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December 03rd, 2020 Britain

Courtesy: arena

arena has invoked the warrior spirit and divine favour of Japanese tradition in the launch of a special new kit, the Bishamon Collection, to get behind its team at 2021’s premier sporting spectacle.

The Bishamon Story

One of the Seven Gods of Fortune in Japanese folklore, Bishamon (or Bishamonten) is an armour-clad warrior god, a guardian deity who protects and brings divine favour in battle. He carries a spear in one hand, and in the other a pagoda symbolizes a divine treasure house, whose contents he both guards and gives away.

The Bishamon Collection honours this spirit, celebrating the fighter that exists in everyone, and supporting them with arena’s distinctive armour so that they can be at their very best during the heat of the battle, whether it’s in a global competition pool or a community centre training session.

Examples of monuments to Bishamon in Japan today can be seen at Head Temple Kurama-dera in the Kyoto prefecture (, the Shigisan Chogosinshi-ji Temple in the Nara prefecture ( and Hokaiji in the Kamakura prefecture (

For the collection’s design, arena combined the Bishamon’s warrior expression with the pattern of his armour, Bishamon Kikko, which is inspired by the shell of a tortoise, representing longevity and good luck. The result is a design that symbolizes good luck and protection, with a singular ultimate goal: victory.

arena’s Bishamon Collection includes two high-end competition racing suits – the Powerskin Carbon Glide and Carbon Core FX – along with the Take Down range of swimwear and accessories. In addition to the global collection in combinations of black, white, turquoise and grey, there are also five national versions of the Take Down range featuring the colours of Italy, Australia, the Netherlands, Great Britain and USA respectively.

Katinka Hosszú, Bishamon, and the ingredients necessary to claim the big prize

“I love the new Bishamon design! The underlying motif complements the Iron Lady character, who is herself a tough warrior that never gives up. Having this pattern on my chest gives me a mental strength that helps me to push through my races even when things don’t go as planned. Being mentally prepared means that I am able to overcome my fears, step out of my comfort zone and finish the race knowing that there was nothing left in me; I brought my best, the ultimate warrior out of me. 

“Physical strength is also part of my warrior makeup: the durability to get through the toughest training sessions, and being able to perform at my best under enormous pressure no matter what the circumstance. In this atmosphere self-confidence has an important role to play; it’s something I’ve developed over the years through continuous effort, hard work and dedication.

“I don’t have a lucky charm; one of the reasons I love swimming is because it’s not about luck. Everything is black and white; each of us has our own lane in the pool, and we compete at the same distance and stroke. At the end of the race the athletic performance is measured in minutes and seconds which sets the final ranking. In a 400 IM race I need hard work, endurance and flawless technique as a substitute for luck.”

Profile: Katinka Hosszú

  • Born:                3 May 1989; Pecs, Hungary
  • Discipline:         IM, Backstroke, Butterfly
  • Coach:              Árpád Petrov
  • Club:                 Vasas SC, Budapest

Best Results

Olympics                             2016 Rio: 3 gold (100 back, 200 & 400 IM), 1 silver (200 back)

World Championships          2019 Gwangju: 2 gold (200 & 400 IM)

2017 Budapest: 2 gold (200 & 400 IM), 1 silver (200 back), 1 bronze (200 fly)

2015 Kazan: 2 gold (200 & 400 IM), 1 bronze (200 back)

2013 Barcelona: 2 gold (200 & 400 IM), 1 bronze (200 fly)

2009 Rome: 1 gold (400 IM), 2 bronze (200 fly, 200 IM)

European Championships     2018 Glasgow: 1 gold (200 IM)

2016 London: 4 gold (100 back, 200 & 400 IM, 4×200 free), 1 silver (100 back)

2014 Berlin: 3 gold (100 back, 200 & 400 IM), 1 silver (200 free), 2 bronze (200 fly, 4×200 free)

2012 Debrecen: 3 gold (200 fly, 200 & 400 IM), 1 silver (4×200 free)

2010 Budapest: 3 gold (200 fly, 200 IM, 4×200 free), 1 silver (400 IM)

2008 Eindhoven: 1 silver (400 IM)

 The Global Bishamon Offer: For the Race

arena’s global Bishamon Collection features limited editions of the Powerskin Carbon Glide and Carbon Core FX racing suits. In elegant black with the stylized Bishamon-Kikko emblem in turquoise emblazoned on the front, the Carbon Glide and Carbon Core FX are arena’s flagship duo designed to help athletes perform at their very best, and are available in men’s jammers, and women’s full body open and closed back versions.

