Division II Committee Extends Recruiting Quiet Period Until July 31st

The NCAA Division II Administrative Committee has decided to extend its quiet period for all sports through July 31.

During a quiet period, college coaches may not meet with a recruit or their family face-to-face off-campus. However, coaches are allowed to contact recruits over the phone, via email, or on the school’s campus.

This differs from a dead period, which doesn’t allow any in-person contact, regardless of where it’s carried out.  Currently, all Division I sports are under a recruiting dead period until July 31.

Understanding the impact that the quiet period will have on Division II athletics, Chris Graham, commissioner of the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference and chair of the Management Council said, “The extension of the quiet period for Division II continues our commitment to public health and safety while also balancing the need for on-campus recruiting opportunities at institutions that are open and others that continue to open in July.”

At the meeting, the Division II Council also approved waivers to current housing rules for the 2020-21 school year.

Under these waivers, schools will be allowed to have dorms specifically designated for student-athletes, which were previously banned. Additionally, out of season student-athletes needing to return to campus early for medical reasons, like quarantine, will be allowed to have their housing and food costs covered by the school.

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