Meilutyte, Carlin and Roebuck put up World Bests

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March 10th, 2013 Europe, International, News

On the final night of the British Gas International Ruta Meilutyte, Jazz Carlin and Joe Roebuck all posted times that took top spot in the world rankings.

Meilutyte went a 30.57 in the 50 breaststroke, Carlin went a 4:07.14 in the 400 freestyle and Roebuck went a 2:00.04 in the 200 IM.

Women’s 400 freestyle

Hannah Miley took control of the lead at the half way point turning at the 200 wall in a time of 2:02.66. She was followed by Aimee Willmott who split 2:04.07 and Jazz Carlin who split 2:04.36.

By the 300 mark Carlin had made up most of the ground between herself and Miley entering the last 100 meters trailing by only 33 one-hundredths of a second.

In the last 100 Carlin split a 1:01.13 compared to Miley’s 1:03.52 overtaking the lead and winning the event in a time of 4:07.14.

Miley was second finishing in a time of 4:09.30 with Willmott finishing third posting a time of 4:10.54.

Men’s 200 IM

Joe Roebuck and Roberto Pavoni battled it out for the 200 IM crown. Roebuck held the lead from start to finish but only by 32 one-hundredths of a second heading into the freestyle.

Roebuck extended his lead slightly to win the event in a time of 2:00.04. Pavoni finished second in a time of 2:00.98 followed by Adam Harrington who posted a time of 2:02.51.

Women’s 50 breaststroke

100 breaststroke Olympic champion Ruta Meilutyte won the 50 breaststroke easily in a time of 30.57. Moniek Nijhuis finished second in a time of 31.33 followed by Kathryn Johnstone who finished third in a time of 31.94.

Men’s 100 freestyle

Anthony Ervin followed up his win in the 50 freestyle on Friday by taking the 100 freestyle on Sunday in a time of 49.27. Ervin was challenged in the second 50 by Sebastiaan Verschuren, who swam the distance  just over half a second faster, but finished second in a time of 49.47.

Grant Turner finished third in a time of 50.33.

Women’s 100 butterfly

Jeanette Ottesen Gray led this race from start to finish. At the first 50 split she turned in a time of 26.96 and won the event in a time of 58.99.

The race for second was an exciting one with Siobhan-Marie O’Connor leading Alys Thomas by just over a half second at the 50. Thomas kept gaining ground in the second 50 and overtook O’Connor at the very last one hundredth of a second to finish second in a time of 59.62.

O’Connor finished third in a time of 59.63.

Men’s 50 backstroke

Bastiaan Lijesen took the event in a time of 25.32 he was followed by Liam Tancock who finished in a time of 25.50.

Marco Loughran finished third in a time of 25.87.

Women’s 200 backstroke

Olympic finalist Elizabeth Simmonds led the race from start to finish, extending her lead through each 50 winning in a time of 2:10.25.

Lauren Quigley finished second in a time of 2:11.20 followed by Sharon Van Rouwendaal who finished third posting a time of 2:12.36.

Men’s 800 freestyle

In an event that was swum in the preliminary session, the men’s 800 freestyle, 18 year old James Guy won the event in a time of 8:04.38 only a second ahead of Daniel Fogg who finished second in a time of 8:05.38.

Thomas Sunter finished third in a time of 8:08.51.




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Verschuren is the most anonymous man to ever swim under 48s in the postsuit era. 47.88, and has garnered little attention as a man with huge medal winning prospects. He was 48.2 in 2011 with a 200free start off the blocks, and has only been improving. Many choose garcia as a dark horse medal contender. Verschuren is probably a better one.

Props for Ervin. He looks on pace to beat his PR in the 100 from 12 years ago. What a stud.

Probably because Garcia is by far the fastest one over water.. his starts are so POOR that his 100 free on OG were identifical splits almost.. and even with terrible turns he managed to be the faster on the last 50.. and his first 50 was the fastest over the water also.. If he gets his starts and turns okay he have a much bigger medal prospect


The claim that he’s the fastest over the water is debatable. He is a full second slower than Magnussen, Meaning he would have to lose 0.5s on both lengths–which in a 100free, is losing half a body length on the turns both ways. Not to mention that spending less time on the turns means that he is using that breath for his more efficient mode of transportation– on top of the water… And that improving his turns won’t necessarily compensate that full second, because oxygen will be used up during his time underwater.

I agree his technique is unrefined, but its too early to speculate he is a 46 swimmer

I would not speculate a 46.. but If he had a good tech he could be a 47 mil maybe low swimmer..

What were Magnussen Splits on his 47.10? Who had the fastest last 50? ( not counting Suits)


Magnussen’s splits: 22.68 24.42


and Garcia’s splits at the Olympics (semis and final) where he swam his PB:
23.42 – 24.62 48.04
23.40 – 24.64 48.04

I doubt Garcia’s can maintain his 24.6 second split if he swims sub 23 for his first 50.

The only swimmers to have done it in textile are James Magnussen (Worlds, AUS trials and Olympics, while Adrian has done it once (Olympics final).

sub 23 – 24+ combo is not as easy as it sounds. VDH said it was his lifelong ambition but even he never did it.

We are in a transition phase in swimming.New names are coming, old names are going… Verschuren is a big underdog name(like Garcia).
Right now, i think the big names in 100 free are Magnussen,Adrian and Agnel.I wonder how good a rested Agnel can do in 100 free.
And, if he can translate his SCM speed to LCM, i will put Morozov in the mix.
Hanser Garcia is a late bloomer, and begin swim as a swimmer only in 2009(coming from water polo).Its hard to know if he is gonna improve, but if he could start a “Cielo start”(when Cielo was at his best), i will not be surprised with a half second cut in first 50.But that is something hard to predict.


I agree Ervin’s a stud. That time surprised me and he’s definitely a contender for a elay slot at Trials.

Philip Johnson

I’m so glad to see Ervin continuing to swim. He could of done better in that 50 free final in London, but just the fact he made the final after a decade away from the sport was pretty amazing. Keep on inspiring me Ervin!


I just learned in the post on here today about Ervin that he dislocated his shoulder in the 50 prelims in London and swam the final reticent. No wonder he had such a bad start! Sounds like he might have medaled without that injury.

Liquid.. He may.. but would he If cielo were also on perfect conditions? Cielo had to make a surgery on both knees.. the main reason for such a bad start (considerin he has one of the best, if not the best start of all swimmers )


I think so. Cielo and Ervin may well have both beaten Jones and Fratus. Ervin, based on 2000 and what’s happened within the last year, appears to be at least Cielo’s equal in terms of raw talent, and his injury was fresh so it’s possible he could have gone a couple tenths faster. The king of raw talent may end up being Manadou though, and not just in freestyle.


I wonder if Ruta will extend her excellence to 200br and be a balanced breastroker in the vein of Leisel Jones, or remain sprinter like Jessica Hardy.
I hope it’s the former.


I think Ruta has a good chance of break 30s this summer, and challenging the WR

Philip Johnson

I don’t think so. I think Ruta stays with the sprint events where she has the most potential – 50 free, 100 free, 100 breast. adding a 200 breast to that would be very taxing. maybe she’ll add the 200 IM, but we’ll see.


I tend to agree with you.

I think Ruta is more of a sprinter.

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