Connecticut Swimming LSC Cancels All 2020 Long Course Season Meets

Connecticut Swimming has cancelled all of its meets scheduled for the 2020 long course season due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

An emergency Board of Directors meeting took place on Tuesday night to discuss the LC season schedule, and the Board unanimously voted for a mass cancellation.

Wesleyan University, which hosts several meets in Connecticut, has cancelled all campus events through September 1.

In a letter sent from the LSC, the organization goes on to say: “We are hopeful that our swimmers will be able to get back in the water later this spring. Additionally, conversation is already taking place on what alternatives can be set up so that the possibility of virtual meets, times trials and other ‘outside the box’ ideas can be formulated for our swimmers.”

It also acknowledges that when they’re given the green light to reopen facilities, it will be “with baby steps.”

“Practice structure, number of people on deck, number of swimmers in a lane, locker room usage, facility policies, etc. will be altered in order to get teams and businesses back up and going.”

The LSC says it will continue to meet on a regular basis in order to do everything it can to take care of its swimmers.

This is the first LSC to our knowledge that has cancelled its originally published 2020 long course meet schedule.

Read the full letter sent from Connecticut Swimming here.

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1 year ago


1 year ago

Seems premature.

Reply to  JohnJ
1 year ago

To be fair, they’re just canceling the existing schedule. There were meets scheduled in the coming weeks that obviously were not going to happen. I think it’s easier to cancel now and then add meets if necessary than to keep pushing back the date of when competition will begin again

Stay Safe
Reply to  hmm
1 year ago

Correct. Some of the main competition facilities have told us they are not opening until at least September. There is no way CT can run the schedule of meets that is currently presented to its members. CT Swimming is already looking into way to have competitions for their athletes but in different ways, different venues, etc. It was definitely not a knee jerk reaction.

1 year ago

USA Swim already said no meets until every LSC (or vast majority) is in the water again. Earliest of that is mid-May. If they open at that time, practices aren’t going to be large groups. Pools are shutting down for the Summer. All sectionals are being moved to August. The Summer Swimming Champ Meet is going to be cancelled since there is no Trials, and not cancelling that meet would result in a massive meet.

Probably just a matter of time till more (or USA Swim) cancels. Could be premature, or could be a way of not kicking the can down the road. That being said, it says teams can hold small time trials, intersquad, or other types. They just… Read more »

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