Conger Becomes 5th Fastest American Ever with 51-Flat 100 Meter Fly


Texas postgrad Jack Conger has been having a very strong performance through day 1 of the 2018 TYR Pro Swim Series stop in Atlanta. This morning, Conger turned in a lifetime best 48.80 in the 100 free, breaking 49 seconds for the first time. Tonight, Conger focused solely on the 100 fly, putting up another best time as he dominated in 51.00. That smashed the former Pool Record of 51.86 set by Olympic champion teammate Joseph Schooling, and also broke the former Pro Swim Series Record of 51.34 set by China’s Li Zhuhao.

Congers Splits by 50:

  • 1st 50 split- 23.98
  • 2nd 50 split- 27.02
  • Final time- 51.00

Conger is now the 5th fastest American ever in this event. With his time tonight, he moves one spot ahead of Olympian Tom Shields. In tonight’s final, Shields placed 8th in 54.58. He’s now the 2nd fastest active American swimmer, behind only Florida’s Caeleb Dressel, who narrowly missed the World Record at last summer’s World Championships.


1 Michael Phelps 49.82
2 Caeleb Dressel 49.86
3 Ian Crocker 50.40
4 Tyler McGill 50.90
5 Jack Conger 51.00
6 Tom Shields 51.03
7 Seth Stubblefield 51.24
8 Tim Phillips 51.28
9 Aaron Peirsol 51.30
10 Chris Brady 51.42


1 Michael Phelps 49.82
2 Caeleb Dressel 49.86
3 Caeleb Dressel 50.07
4 Caeleb Dressel 50.08
5 Michael Phelps 50.22
6 Ian Crocker 50.40
7 Michael Phelps 50.45
8 Michael Phelps 50.48
9 Michael Phelps 50.48
10 Michael Phelps 50.58

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Justin Thompson

Conger was shaved and partially rested, but still a good time. 😄

Dang, in one meet Dressel was able to stamp his name all over the top performances list, and he really only seems to be on the up and up this year.


wait and see ……

I doubt Dressel will go sub 50 in Pan Pacific. U can’t always go so fast everytime.

Yeah, he’s obvoisly plateaued now. When was the last time he did a PR in anything? 😉


where did u get that from , a trolling flu ?

Dude I know you are a Singaporean (your nick is a giveaway) and a rabid-Schooling fan. I am Singaporean too and a fan of Schooling’s obviously, but come on…. some of your comments…..absurdly biased. Schooling is far from his 2014 to 2016 form and Dressel is miles ahead of him at this point. Not even close.

I disagree with “miles ahead”.. 2017 is an off year for him because he has achieved his long time goal so he relaxed a little, whereas Dressel didn’t do very well in Olympics and he has a chip on his shoulders going to the Worlds ( Redeeming himself from Rio).

I don’t think you get what makes swimmers like Dressel special. They always try to get better and they always train to their full effort. There’s more chance of Dressel breaking the WR than not at pan pacs. At this point I don’t know if you’re just hating on Dressel because he stole schoolings thunder entirely, but I think you need to look at reality. Dressel is on a level schooling will never hit. The guy went 47.2 in the 100 free right after going 21.1 and 49.8.

Wait…I’m looking at these all-time lists…wasn’t there a guy named Phelps or something who was decent at fly a few years ago or was I just imagining the past 16 years?

6 of 10 top swims of all time isn’t good enough for you, eh?

Wow, people’s sarcasm meters are broken with these downvotes.

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