American Swim Coaches Association (ASCA) World Clinic Recap

NZ Manufacturing was in attendance at the annual world clinic conference exhibiting StrechCordz swim training products, proudly Made in the USA since 1985.  Coaches from all over the world made it to our nation’s capital to take part in the many workshops, lectures and demonstrations from notable swim coaches in the industry.  

The StrechCordzswim training products booth was visited by coaches from all over the world including Olympic breaststroke swimmer, Merle Liivand.  


courtesy of Strechcordz

The StrechCordz Quick Connect Kit was featured at the StrechCordzproducts booth this year.  Featuring a unique connect/disconnect system for swimmers to rapidly transfer from one circuit to another, the Quick Connect system provides various lengths of Safety Cord Tubing with the Quick Connect features to provide for faster transition drills including push-off, in-place as well as resisted and assisted power drills.

Used by coaches all over the world, the Quick Connect system is gaining popularity among the high school, collegiate and Olympic teams.


What makes our StrechCordz resistance training line stand out from the rest? Our proprietary feature embeds a strong nylon cord within the latex tubing that is capable of extending to the maximum stretched length of the tube. The key benefit of this feature is that it minimizes over-stretching, and provides the safety and security that is needed for users to overcome any physical and mental barriers to their training.



StrechCordz resistance swim training tools improve stamina, power, stroke and Individual Medley times for international Olympians and novice swimmers. Both in-water and dry land equipment are used for full swimmer pull, tricep extensions, rowing, overhead raises, chest fly’s, proper hip rotation, stroke efficiency and more. For high performance resistance training gear and workout instruction, turn to the products that Olympians and pro athletes rely on for their top results. Contact NZ Manufacturing at 800-866-6621 with your questions related to our line of products, or visit us online at

Courtesy of NZ Manufacturing, a SwimSwam partner.

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