Powerskin Carbon Glide

The most advanced, sophisticated racing suit arena has ever designed, the Carbon Glide gives the swimmer a sensational underwater glide and feeling of speed unlike any other. This feature is delivered by two new advances, Hydroglide fabric and the Carbon Extreme Cage, which combine lightness and compression to deliver the ultimate experience in racing performance. Covering the front and lower back, the ultralight, low-profile Hydroglide is smooth to the touch, giving it incredible glide and speed, while also reducing drag and turbulence in critical zones. Covering the legs and lower torso, the similarly ultralight, low-drag Carbon Extreme Cage has carbon fibres woven into the fabric in a tight grid-like pattern surrounding specific muscle groups, providing exceptional muscle support and improved body hold to enhance performance without restricting mobility. The result is added stroke power and stability with optimum durability, flexibility, and efficiency. The suit also employs a unique taping structure, with carbon strategically infused into the woven lining to activate major muscle groups, thereby enhancing the swimmer’s feeling of support and body hold.

RSP women’s suits: €575,00

RSP men’s jammers: €395,00

Powerskin Carbon Core FX

The Carbon Core FX features the latest improvements to the highly successful Carbon Flex VX, and is the most compressive suit of arena’s comprehensive racing range. Providing a powerful locked-in feel along with exceptional core support, it uses the same Carbon Cage technology as its predecessor, delivering a high level of durable compression across all areas of the body. For these reasons the Carbon Core FX is likely to appeal to sprinters for its high level of compression and range of motion.

The Carbon Core FX features a new Twin Taping structure on the back of the legs of both women’s suits and men’s jammers, providing a lifting effect on the legs that helps the swimmer to hold a high body position even when fatigued, giving maximum hip height in the water. In addition, the internal carbon fibre-infused lining on the women’s suit has been extended up the side of the suit with an incision just below the chest, providing multiple benefits: maximum compression and locked-in feel through the legs and torso; an additional, evenly-distributed pressure profile across the body; further improvement of core stability for an enhanced body position in the water with lower form drag; and improved upper body mobility, without compromising overall compression and support.

RSP women’s suits: €500,00

RSP men’s jammers: €320,00

Cobra Ultra Swipe Mirror goggles

Supreme hydrodynamics and optimum vision combine in arena’s premium racing goggles. Revolutionary Swipe Anti-Fog technology – which is activated by a simple rub of the finger – preserves clear vision up to 10 times longer than before, so swimmers no longer have to be concerned with goggles fogging up. Sleek, watertight design with low profile lenses, high-tech moulding and blade-like contours minimize drag and improve glide, while lens curvature dramatically increases peripheral and frontal vision.

RSP: €60,00

Cobra Core Swipe Mirror goggles

Featuring wide vision and superior comfort at top speed, with mirror lenses and Swipe technology, the best anti-fog technology available. 5 interchangeable nose pieces, dual strap.

RSP: €55,00

Airspeed Mirror goggles

Innovative air seals with a honeycomb construction are designed to compress and adapt to the face, distributing pressure only where needed. The result is a super-light feeling, as if you’re not even wearing goggles. Cool, hydrodynamic design for optimum performance.

RSP: €28,00

Swedix Mirror goggles

The practicality of the classic Swedish goggles with rubber coating for added comfort and split lenses for enhanced vision.

RSP: €23,00

Adam Peaty, Bishamon, and the ingredients necessary to claim the big prize

(Like warriors), I think athletes have both weaknesses and strengths, and recognising these is very important to become an even better athlete. I have a lot of patience, discipline and an unparalleled work ethic, and I use adversity to propel me forward, using it as motivation rather than seeing it as an obstacle. Mental angels and demons can also affect a professional athlete, especially those that have been at the top of the game for a long time. Mastering these is a long self-discovery journey, something that has no end but that is exciting as you are always learning about yourself. Looking forward to the Olympics, my self-confidence is at an all-time high, and this will be needed to do what I want to be able to do in this race. Containing the excitement and nerves is a big thing, but also embracing the Olympics for what they are is also huge; the potential to inspire millions, if not billions, of people around the world.”

