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Ask Swim Mom: My Son Hasn’t Been Recruited Yet

I’m concerned because my son who is a good swimmer, hasn’t gotten any offers from colleges, but his friends have already committed.


Which Super-Suited Records Can Be Broken? Tier 1

Our series counts down the supersuited world records most and least likely to be broken. We wrap up with Tier 1: the records that are probably going to fall.


Which Super-Suited Records Can Be Broken? Tier 2

We’re counting down the remaining super-suited world records from least to most breakable. Today: Tier 2 – the records that could fall soon.


Swim Mom Musings: What the Soccer Championship Does for Girls & Women in Sports

The USA Women’s Soccer team won another championship. The media coverage and aftermath propels girls and women who compete foreword in so many ways.


The Silver Lining of Missing Goals

Out of all the life lessons our children learn from swimming, one of the greatest is picking themselves up and trying again after not making a goal.

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Shouts from the Stands: What is Developing the WHOLE PERSON?

Coaches talk about developing not only the athlete, but the WHOLE PERSON. Have you ever sat back and thought about what that meant?


922 Athletes Competed in International Gay and Lesbian Aquatics Competition

The International Gay and Lesbian Aquatics competition took place during the week of June 24, drawing a total of 922 athletes across all aquatic disciplines.

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Are Sunscreens Safe? A Guide to Navigating Recent FDA Ruling

With outdoor swimming season upon us, it’s time to break out the sunscreen as skin cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in the U.S. 


Swim Mom: We Are Not the Enemy

There are too many stories about parents yelling at officials and coaches and being way over the top. How do you let your team know you’re there to help?


Taking 5 with Courtney Monsees: Eat, Swim, Love

Recently NCAA All-American Courtney Monsees taught her boyfriend to swim. I caught up with her in the Cayman Islands to find out how she did it and why?

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Swim Mom: Traits of Super Swim Parents

Take a look at great parents and see what makes them stand out from others. We can all learn from them. Here are 11 traits super swim parents share.


Why Girls Reach Their Top Performance at a Young Age

The world has witnessed girls doing world-class performances at young age. Understanding this phenomenon could be a big step for developing the sport.


A Standardized Tool to Assess Swimming Performance

Swimmers mature from young children to adults in the pool and we need a tool to support their growth, performance, and reduce their injuries.

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The Summer Olympics of 1976: The Flag and the Broom

Everyone knew that the first event, the men’s 200 butterfly final, would set the tone for the entire Olympic swimming competition.


Ask Swim Mom: Should I Force My Child to Go to Practice?

Do you have any ideas on how to get her to want to go to practice like she used to? Is it better to let her miss practice or make her go?


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