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Battling Through Burnout: Remember Your Seven-Year-Old Self

It is important to remember that when you are in the pool, that is your time to focus on swimming. Everything else can wait until practice is over.

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Michigan Commit Claire Tuttle Shines at OK Red Championships

Teams from the Kalamazoo area came together at the Kentwood Aquatic Center for the Ottawa Kent Red division championships

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Advice for Youth Swimmers Preparing for the Upcoming Season

With both club and high school swimmers alike preparing for the upcoming season, some of the younger and newer athletes will naturally feel overwhelmed.

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Ask Swim Mom: Should My Child Swim Doubles?

I would follow your coach’s lead and let your daughter enjoy her sleep. There is plenty of time for her to begin morning practices as she gets older.


Promoting a Major International Championship: Inside Insights

The best under 18 swimmers of the universe first came to compete on the European continent in 2019 at the FINA World Junior Swimming Championships.

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How to Set Goals (And Achieve Them)

Goal setting can be incredibly empowering, but also upsetting when you end up not reaching them. Here are 7 ways to set achievable goals and to reach them.

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Swim Mom Musings: Why D3 Swimming Deserves Great Recognition

With solid academics you just might find that D3 schools have great academic money and a balanced college life every athlete deserves.


What I Miss Most About Being a Swim Family

I miss the little daily things about being an age-group swim mom. Here are six things I miss most about being a swim mom.


Where Swimming & Strategy Meet: An Analysis of the ISL’s Scoring System

In the ISL, an individual’s victory or defeat is only really relevant in the context of how it contributes to or detracts from the larger whole.


Breaking Up With Swimming

Whether your swimming career comes to an end on good terms or in an unexpected hot, ugly mess, moving on can take some time.


Swim Mom: Embrace the Community

Here are five reasons why it is important look beyond our own kids and self-interest and embrace our swimming community.

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Ask Swim Mom: Should I Help My Child Set Goals?

My child doesn’t seem that interested in setting goals for swimming. Is it being too overbearing to sit down with her and help her form her goals?

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Monday in the Life of a Swim Coach and New Parent

5:15 a.m. My alarm goes off. I grab the baby monitor, clumsily make my way to the bathroom and brush my teeth before sneaking past my sons room.


Swim Mom: The 5 Toughest Races in Swimming

As a swim mom of nearly two decades, here are my rankings about what events in swimming at the toughest to swim, which I know will create some debate.


What’s Really at Stake: Sun Yang vs. WADA

Is this a case about an athlete attempting to cover up his own doping by smashing his own sample as so many instantly believed?


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