Cate Campbell Clinches Roster Spot As Aussie Trials Near Conclusion


There is just one day of action left at these Australian Olympic Trials with the men’s and women’s 50m free among the final events. However, through day 6, the nation’s roster for Tokyo has grown healthily, with the likes of Cate CampbellBronte Campbell and Tristan Hollard adding their names to the lineup.

Emma McKeon impressed yet again in the women’s 100m freestyle, a final in which the top 4 finishers all dipped under the 53-second threshold. She’ll be joined individually by C1, with C2 (Bronte) placing 5th and most likely garnering a spot on the 400m free relay.

Mitch Larkin impressed in the men’s 200m IM, posting a solid 1:56.29 to win by over 2 seconds as validation in his decision to drop the 200m back.

Additionally, Jenna Strauch and Abbey Harkin both got under the Swimming Australia-mandated QT to give the country 2 women representation in the 200m breast for Tokyo.

Aussie Olympic Qualifiers Through Day 6:

*We are assuming that 6 will be taken in the 400m and 800m free relays but we won’t know for sure until the roster is made official

  • Emma McKeon – 100m fly, medley relay, 200m free, 800m free relay, 400m free relay, 100m free
  • Brendon Smith – 400m IM
  • Se-Bom Lee – 400m IM
  • Elijah Winnington – 400m free, 200m free
  • Jack McLoughlin – 400m free
  • Zac Stubblety-Cook – medley relay (breaststroke), 200m breast
  • Kaylee McKeown – 100m back, 200m IM
  • Emily Seebohm – 100m back
  • Chelsea Hodges – 100m breast
  • Jessica Hansen – 100m breast
  • Mitch Larkin – 100m back, 200m IM
  • Ariarne Titmus – 400m free, 200m free, 800m free relay
  • Tamsin Cook – 400m free
  • Kyle Chalmers – 200m free, 100m free, 800m free relay, 400m free relay, medley relay
  • Tommy Neill – 800m free relay*
  • Alex Graham – 800m free relay*
  • Zac Incerti – 800m free relay*, 400m free relay
  • Mack Horton – 800m free relay*
  • Brianna Throssell – 200m fly
  • Matt Temple – 200m fly, 100m free, 400m free relay
  • David Morgan – 200m fly
  • Cameron McEvoy – 400m free relay
  • Alex Graham – 400m free relay
  • James Roberts – 400m free relay
  • Madi Wilson – 800m free relay, 400m free relay
  • Leah Neale – 800m free relay
  • Meg Harris – 800m free relay, 400m free relay
  • Mollie O’Callaghan – 800m free relay, 400m free relay
  • Jack McLoughlin – 800m free
  • Jenna Strauch – 200m breast
  • Abbey Harkin – 200m breast
  • Tristan Hollard – 200m back
  • Cate Campbell – 100m free, 400m free relay
  • Bronte Campbell – 400m free relay



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Miss M
1 month ago

Without some double ups in relay spots, Australia can’t guarantee to take top 6 in the 100 and 200 free, as there are only 12 relay only spots.

Thankfully the women’s 4×100 and 4×200 teams have significant overlap, so only 5 relay only women: Madi Wilson, Meg Harris, Bronte Campbell, Leah Neale and Molly O’Callaghan. Interestingly, the top 9 Australian women in the 200 are on the team – Throssel and Melverton who made the final are selected in other events, so is Cook who won the B final.

So 7 relay only men could get picked: Incerti and Graham on both teams, McEvoy and Neil were 3 and 4. So Roberts and Horton can sneak in, and you could… Read more »

Reply to  Miss M
1 month ago

What’s the recent history of Australian selection with regards to discretionary picks? Is it something they tend to do? I’d imagine not but don’t know.

I know that Britain have been very strict this time in terms of not picking anyone – for relays or individual – that don’t meet the individual QT. I’m pretty sure that the whole GB team met the standard at one of the 3 events. It’s a tougher standard than the Fina A standard too.

The Australian standard is even more brutal. The US seem just anxious to get 2 Fina A standards in each event. There’s no chance the Australians were going to give Wilson a time trial for instance.

Reply to  Jamie5678
1 month ago

If they were going to think discretion they would take into account the lead in meets like the aus championships on the Gold Coast and Sydney open last month .. so Matt Wilson should have posted a qualifying time back then to be considered id imagine

Old Man Chalmers
Reply to  Verram
1 month ago

dekkers has been 2:07 3 times in the last 6 months, but im not hopeful

Reply to  Miss M
1 month ago

Tristan Hollard is on the team for the 200m back. They could potentially use him for medley relay heats.

Reply to  petriasfan
1 month ago

Might not make the final using him.

Old Man Chalmers
Reply to  petriasfan
1 month ago

cooper is the safer bet. give him the individual swim, see how well he does there and see if they can rest larkin

Reply to  Miss M
1 month ago

Of the “relay only”, it’s almost certain Neill will get an upgrade to swim the 800 individual.

Wilson, Harris & O’Callaghan do ‘overlap’ both FS relays with Wilson & O’Callaghan also potential “contingency” bacskstroke cover for medley relays.

Graham, Incerti & McEvoy look to be locked in relay selections with the first 2 doubling up. The 6th place finisher offers a potential conundrum.

Horton’s time in the 200, plus his relay record, stand in his favour whereas Roberts was north of 49.0 and his relay record is erratic to say the least.

The 4×200 looks the only male relay that can be considered a solid medal chance whereas the 4×100 would need to swim the lights out PLUS… Read more »

1 month ago

How come Jack McLoughlin is listed twice ?

Texas Tap Water
Reply to  Verram
1 month ago

Because he’s awesome

1 month ago

Incredible 4x100M Free team for Australia
We could even see the WR going down in the heats in Tokyo!
3.32.01 flat!

Then you throw in McKeon and C.Campbell for the final

Reply to  Dan
1 month ago

I wouldn’t be surprised, especially as those 4 women will be gunning for those 2 spots in the finals. Bring it on.

Reply to  Dan
1 month ago

Maybe or maybe with the depth they have in both the 100 and 200 they could rest 3 swimmers for the final and bring in one.

Reply to  Auzzie
1 month ago

In Rio I think C1 and C2 swam the morning heats…..the No1 and No2 for Australia!….just an observation.

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