2024 Men’s NCAA Champs: Afternoon 1650 Heats Live Recap


Saturday Prelims Heat Sheets (Including 1650)

There are four afternoon heats of the men’s 1650 freestyle that kick off at 3:50 pm EST in Indianapolis, Indiana.

One of the biggest names to watch out for this afternoon is Jack Hoagland who was 5th in the 1650 last year while he was at Notre Dame. Now at SMU, Hoagland has already made the top eight in two other events, the 500 on night 2 and the 400 IM last night. He is the #9 seed in the 1650 so he is the fastest entry time of the afternoon.

Kentucky’s Levi Sandidge was also in the top 8 finishers in the event last year but will swim in the afternoon this year. He is the #11 seed. He won the event at SECs a year ago and finished 3rd this year.

Last year it took a 14:42.80 to finish in the top 8 and a 14:48.63 to make the top 16.

Men’s 1650 Yard Freestyle

  • NCAA: 14:12.08 Bobby Finke, Florida (2020)
  • Meet: 14:12.52 Bobby Finke, Florida (2021)
  • American: 14:12.08 Bobby Finke, Florida (2020)
  • U. S. Open: 14:12.08 Bobby Finke, Florida (2020)
  • Pool: 14:22.41 Clark Smith, Texas (2017)
  • 2023 Champion: 14:28.94 Will Gallant, NC State

TOP FINISHERS (ALL afternoon heats):

  1. Jack Hoagland, SMU 14:39.19
  2. Bar Soloveychik, Minnesota 14:41.40
  3. Ilia Sibirtsev, Louisville 14:41.87
  4. Mason Mathias, Auburn 14:43.69
  5. Daniel Matheson, Arizona State 14:44.24
  6. Lance Norris, NC State 14:44.85
  7. Trey Dickey, Texas A&M 14:46.70
  8. Andrew Martin, Northwestern 14:47.66

In heat 1, Ohio State’s Alex Axon led the way for the first 250 or so before Auburn’s Michael Bonson pulled ahead and took over for the rest of the race. Bonson earned the win for the heat touching in a 14:49.83. Florida State’s Yordan Yanchev did not show for the first heat. Bonson’s time could potentially make the top 16 as it was just off over a second off of last year’s 16th place time. Cal’s Tyler Kopp was 2nd in the heat in a 15:03.14.

South Carolina’s Connor Fry was out to a quick start and paced the race alongside Trey Dickey of Texas A&M as the two were separated with one lane in between. Around the halfway point, Alex Metzler of Ohio State joined the two leaders and Metzler took the lead at the 900 mark. Metzler flipped first in a 8:56.38 at the 1000 mark. Dickey and Metzler battled it out in the middle of the pool for much of the conclusion of the race and with 100 to go, Dickey took over again. Coming down to the touch, Dickey won in a 14:46.70 while Metzler swam a 14:47.75. Indiana’s Tristan DeWitt was 3rd in a 14:51.46. Both Dickey and Metzler swam best times by over four seconds.

In heat 3, Louisville’s Ilia Sibirtsev got out to the lead from lane 4 but the whole heat was close even through the 500 mark as everyone was separated only by about two and a half seconds. At the 1000 mark, Sibirtsev flipped in a 8:55.51 with the lead. The field separated much of the final 500 mark as Sibirtsev won in a 14:41.87, a best time by over five seconds. NC State’s Lance Norris was 2nd in a 14:44.85, a best time by over three seconds. Northwestern’s Andrew Martin was 3rd in a 14:47.66, a best time by over three seconds. Sibirtsev and Norris took over the top times of the afternoon for the time being.

After finishing 5th in the event a year ago, SMU’s Jack Hoagland got out to the lead from the start and grew his lead as the race went on. He flipped in a 8:50.43 at the 1000 mark. With the race turning to second as Hoagland led by over four seconds for much of the race, Bar Soloveychik charged for the final 300 and finished 2nd in a 14:41.40. Hoagland won the heat in a 14:39.19, the top time of the afternoon. Auburn’s Mason Mathias was 3rd in a 14:43.69. Arizona State’s Daniel Matheson finished 4th in a 14:44.24 as the four in the final heat posted the top times of the afternoon.

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Inquiring minds
1 month ago

Great finish for former Xavier star and now NW Wildcat in his 5th year, Andrew Martin. Best time in his last race and a top 16 finish minimum.

15:48 to 14:47 in 5 years is ridiculous.

Last edited 1 month ago by Inquiring minds
1 month ago

Freestyle U

1 month ago

Ouch Jake Mitchell

Reply to  Random123
1 month ago

Florida needed a few extra points from diving or the mile to feel safe from Indiana moving up and they didn’t get it. It will be an exciting night for the the 3rd place trophy.

Adam H.
1 month ago

Hoagland crushing the field in Heat 4 — 4:20.82 at the 500, more than 4 seconds ahead of 2nd

Reply to  Adam H.
1 month ago

Too bad he didn’t do anything the last 1150 yards

1 month ago

Heat 3 through 400 yards every split is .1-.3 across the field

1 month ago

Great race in heat 2 Dickey home 23.7 to take the win

Adam H.
1 month ago

SwimSwam shoutout on the broadcast?!

Reply to  Adam H.
1 month ago


1 month ago

Daniel Matheson 14:35 inbound

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