Profile: Adam Peaty 

  • Born:                28 December 1994; Uttoxeter, England
  • Discipline:         Breaststroke
  • Coach:              Melanie Marshall
  • Club:                 Loughborough University, England

Best Results

Olympics                             2016 Rio: 1 gold (100 breast), 1 silver (4×100 medley)

World Championships          2019 Gwangju: 3 gold (50 & 100 breast, 4×100 medley), 1 bronze (4×100 mixed medley)

2017 Budapest: 2 gold (50 & 100 breast), 1 silver (4×100 medley)

2015 Kazan: 3 gold (50 & 100 breast, 4×100 mixed medley)

European Championships     2018 Glasgow: 4 gold (50 & 100 breast, 4×100 medley, 4×100 mixed medley)

2016 London: 4 gold (50 & 100 breast, 4×100 medley, 4×100 mixed medley)

2014 Berlin: 4 gold (50 & 100 breast, 4×100 medley, 4×100 mixed medley)

Commonwealth Games:       2018 Gold Coast: 1 gold (100 breast), 2 silver (50 breast, 4×100 medley)

2014 Glasgow: 2 gold (100 breast, 4×100 medley), 1 silver (50 breast) 

The Global Bishamon Offer: For the Training Pool 

Swimsuits in the Bishamon Take Down range are all manufactured with arena’s exclusive MaxLife fabric, whose PBT construction – using a specially engineered PE yarn for superior elasticity – combines excellent fit with power retention performance. Quick-drying and highly resistant to chlorine, MaxLife is extremely durable and designed to last, retaining 95% of its original charateristics after more than 240 hrs of intense use.

Women’s one-piece swimsuit with Challenge back

Broad back opening with thin, wide straps provides maximum freedom of shoulder movement and reduced drag for improved glide. Black with stylized grey patterns and turquoise Bishamon design on front centre (large) and back centre (miniature), turquoise straps.

RSP: €55,00

Women’s one-piece swimsuit with Swim Pro back

Wide straps and increased back coverage offer excellent support for both bust and waist area, while also providing a secure, supremely comfortable fit. Black with stylized grey patterns and turquoise Bishamon design on front centre (large) and back centre (miniature), turquoise straps.

RSP: €55,00


With front lining and coverage from mid-waist to above the knee, delivers maximum comfort and range of motion. Black with stylized grey patterns and turquoise Bishamon design on the side of each leg: large in the front, miniature in the back.

RSP: €50,00


27cm shorts combine style and hydrodynamics, with full front lining and inner drawstring. Black with stylized grey patterns and turquoise Bishamon design on front side of each leg.

RSP: €40,00


7cm briefs give maximum range of motion with minimal drag for a comofrtable fit with support and stability. Black with stylized grey patterns and turquoise Bishamon design on front centre (large) and back centre (miniature).

RSP: €35,00

Silicon cap

Designed for intensive training, maintains shape and offerss superior glide with minimal drag. Easy to wear, elastic, durable and chlorine resistant, with flat mould for a classic fit. Black with Bishamon design in turquoise.

RSP: €12,00

Team Backpack 45

Top-loading 45-litre backpack specifically designed for athletes & competitive swimmers, providing space for all swim gear and accessories. Each compartment is breathable for moisture control, main compartment is big enough to fit all training gear, mesh compartment for wet gear or shoes, wide & roomy side pockets for large water bottles & other accessories. Padded and breathable back panel with inner laptop sleeve.

Reinforced bottom, special durable zippers, comfortable shoulder straps, and a free swimbag inside! In black and white with turquoise Bishamon design and front zip.

RSP: €70,00

Team Swimbag

Versatile, roomy, durable, made of water repellent fabric, drawcords double as shoulder straps, easy to wear. White with black drawcords and Bishamon design in turquoise.

RSP: €15,00

Goggle case

Deluxe pouch in elegant black with turquoise Bishamon design to keep your goggles well protected.

RSP: €15,00

Water bottle

Never go thirsty with eye-catching water bottle in black with stylized grey pattern, and turquoise Bishamon design & top.

