 1:44.47 PB, a mark which sliced .44 off of his own previous national standard of 1:44.91 logged en route to 3rd place at the 2019 FINA World Championships.

With his result here, Scott now checks in as the #1 swimmer in the world this season, dethroning Japan’s Katsuo Matsumoto who held the top time entering this meet of 1:44.65.

But also getting under the former British national record was Tom Dean, the Bath athlete who just ripped the best swim of his life to qualify for the Olympic Games. Dean kept up with Scott, leading off in 50.57 before ending in 54.01 to give Scott a run for his money down the line in 1:44.58. Dean’s previous personal best in this event sat at the 1:46.03 he produced at the 2020 Edinburgh International, so the man entirely skipped the 1:45’s and went straight into the 1:44 zone, overtaking the previous British Record along with Scott in the process.

Rounding out the top 3 and not to be discounted was Matt Richards, with the 18-year-old ripping a time of 1:45.77 to beat out 2015 World Championships gold medalist James Guy to place 3rd. Richards’ previous PB sat at 1:47.23 entering this meet, a mark he logged for silver at the European Junior Championships. Richards already most likely qualified for Tokyo as 2nd place finisher in the 100m free behind Scott.

For Guy’s part, he placed 4th in this 200m, stopping the clock in 1:46.04.

Scott and Dean now rank as the #1 and #2 swimmers in the world this season and, with Japan’s Katsuo Matsumoto, represent the only sub-1:45 second swimmers. The pair also now enter the all-time rankings worldwide in this 200m free event, sliding into slots #9 and #10.

2020-2021 LCM Men 200 Free

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Scott already claimed the British record in the men’s 200m IM here in 1:55.90 and also matched his own 100m free NR of 47.87, so this event completes his trifecta of Olympic-qualifying, record-breaking swims here in London.

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1.43.1 at 20 years of age is next level
2 months ago

This just shows you that Yannick Agnel is the best 200 freestyler of all time.


Paul Biedermann is like the Batman of swimming. Without the super suit, just a normal guy, unlike the absolute Chad Agnel. Biedermann never breaks 1:44.5 without it, even in prime form.

Reply to  25Backstroke
2 months ago

What a horrible take …
1) Just a normal guy? Even without it he won world championship medals.
2) It is not like noone else wore a supersuit back then, but Biedermann was still miles ahead of everyone else.
3) Agnel only broke 1:44 once and his 2nd best time is slower than Thorpe’s PB.
4) Agnel’s peak only lasted 2 years basically.
5) Please don’t embarrass yourself by acting as if you know in which year Biedermann reached his prime form. You have absolutely no way of knowing it.

Reply to  AnEn
2 months ago

Nicely put.

Reply to  AnEn
2 months ago

everyone here has a major hate boner for Bidermann because he whooped Phelps.

Reply to  KimJongSpoon
2 months ago

Because that suit made him. Dude dropped 4 seconds in a year in the event and then never won the LC world championship ever again.

Reply to  KimJongSpoon
2 months ago

I feel really bad for him, because many feel he took records that belong to Thorpe/ Phelps

Reply to  KimJongSpoon
2 months ago

Phelps: fine with the fancy suit when winning
Phelps – loses once to guy in supersuit
Phelps: super suits should be banned

Reply to  KimJongSpoon
2 months ago

It’s no coincidence le Close and Schooling get hate too.

Reply to  Troyy
2 months ago

Well they mainly brought it upon themselves with being overly cocky

Reply to  25Backstroke
2 months ago

Someone who swam 1.44 in textile and sooo many 1.45s cant just be a normal guy. You cant be serious. He had the “bad luck” of hitting his prime during the peak of rubber era. Its not his fault Phelps wasnt at his top form during 09 worlds.. And as far as I know he used the same suits as everyone else. Some people treat him worse than some dopers

Oli K.
Reply to  25Backstroke
2 months ago

Paul Biedermann was not the only one swimming in a super suit. His WR is miles ahead of everyone else.

Barbell Biomech
Reply to  25Backstroke
2 months ago

Bidermann is also a really nice guy who rarely receives the credit he deserves for his WRs.

There's no doubt that he's tightening up


Otherwise Signora Pellegrini would like a word.

2 months ago


2 months ago

I’m not exactly sure how but in a way I think the ISL benefited Scott a lot.

(I don’t remember if Dean was in the ISL too.)

Reply to  PFA
2 months ago

Dean won the 400 at ISL…

Reply to  Sheesh
2 months ago

For some reason I completely forgot he was there idk why.

Edit: but in that case then the ISL also benefited Dean too.

Last edited 2 months ago by PFA
Gen D
Reply to  PFA
2 months ago

He got there 1-2 weeks after the beginning because of covid and it took 2-3 meets before he found his groove

Reply to  Gen D
2 months ago

In his interview, Dean said he had Covid twice (maybe he meant quarantined twice?) and had to sit out 2x for 3 weeks each!

Coach M
Reply to  Superfan
2 months ago

No he actually had Covid twice and he had to quarantine a third time due to close contact. He is going to be dangerous in the summer.

Reply to  Coach M
2 months ago

7/8 weeks out of the pool over winter, wasn’t it?

Casual Swim Fan
Reply to  Sheesh
2 months ago

The training required to be successful in the 400 Free SCM translates nicely into the 200 Free LCM. Well done Dean!

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