A Complete Dryland and Strength Training System for Swimmers

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October 17th, 2016 Lifestyle, Press Releases, Video

Many times when swimmers or coaches do dryland they want to make sure it’s “swimming specific” but often times this ends up looking more like circus exercises than an actual program.

It’s all about the progression of the program when it comes to getting swimming specific. We’ve put together a system that will now walk you through the process from start to finish.

This is the SURGE TRAINING SYSTEM, a complete resource for dryland and strength training for swimmers and coaches.

First you’ll learn how to properly assess yourself or your swimmers if you’re a coach. From there you’ll see how to take the results of the assessment and actually turn it into a program that addresses both weaknesses and builds a well-rounded athlete.

It can take a while sometimes to just make the transition from assessment to well-rounded athlete but this step is key to preventing injuries and setting up the swimmer for long-term success.

In the SURGE TRAINING SYSTEM we also cover how to periodize and change your dryland and strength program throughout the season. Especially what to do when it’s around taper time.

You’ll also learn our most used “swimming specific” exercises and when it’s appropriate to actually put them into the program. You even get access to a fully created year-long program so you can follow along with all the exercises shown in our online video library.

We’ll helped many swimmers and coaches discover a new level of strength and speed in the water. Don’t wait any longer to discover your new level.


Courtesy of Surge Training System/ Chris Ritter

Courtesy of Surge Training System/ Chris Ritter

Courtesy of Surge Training System/ Chris Ritter

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