Arizona State Closes 2024 NCAA Championships with NCAA Record 400 Free Relay – 2:43.40

by Spencer Penland 20

March 30th, 2024 College, News



  • NCAA Record: 2:44.07 — Florida (J. Liendo, A. Chaney, J. Smith, M. McDuff), 2023
  • Meet Record: 2:44.07 — Florida (J. Liendo, A. Chaney, J. Smith, M. McDuff), 2023
  • American Record: 2:44.31 — NC State (R. Held, J. Ress, J. Molacek, C. Stewart), 2018
  • U.S. Open Record: 2:44.07 — Florida (J. Liendo, A. Chaney, J. Smith, M. McDuff), 2023
  • Pool Record: 2:45.39 — Texas (B. Ringgold, J. Conger, T. Haas, J. Schooling), 2017
  • 2023 Champion: 2:44.07 — Florida (J. Liendo, A. Chaney, J. Smith, M. McDuff), 2023

Top 8:

  1. Arizona State (L. Marchand, J. Dolan, P. Sammon, J. Kulow) — 2:43.40 *NCAA, Meet, U.S. Open, Pool Record*
  2. Florida (J. Liendo, A. Chaney, J. Smith, M. McDuff) — 2:44.21
  3. Cal (J. Alexy, D. Lasco, M. Jensen, B. Seeliger) — 2:44.46
  4. NC State — 2:45.29
  5. Tennessee — 2:45.38
  6. Virginia Tech — 2:45.97
  7. Stanford — 2:46.06
  8. Notre Dame — 2:46.46

After an electric week of racing, it was only fitting that the Arizona State Sun Devils closed out the 2024 Men’s NCAA Championships by shattering the NCAA record in the 400 free relay. The win means so much for the Arizona State program, as it was the final event of the meet and the Sun Devils have officially won the first NCAA team title in program history.

Leon Marchand got the Sun Devils out to a terrific start, leading off in 40.28, and they never really looked back. Jack Dolan split 41.28 on the 2nd leg, then Patrick Sammon was 41.02 on the 4rd leg, and Jonny Kulow anchored in 40.82, putting ASU into the finish in 2:43.40. That performance took more than half a second off the previous NCAA record of 2:44.07 set last year by Josh Liendo, Adam Chaney, Julian Smith, and Macguire McDuff.

Split Comparison

ARIZONA STATE – 2024 FLORIDA, 2023 CAL, 2023
Leon Marchand (40.28) Josh Liendo – 40.66 Bjorn Seeliger – 41.50
Jack Dolan (41.28) Adam Chaney – 41.10 Jack Alexy – 40.51
Patrick Sammon (41.02) Julian Smith – 41.26 Matthew Jensen – 41.12
Jonny Kulow (40.82) Macguire McDuff – 41.05 Destin Lasco – 40.95
2:43.40 2:44.07 2:44.08

As the splits show, Marchand’s lead-off leg was a huge factor in ASU’s record tonight. Marchand’s 40.28 also makes him the #3 performer all-time in the event.

It’s been a week of making history for the Sun Devils. The win tonight came after their NCAA-record-setting win in the 400 medley relay last night, which marked ASU’s first NCAA relay title in program history. With the win tonight, they’ve now added a 2nd relay title to their record books, along with their first NCAA team title.

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1 month ago

comment image?

Not Andrew
1 month ago

I was sitting next to Andrew during 4 free and he was rooting for Cal’s Anchor
Heard it here first

Reply to  Not Andrew
1 month ago


1 month ago

Swimswam really disrespected Notre Dame with the final ranking with a #15. Remember the name next year…..

Reply to  WashedSwimmer
1 month ago

i mean if Guiliano wasnt such a stud and singlehandedly carrying them, they would’ve gotten 15th…

1 month ago

“In Bob We Trust”

Alex Wilson
1 month ago

There is video of the final 400 free relay on You Tube Poolside Perspective

1 month ago

Why wasn’t Florida’s time from last year an NCAA record?

Reply to  JGA
1 month ago

Yeah this article seems off. From “raising” instead of “racing” in the photo caption, to the incorrect records.

Last edited 1 month ago by CES
Reply to  CES
1 month ago

Prior to the record changing with the new record by ASU, the HyTek seedings showed the same thing. NCAA record by NC State, U.S. Open record by Florida. But Liendo being from Canada wouldn’t affect the NCAA record; Marchand is from France.

1 month ago

Is Texas announcing new coach tonight?

Reply to  Jeah
1 month ago

Mickey & Goofy from Orlando, FL.

Reply to  Weinstein-Smith-Ledecky-Sims
1 month ago

A Disney production.

Reply to  Jeah
1 month ago

Monday I was told

T Hill
1 month ago

Congratulations Sun Devil Swimmers & Staff !! Also to all the alumni that help keep the men’s program alive when it was nearly eliminated.

Reply to  T Hill
1 month ago



Devils Baby!
Reply to  T Hill
1 month ago

Amazing to think that the program was essentially cancelled, and on life support (10 years ago?), and then resurrected when Bowman came aboard and winning a Natty 10 years later!

An amazing success story, the level of which (cancellation to Nat’l Title) I suspect has never been done completed in any NCAA sport before!

Josh Graham
Reply to  Devils Baby!
1 month ago

Remember when people were writing about the “Phelps effect” on swimming after 2008 Olympics due to the surge of kids coming into the sport. Here we are some 16 years later still witnessing a “Phelps effect.”

Sapiens Ursus
Reply to  Josh Graham
1 month ago

I think we can celebrate that… I think the sports bigger than Michael Phelps!

Reply to  T Hill
1 month ago

As an alumni it’s been a rough and unknown road. But today has been very sweet for us who have donated time and money to keep this program alive. So proud of this team and everything they’ve accomplished.