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Behind the Scenes of William and Mary Tribe Swimming

The video displays their annual pentathlon practice, which consists of a 100 of each stroke as well as a 100 IM.

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The White House Honored 2016 Olympians and Paralympians

The team’s 33 overall medal haul more than tripled the achievement of its closest swimming competitor, Australia.


Take Your Mark

I approached the surface of the water and I took my first stroke. This is going to be a good one, I thought to myself.

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10 Ways to Spice up Your Relationship With Your Kick Board

No matter what your relationship with your board is, I want to inject passion back into it! Call me the Kickboard counselor.

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Life After College Swimming

From how I see it, going through this transition into a new chapter of your life can be viewed in two ways; through a professional perspective, and through a personal perspective.


What is a Swim Parent’s Role in College Recruiting?

Recruiting is an exciting time in a swimmer’s life, but it’s time-consuming and can be overwhelming.


Artistic Athletes

Being an athlete is like being an artist. The best swimmers in the world create works of art through their approach to training, recovery, attitude and demeanor.

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This is Why

Why do you swim? It’s so boring. It’s so early. It’s so hard. You stare at a black line for too long. You stink of chlorine. You can’t go out and party.


Don’t Take Off the Medal Kid 

The strangest thing happened when I arrived back in New Zealand after racing at the World University Games in Korea, everyone congratulated me.


8 Insights Every New Coach Needs to Know

Below are some of the insightful pieces of advice I wish I would have heard as an up and coming coach. Each has a story behind it.


Five Nuances of a Great Start

We have discussed the two different basic techniques of track starts, weight forward and weight back, and the importance of coupling motions in improving the outcome of both techniques.


4 Drills that Establish a Perfect Body Position in the Water

Applying force and decreasing drag affect every level of swimmer in our sport.

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The Tradition Continues: the 8th Annual Rowdy Gaines Masters Classic

The 8th Annual Rowdy Gaines Masters Classic, a unique short course meters competition, will be taking place from October 7th-9th, 2016.

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6 Tips for Swim Parents About the Car Ride Home

Try the following tips on the way home from a meet and see how your kids react.


How Your Athletes Can Give Their Best Effort, Every Race, Every Meet

In a perfect world, coaches and athletes are on the same page.

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