All the Links You Need for the 2017 NCSA Jr Championships


Tomorrow the 2017 NCSA Championships begin, with many of the United States’ top junior swimmers competing in Indianapolis. The meet will run from August 1st to August 5th in what will be a preview of sorts for the World Junior Championships, which will also be held in Indy, just at the end of August.

For now, the only available live results are on Meet Mobile, but we can update that if a live results link is posted on meet central.

Brooke Forde of the Lakeside Swim Team is perhaps the biggest name on the psych sheets. She’s headed to Stanford in the fall, but not before racing in Indy this week and then at the World University Games in Taipei. Top juniors Cody BybeeTaylor Pike and Bryce Mefford hold multiple top seeds, and we’ll also get to see some racing from Amalie Fackenthal, who is the top seed in the sprint freestyles, and Jack Dolan, a rising sprint freestyler out of Missouri.

After a quick glance at the psych sheets, keep a look out for Claire Tuggle, who this year has been smashing 11-12 NAG records. She’s 13 now, and she’s entered in the 50, 100, 200, 400, 800 free as well as the 200 and 400 IM. Tuggle is the third seed in the 200 free with a 2:02.21.

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Attending swimmer
3 years ago

When will USA juniors psych sheets be posted?

bobo gigi
3 years ago

That meet is competing with US Open and especially with US junior nationals in East Meadow in 2 weeks. I’d prefer to see all the best young Americans swim against each other. Too many meets in the same period. Having said that, some big names swim there like Jack Dolan, Brooke Forde and the new US phenom Claire Tuggle. Is it Claire’s taper meet this summer? If yes, I’m not a fan of seeing her swim the 800 free on day 1. It could cost her much energy for her best event the day after, the 200 free. I know, she’s young and recovers well and maybe she will make me wrong but I see her more right now as… Read more »

bobo gigi
Reply to  bobo gigi
3 years ago

Correction. US junior nationals next week in East Meadow.

Distance Swimmer
Reply to  bobo gigi
3 years ago

Claire Tuggle is 12, not 25, her recovery is muh much faster than I think you’re giving her

Reply to  bobo gigi
3 years ago

BOBO I totally agree with you the USA Swimming championship calendar has become way over crowded. It’s also taking some of the lustre away from certain meets when there so many different ones. There is also Y Nationals this week along with several Furures meets. Also there are senior zone championships and age groups zone championships coming up in the next two weeks too. It’s diluting the fields too much.

samuel huntington
Reply to  Leto
3 years ago

I think there’s just too many swimmers these days. They can’t all go to one or even two meets. NCSAs, Juniors, YMCAs, US Open, and Futures are all needed.

Reply to  samuel huntington
3 years ago

USA Swimming stuck in an old school model. Now almost 3x as many swimmers (thank you MP), new thinking is needed to serve a much larger number of swimmers.

Reply to  Kathy
3 years ago

More swimmers = more swim meets. Or would you prefer the same swim meets with 3x the swimmers?

The one problem that I see is lack of warm up space at some big meets.

Reply to  bobo gigi
3 years ago

It has to be stressful for sites like swimswam to keep up with most of these summer championship meets taking place over one or two weekends, especially after coming off the slew of articles that had to be whipped up for Worlds. You have US Open, USA Juniors, NCSA Juniors, YMCA Nationals, Futures (4 meets just for that!), and a slew of age group and senior Zones! Seems like a lot of writing and little time! Not that I’m complaining, the articles are good to read and I like keeping up with meets, whether it be something on a smaller scale like Zones or Futures or bigger meets like US Open.

Tea rex
Reply to  bobo gigi
3 years ago

A cross-country plane trip is easily $500 per person. Not easy for many families to fit in.

Reply to  bobo gigi
3 years ago

Grace Sheble is top seed in the 400 IM with a time from last year when she was 13.

3 years ago

Brooke Forde is going to World university games not Jr worlds after NCSA

Reply to  Swimmerdad
3 years ago

Fixed, thanks.

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