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3 Ways Swim Club Parent Boards Can Avoid Embezzlement

When I read about the $266K alleged embezzlement at a nearby swim team, I was shocked. How was that possible? After reflecting on my years as a board member, I realized that yes—it could happen.


Nutrition Tips: Check Your Cereal

When I decided to transform my eating habits in order to achieve better health and increase performance, I realized the ‘healthy cereal’ I was eating wasn’t so healthy.

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The Champion State of Mind: What Swimmers Need To Meet Our Goals

Andrew Gyenis is a graduate of Stanford University, where he studied renewable energy and creative writing. He is a long…


5 Reasons Why Swim Parents Are the Best

Swim parents get a bad rap for being overly involved, interfering, overbearing and for being plain crazy.


An Ode to Swimming

We sit on the edge, observing our kingdom, staring down our competition, eyeing our victim. Not leaving the pool until we’re the winners. And the reason is simple. It’s because we are swimmers.


Shouts from the Stands: D3 Swimming is Not a Seasonal Sport

The NCAA mandates that division 3 sports cannot practice officially as a team outside of their respective seasons.


Sit Down with Bob Bowman (VIDEO)

Head Olympic and Arizona State Swim Coach Bob Bowman sat down with Ryan Curry from Cronkite Sports to talk about the plans for ASU swimming and Michael Phelps coaching

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5 Reasons Why Ledecky Is Smart to Go to College

Five reasons why Katie Ledecky made the right choice in going to college over collecting her millions. We all know experiencing a college football tailgate is priceless.


The Itch: Why I Couldn’t Leave Swimming Behind

No more 4:40am alarm, no more wishing-i-had-chosen-an-easier-sport, no more swim meet frustration, or wishing I had stuck with house league basketball. No more.


4 Reasons Why Athletes Need to Get Feedback From Their Coach

You want to grab the athlete by the goggles and scream about how irresponsible they are, or how they need to plan their race timeline better. It’s all the swimmers fault! But hold on there coach..Who’s fault is it really?


4 Thoughts for Swim Parents When Teams Fracture

If your child is unhappy, find out why. Make an appointment with the coach and have a conversation.


Freshmen Win 10 of 18 Events at Arizona State Intrasquad

Cameron Craig and the Arizona State freshman class led the day at the Sun Devils’ intrasquad meet.


What Swimming Gives You in Return

I kept asking myself what the point of pushing myself to the very extreme of my physical and mental limits if I wasn’t even going to get anything out of it


3 Reasons Why Practicing Gratitude Everyday Makes You a Better Swimmer

I was ashamed and disappointed in myself. How could I fake an injury?

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The Other Side Of Gold: Body Image Anxiety Among Female Athletes

If you look at any fitness, health, or fashion magazine, women are supposed to look only one way — think six feet tall and 110 pounds, not overly muscular, but always lean and fit.


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