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Maximizing Freestyle Efficiency: 41 Degrees of Power

After working at Swim Labs for over a year, I have found that is that there is a 41 degree angle of power with the elbows out and the forearms and wrists in, in the power phase.


Southern Cross Swimming Club #mannequinchallenge

“Southern Cross Swimming club has nails the #mannequinchallenge.

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How To Find Your Possibility Mindset After A Setback Or Injury

At some point in your sport career you will experience a setback

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14 Types Of Young Swimmers

By Rebecca Smith Read through the list of the 14 Types of Young Swimmers and see if one sounds like…


5 Things To Never Say To Your Child After A Meet

By Rebecca Smith 5 things to never say to your child after a meet (Hint: These are some of the…

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Leaving (It All In) The Pool

By Anonymous I’ve never been just ________. I’ve always been a student-athlete. Never just a student and never just an…

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Epic Showdowns: Michael Phelps vs. Pieter van den Hoogenband

Today we are having a closer look of one of the fiercest duels of 2007 FINA World Championship: Michael Phelps vs. Pieter van den Hoogenband.


6 Things Parents of Non-Swimmers Don’t Understand

I was criticized more than once by parents of non-swimmers and teachers because of my kids’ year-round commitment to swimming. “Aren’t you worried that your kids lives are too narrow?” they asked.


Doggy Nadine “The Michael Phelps of Yelps” Takes Home The Prize

Open Water Planet CEO Bobby Brewer: They call her the “Michael Phelps of Yelps; the “Tony Stark of Bark.” Everyone knew she was the favorite going in.


3 Ways Swim Club Parent Boards Can Avoid Embezzlement

When I read about the $266K alleged embezzlement at a nearby swim team, I was shocked. How was that possible? After reflecting on my years as a board member, I realized that yes—it could happen.


Nutrition Tips: Check Your Cereal

When I decided to transform my eating habits in order to achieve better health and increase performance, I realized the ‘healthy cereal’ I was eating wasn’t so healthy.

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The Champion State of Mind: What Swimmers Need To Meet Our Goals

Andrew Gyenis is a graduate of Stanford University, where he studied renewable energy and creative writing. He is a long…


5 Reasons Why Swim Parents Are the Best

Swim parents get a bad rap for being overly involved, interfering, overbearing and for being plain crazy.


An Ode to Swimming

We sit on the edge, observing our kingdom, staring down our competition, eyeing our victim. Not leaving the pool until we’re the winners. And the reason is simple. It’s because we are swimmers.


Shouts from the Stands: D3 Swimming is Not a Seasonal Sport

The NCAA mandates that division 3 sports cannot practice officially as a team outside of their respective seasons.


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