Cody Miller Vlog: Pro Life When the College Team Is On Taper

The latest installment in Cody Miller‘s vlog sheds some light on a scenario unique to professional groups training alongside a collegiate program: what does life look like for the pros when the college team rests?

Much of Miller’s latest vlog is just he and fellow pro Annie Lazor in an empty pool. That’s because Miller says the Indiana college team is tapering for a home invite that took place at the end of last week. That’s one of the interesting tidbits from the vlog – though the definition of “taper” isn’t exactly uniform across programs and could mean anything from short rest to a full rest and shave.

World record-holder Lilly Kingpart of the Indiana college program, makes a guest appearance as she often does on these vlogs. King notes that this will be the first time she’s suited up for a mid-season invite in her four years at IU.

The Miller-King dynamic is always one of the more fun parts of these vlogs, and they have a pretty funny playful exchange about King’s goggle choices about seven minutes into the vlog.

Later in the video, Miller chats with another pro, Margo Geerwhom Miller has nicknamed “the crowd favorite” and “MarGOAT” – nicknames that will certainly catch on with the SwimSwam comment section.

More technically-interested fans will find a handful of interesting sets Miller takes on, including an 800 breaststroke pull for time and a couple of power sets hooked up to weight pullies. He also touches on some real-life responsibilities, like raking leaves – a chore Miller appears to detest more than the 800 pull for time.

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He said what?
3 years ago

I started watching Cody’s VLOGs from the get-go and have yet to be disappointed. They are a load of fun to watch. You get so much out of them that it kinda sneaks up on you without being preached at. I am especially looking forward to when he gets into his full stride with the podcasts as this is where we will get some real insight into the world of high-level swimming. Keep it going, Cody!
One request, please talk about what you went through emotionally when you walked into the Rio swim stadium for the first time and you realized that this was it! THE OLYMPICS! And the feeling of standing on the podium just before your bronze… Read more »

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