RSP: €12,60

Sarah Sjöström, Bishamon, and the ingredients necessary to claim the big prize

We are all in a way warriors, me too. I don’t stop in front of difficulties, I’m eager to challenge myself and also to sacrifice (e.g. to train far from home) in order to win. I think I have both courage and discipline, which define my success. Building self-confidence is also a very important part of preparation, you have to believe in yourself, every single day. And you can’t train just physically, it’s not a full training program then. Meditation, mindfulness, long walks in nature, sauna, a good book, being in silence, #metime, good sleep every night etc., these are the tools that help me to balance moments of stress or nervousness. Being positive helps too: Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right (Henry Ford). Then finally the suit – I love the message of the Bishamon design of the racing suit, that the force comes from the core. I love the design and it does make me feel strong and confident.”

Proflie: Sarah Sjöström

  • Born:                17 August, 1993; Salem, Sweden
  • Coach:              Johan Wallberg/James Gibson
  • Discipline:         Butterfly, Freestyle
  • Club:                Södertörns/Swedish Swimming Excellence Centre, Stockholm

Best Results

Olympics                             2016 Rio: 1 gold (100 fly), 1 silver (200 free), 1 bronze (100 free)

World Championships          2019 Gwangju: 1 gold (50 fly), 2 silver (50 free, 100 fly), 1 bronze (200 free)

2017 Budapest: 3 gold (50 free, 50 & 100 fly), 1 silver (100 free)

2015 Kazan: 2 gold (50 & 100 fly), 2 silver (100 free, 4×100 medley), 1 bronze (50 free)

2013 Barcelona: 1 gold (100 fly), 1 silver (100 free)

2009 Barcelona: 1 gold (100 fly)

European Championships     2018 Glasgow: 4 gold (50 & 100 free, 50 & 100 fly)

2016 London: 3 gold (100 free, 50 & 100 fly), 1 bronze (4×100 free)

2014 Berlin: 3 gold (100 free, 50 fly, 4×100 free), 4 silver (50 free, 100 fly, 4×200 free, 4×100 medley)

2012 Debrecen: 2 gold (100 free, 50 fly), 1 silver (4×100 free)

2010 Budapest: 1 gold (100 fly), 1 silver (4×100 medley), 1 bronze (4×100 free)

2008 Eindhoven: 1 gold (100 fly), 1 bronze (4×100 free)

The Global Bishamon Offer: Beyond the pool – the team’s leisurewear

Raglan T-shirt

Cotton jersey in dark grey melange with black sleeves/shoulders, turquoise Bishamon design on front centre (large) and back centre (miniature).

RSP: €35,00

Tech Tee

In classic black (back, torso, collar) & white (sleeves and upper chest) with turquoise Bishamon design on front centre (large) and back centre (miniature).

RSP: €40,00


In unbrushed baby fleece with dark grey melange torso and black sleeves and hood, turquoise Bishamon design on left chest and hood.

RSP: €75,00

Denim warm-up jacket

Cool style in grey and white denim with turquoise Bishamon design on top front centre (large) and back centre (miniature).

RSP: €140,00

The Global Bishamon Offer: Take Down collections for patriots

For decades arena has sponsored athletes and national swimming federations in the promotion of the sport, and has been inspired by these collaborations to constantly innovate and strive to provide the best products on the market. In recognition of these fruitful partnerships, arena therefore decided to develop five additional Take Down ranges in the colours of stylized national flags for the following countries:

  • Italy: blue along with the national flag colours (green, white, red)
  • United Kingdom: blue, white and red
  • Netherlands: orange along with the national flag colours (blue, white, red)
  • Australia
  • United States: red, white and blue

arena is the official technical sponsor of the US, Italian, Australia and Dutch national swimming federations.

Products included in each national Take Down collection include:

  • Women’s one-piece swimsuit with Challenge back
  • Women’s one-piece swimsuit with Swim Pro back
  • Men’s Jammers, Shorts, Briefs
  • Silicon cap
  • Team Swimbag
  • Water bottle
  • Raglan T-shirt
  • Tech Tee
  • Hoodie

The Global Bishamon Offer: Availability

All Bishamon products will be available from the beginning of DECEMBER , 2020, online through arena ecommerce, and at arena stores, specialized stores, and major swimming events.

Bishamon collection landing page:

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