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Less is More: James Fike on Lifetime Bests at 38

James Fike: “I had to completely reset my mind and accept that, in fact, less is more. And that’s probably true at a far younger age than 38.”


Ask Swim Mom: What About the Chlorine Cough?

They said it’s called Swimmer’s Cough. Should I be concerned? We call it the “chlorine cough” and it usually happens in indoor pools with poor ventilation.


Ask Swim Mom: My Son is Skipping Practice

I just found out that my 16 year old skipped practice, even after dropping him off at the pool and then picking him up after he messaged for a pick up.


5 Surefire Ways to Annoy Your Kid’s Coach

We did a lot of things that I know annoyed our children’s swim coaches. Here are some of the things we did and we’ve seen other parents do that annoy coaches.


SwimMom Musings: Best Holiday Gifts

If you are like me your swimmer has suits, t-shirts and gear to last for years. So what do you get your swimmer this season.

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Swim Mom: How Swimming Prepares Kids for the Real World

Swimming brings depth and character to our kids to help them along their lifelong journey. Here are seven ways that swimming prepares our children for life.


Swim Mom Musings: Coaches Matter

Coaches who inspire are important all the way through a swimming career – and are especially critical in college at every level.


Ask Swim Mom: Should My Son Skip High School Swimming?

We are feeling torn for our son who is 16, on if he should compete for his high school or if he should skip high school swimming to train with his club team.


From The Lane Lines: An Ode to a Swimmer’s Best Friend

Struggling to learn to swim as an adult, Deborah Paquin noticed something on her way to the pool one day, all the good swimmers had a ‘swimmers backpack’.

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Battling Through Burnout: Remember Your Seven-Year-Old Self

It is important to remember that when you are in the pool, that is your time to focus on swimming. Everything else can wait until practice is over.


Michigan Commit Claire Tuttle Shines at OK Red Championships

Teams from the Kalamazoo area came together at the Kentwood Aquatic Center for the Ottawa Kent Red division championships

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Advice for Youth Swimmers Preparing for the Upcoming Season

With both club and high school swimmers alike preparing for the upcoming season, some of the younger and newer athletes will naturally feel overwhelmed.

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Ask Swim Mom: Should My Child Swim Doubles?

I would follow your coach’s lead and let your daughter enjoy her sleep. There is plenty of time for her to begin morning practices as she gets older.


Promoting a Major International Championship: Inside Insights

The best under 18 swimmers of the universe first came to compete on the European continent in 2019 at the FINA World Junior Swimming Championships.

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How to Set Goals (And Achieve Them)

Goal setting can be incredibly empowering, but also upsetting when you end up not reaching them. Here are 7 ways to set achievable goals and to reach them.

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