Beyond The Lane Lines: Ryan Lochte Appears On $100 Bill

Get your weekly news fix on happenings outside the pool with the latest edition of ‘Beyond the Lane Lines.’ This week’s stories include updates on Ryan Lochte, Kylie Masse, Katinka Hosszu and a Scottish crew.

#1 – Ryan Lochte‘s Face On $100 Bill

Olympic champion Ryan Lochte may be moving back to Gainesville, but not before he’s through making his mark on his current home of Los Angeles. At a celebration dinner this month marking the 2nd most decorated Olympic swimmer’s 33rd birthday, fiancée Kayla Rae Reid surprised her man with a special cake depicting Lochte’s face on a $100 bill.  For the record I only count 12 candles on that cake, but they at least they are golden candles.

As a side note, the locale tagged within the birthday post was ‘BOA Steakhouse’, even though the former Gator stated on August 11th that he would be ‘trying to go Vegan’ for 2 weeks. Not sure how that turned out for him!

#2 – Happy Kylie Masse Day!

Canadian swimmer Kylie Masse wowed the world by becoming the fastest 100m backstroke female ever while competing at the FINA World Championships in Budapest. Clocking a time of 58.10, Masse took home gold and became the first-ever female Canadian swimmer to win a world title. To celebrate her achievement, Masse’s hometown of LaSalle held a special parade and fan event featuring the swimmer, giving those she has inspired a chance to meet their favorite athlete.

While signing autographs, Masse stated, “It’s incredible, honestly, to be here with all these kids. That’s something I really treasured as a young athlete growing up, is looking up to older Olympians, so I want to be that person.”

“It’s super humbling. I’m so happy and proud to be Canadian and from LaSalle,” said Masse.

#3 – Yes, The Iron Lady Does Take A Day Off

The social media accounts of Olympic champion Katinka Hosszu and husband Shane Tusup were aflutter this week as the athlete and coach combo celebrated their 4th wedding anniversary with a vacation to Malta. Catch a few of their fun-filled vacation moments on Instagram and Twitter, while also getting teary-eyed reading their celebratory sentiments to one another to commemorate their wedding.

#4 – 2012 Olympic Silver Medalist Michael Jamieson Becomes Batonbearer

The Gold Coast 2018 Queen’s Baton Relay arrived in Scotland this week, marking the 42nd stop along its global tour ahead of next year’s Commonwealth Games in Australia. 200m breaststroke Olympic silver medalist from 2012, Michael Jamieson, was on-hand to bear the baton as it arrived at the Glasgow School of Sport. Several notable organizational leaders were in attendance, including the First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgoen and the President of the Commonwealth Games Federation, Louise Martin. Catch Jamieson running a few relay steps below.

The baton will next travel to the University of Stirling on August 25th, where 2016 Olympians and World Championship finalists Duncan Scott and Ross Murdoch will celebrate its arrival.


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