David Marsh Discusses UCSD Transitioning to Division I (Video)

The University of California San Diego will complete its expected jump to the Division I level and will join the Big West Conference in 2020.

The school announced the move today, though the jump to Division I has been widely expected after the student body voted in the spring of 2016 to more than double its student fees to help fund the move.

The transition period between Divisions II and I will start in the fall of 2020, with UCSD ineligible for conference or NCAA titles at the Division I level for four years. That mean’s the fall of 2024 will be the school’s first season competing as full Division I members.

Coach Marsh discusses the benefits of transitioning to DI, especially in a climate where we are accustomed to seeing more DI swimming programs getting cut than brought in. The students who voted to move to DI also voted to have their tuition fees slightly raised, which in turn will provide more scholarship opportunities to incoming athletes, swimming included.

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Transitioning into D1 is very different that being transitioned out of D1.


Coach Marsh is the best ever in coaching. He will win NCAAs within 5 years.

Brad Flood

Just an FYI…it will be 7 years until UCSD is eligible to participate at the NCAA DI Swimming & Diving Championships, let alone win it all. UCSD has 3 years to win either, or both, a Women’s or Men’s NCAA DII Swimming & Diving Championship, which will be difficult as recruiting will present a problem, as any recruit signed on in the next 6 years will have limited, or no, opportunity to participate in a NCAA Swimming & Diving Championship (DII or DI) during their 4-year tenure.

David is one of the best there is for sure, but those odds are tough for even him.


He is the best ever and will win in 5 years…just because they say they it will take 7 years, they underestimate this man’s way of accomplishing the improbable. Marsh the greatest ever, Reese the second greatest ever and Doc the third best ever. Honorable mention would be – Schubert and Haines.

Brad Flood

LOL, I love your zeal! What you lack in understanding NCAA rules and governance, you more than make up for with knowledge of swimming coaching history. If you’re referring to winning and NCAA DI title, then your “improbable” turns into “impossible”…you don’t know how much it hurts to burst your bubble 🙁 …unless your thinking David would jump to another school within the next 4 years 😉

I think I’d still rank Eddie, Doc and George ahead of David on that list (& in that order), and it would be a push between David & Mark for that 4th place…assuming we’re talking “American” swimming coaches 😉

Angry Parents and Students

The only thing that really matters is the cost. Students and parents who dont give 2 cents about useless spectator sports are now being forced to pay for them. So much for them paying for themselves. Frankly, this should against the rules for a public uni given how useless these sports are. They do not produce better students, they do not bring in more money that they cost on average and they most certainly DO NOT teach teamwork any more than working at McDonalds where most of these players and coaches belong.


Why are you on this site?

I’m not a fan of golf, but you don’t see me on Gold message boards saying how terrible golf is.

Angry Parents and Students

Because unlike you spineless cowards, I actually care about education and the sorry state of our society who just elected a nimrod for president. People like you are the problem. This is not education. It attracts dumber students, and teaches kids to glorify a completely useless and brain-dead activity (watching sports). Its one thing to play sports which I support fully, but its another to force everyone to pay for them when they have no interest in them. Its not like building a hospital, new classrooms, or gyms. Those have practical value. This has none.

Swimmer Life

You need to post this on your student body’s forum as the students voted for their activities fees. For being so academically minded you show little respect for others and lack of comprehension. Not to mention hiding behind the lack of ability to know who you are. Who is the spineless coward?

Angry Parents and Students

Academically minded does not mean I need to respect you especially if you decide to force me to do something I dont want to do like pay for something I dont want. I get it, this happens all the time, but you will need to excuse me if I lose respect for you and treat you the way you should be treated (like dirt). I have no idea what youre talking about regarding the hiding comment. Its a public forum. I dont see your name and address posted here either. As for spineless, I am the one who is going on the offensive on a website that is practically ruled by people like you. It is I who is going… Read more »

Swimmer Life

The more you write the more you show all the issues you have. Go do something that is meaningful to help yourself. You need it.

Angry Parents and Students – while you may not care about spectator sports, it’s inaccurate to suggest all UCSD students and parents feel that way. The student body voted last year, with about 70% of voters coming out in favor of raising student fees to fund a jump to Division I: https://swimswam.com/uc-san-diego-students-vote-fund-move-division/


Lol best swimswam post ever! I’m angry too screw sports!!!

Angry Parents and Students

I didnt say screw all sports, just spectator garbage. I would be more than happy to shell out for new gym equipment and more organized sports for common students. But this is a total waste and you should definitely be angry because its going to cost or your parents or taxpayers about $2500 more per student for practically nothing in return. Now do the math.


Are you a McDonald’s franchise owner?


This made me laugh.

Angry Parents and Students

Why you need a job? Trust me thats where you will end up if this is the extent of your intellect and if you found that comment even remotely entertaining (or even this one).

Happy Parent

I think each student pays maybe $50 more a year. The price of a few McDonald’s meals or Starbucks drinks. Big whoop.

Brad Flood

Dear Angry Parents and Students,

Please, could you be a bit more specific about your concerns on this particular subject. From your vague posts, I’m having difficulty figuring out just what your stand is.

Oh, and while your at it, throw a few insults and disparaging comments at fellow posters with whom you disagree….I believe it will make your view much more acceptable to others and better sway people to buy into your views.


You castigate sport, McDonalds and capitalism. Me thinks you are either Putin or full of that which Putin fills his Depends. As an owner of 6 McDonald’s stores, I take great umbrance in your attempt at sanity by defiling Americana.

Angry Parents and Students

Capitalism says you get to bundle fees with something unrelated so that you can have what you want? Who would have thunk?


Angry parents and students- This may not seem fair to you. You are entitled to that opinion, but to others it is opening doors to opportunities they would have never dreamed of. Life isn’t fair. That’s the way it is. Sitting here complaining about how awful and terrible this is gets you where? Nowhere. Writing negative comments spectator sports and the unimportance of them gets you nowhere. Please reevaluate where you’d like to spend your time doing nothing but complaining, because these folks here are here for swimming. Accept and move on, that’s the best I can say. Spending time in your life trying to change something you can’t change, that’s just a waste. ps your previous comment about “morons”… Read more »


Seriously? That’s going to be a tough climb.

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