Chris Jones on Developing Olympic Student-Athletes at University of Edinburgh

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Chris Jones is the Head Coach of the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. He started the program in 2008 and since then they’ve put a ton of athletes on international teams, including 5 Olympians. His group of about 35 stood out at the British Trials in April and on this podcast he discusses the cultural focus points that lead to their great performances.
We also discuss the role that the university athletic system is playing in the success of British Swimming and Chris helps me understand how the Universities operate when it comes to student-athletes, competitions, and scholarships. A great glimpse at the terrific program that you may not have paid attention to, or even known about, before.


Music: Otis McDonald

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2 months ago


Maybe do this again with subtitles? Or did he actually just not answer any the questions clearly and it wasn’t the voice.

Anyway, go to Edinburgh, get your £10,000 to cover 1 months rent the sir back with your popcorn when the coaches start battling one another again.

Bo Swims
2 months ago

Jonesy was a blast to train with when he came over to Calgary.

2 months ago

A big supporter of this programme, and they had a great trials. but this doesn’t even touch the surface of the work that seems to be going on. Highly recommend the Shannon Rollason podcast with their on deck coach Matt for much greater insight to their actual work with athletes. My daughter is very keen to get the grades to go here and Chris Jones isn’t an option for her as he seems to be off deck?

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