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Shouts From The Stands: My Friend Bill Krumm, A Message To All

My wife, Cindy, and I had Bill Krum visit us on Saturday February 25th. We talked a lot of swimming and then enjoyed sushi at a local restaurant.


Life Without Swimming: Reflections after Week 1 of Retirement

The biggest lesson that swimming didn’t teach me is that life goes on. I didn’t about life once I was done with swimming. Nobody prepared me for when I would be done.


Video: How To Swim Backstroke Like A Boss

It’s spring break! That means sun, fun, and extra time to try out this weeks awesome new stroke clinic drill.

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Finding Success In Failure

Can failure be a good influence on our lives? Sure, success is important, but failure can be just as or even more important than success.


FINIS Set Of The Week: Championship Individual Medley Set

This week’s FINIS Set of the Week (#SOTW) comes from Cejih “CG” Yung, who has been involved with swimming on both the coaching and professional sides of the sport for over 10 years.


5 Amazing Things Michael Phelps Said About His Mom

I was fortunate to hear Michael Phelps speak last week, sitting with my fellow swim moms and Masters swimmers.

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The Time You Missed Your Child’s Race

It was during a Long Course meet. While enjoying a delightful conversation with a Swim Dad (chatting about everything, BUT…


Video: Slam Dunk Kicking Drill

Here is another incredible drill for two swimmers to get competitive and take their kicking to a new level. We like to call this the Wrestling Drill.

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Full Circle Of Life – What Goes Around…

In life, we often hold on to things that could help others more than us. I had no idea what a t-shirt could do, until I re-met Anton. Through Eset, Anton earned his gold medal.


Video: Vertical Kicks And Backflips

This week is Partner Drills week, and today we review the Eiffel Tower drill. This drill is an underwater kicking drill designed for more skilled swimmers to work on all facets of their kicking.

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Rowdy Gaines Tips For New Open Water Swimmers (Video)

OWP Board of Advisors members and NBC Olympic Commentator Rowdy Gaines offers a few pieces of advice for those just jumping into to open water swimming.

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4 Parent Lessons From The Conference Meet

We learned big lessons as a family at our daughter’s conference meet—mostly that things don’t go as planned.


Why Do They Swim? (Part IV)

By Robert Sullivan, fourth in a series They swim because nothing lasts forever. High school kids do seem to realize…

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Video: Mermen Are Real!

After a busy week here at Phlex, sometimes we just gotta kick our tails up and unwind.

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Working The Stroke Recovery – Work When No One Is Working

Everyone works the bottom of their stroke, we reach, then push and propel ourselves forward. But we are dealing with two different elements while swimming, water and air.