All the Links You Need for All Four 2017 Futures Championships

The Futures Championships are relatively new USA Swimming Championship meets that serve as a stepping stone between the sectional level and national level. There are four Futures meets that will be going on this weekend, and the Futures meets will overlap with a bunch of big meets going on this week in the States, including the U.S. Open, YMCA Nationals, and the NCSA Jr Nationals.

The Futures meets are divvied up into four championships to represent four different regions of the United States. Geneva, OH, will host LSCs from New England and much of the east coast. Lewisville, TX, will host LSCs in much of the Midwest, while the southern states will be represented at the Nashville, TN meet. Finally, out west, clubs will congregate at the Santa Clara, CA location.

Below, find all of the links you need to follow these Futures Championships.





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Impatient Coach

Come on Santa Clara where’s the Psych Sheets?

Is Santa Clara going to offer a live stream feed?

So Cal coach

For answers to both – see the club’s web site

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