Dolfin Launches Big Innovation in Smallest of Packages – The Kickball™

Dolfin Swimwear, the fastest growing swimwear company in the country, is now shipping the most anticipated and innovative training aid this season, the Kickball™.

“The usability of the Kickball™ really depends on the imagination of the user. The original design was aimed at improving core strength and streamlining during one-armed kicking, as well as being one of the most functional pulling devices ever created.”

— Matt Zimmer, Dolfin VP Sales and Marketing

The simple and functional design has allowed for coaches to devise a number of alternate training uses, not limited to: breaststroke kick alignment, butterfly head positioning, forearm focused pulling, backstroke rotation, and head stabilization.

“This little ball is the most important tool in my bag” says Pan American medalist and Stanford engineering graduate Bobby Bollier. “I’ve used it mostly to improve my streamline and core stability through pulling and one-armed kicking, but it’s helped me refocus on head position for my 200 fly.”

Constructed of durable closed-cell EVA foam, the Kickball™ provides a specific amount of lift for balance and control while kicking or pulling, but not excessive buoyancy, which affects proper streamline, head, hip and core alignment.

“For the first time, I felt my glutes and thighs during a pull set! It’s like doing a leg work out during your pull training,” claimed 3-time Paralympic medalist Tucker Dupree.

Easy to fit in one hand or as a buoy at the knee, the Kickball™ requires no adjustment of current training profiles. It augments the training most athletes are already doing, and may soon supplant both the kickboard and pull buoy as the serious technician’s tool of choice.

The Kickball™ is shipping now and available at many of the best swim retailers in the country.

Kickball2 (courtesy of Dolfin)

About Dolfin Swimwear

Dolfin, Tagline, new logo, Dec 2014Dolfin has been one of the leading swimwear brands for more than 70 years. It is recognized for offering the best value in the industry with the highest standards of innovation and quality. Founded and operated in Pennsylvania, Dolfin continues to provide its customers with the best quality swimwear at the most competitive prices in the industry. From product development and design to presentation and delivery, Dolfin is committed to customer satisfaction and to our goal of becoming America’s most popular brand of performance swimwear. For more information on Dolfin, please visit

Swimming Gear News is courtesy of Dolfin, a SwimSwam partner.

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