It’s Tuggle Time: Clovis Star Posts 4:15.4 400 Free at NCSAs


Clovis 13-year-old Claire Tuggle continues to progress rapidly, and she’s beating girls as old as five years her senior. She came into the meet with a 4:18.41, and won the women’s 400 free tonight with a big drop at 4:15.45. Tuggle now moves to #24 in the 13-14 age group after just a few weeks in the age group itself. NCAP 15-year-old Chase Travis took eight tenths off of her best time to take 2nd at 4:17.05.

The Dayton Raiders went 1-2 in a very tight finish for the men’s 400 free. Eric Knowles got the touch at 3:56.51, followed closely by his teammate Cody Bybee (3:56.55). RACE’s Ford Blaylock was right there with them, finishing at 3:56.63.

In the 100 fly, Bybee was back, though he couldn’t close for a victory. St. Charles Swim Team’s Tyler Sesvold was 53.84 for the win, followed by Sierra Marlins’ Bryce Mefford (54.02) and Rose Bowl’s Trenton Julian (54.52). Bybee wound up 4th, posting a 54.56 to edge Jack Dolan (54.77). For the women, DART’s Halladay Kinsey had a much easier route to the top of the field. She was 1:00.08, well ahead of NCAP’s Abigail Harter (1:01.00) and her teammate Amalie Fackenthal (1:01.03). Kinsey came into the meet with a 1:01.01 PR, and has now nearly taken that mark under a minute.

NCAP and Clovis were once again in a tight battle for a relay win, taking on the 800 free relay tonight for the women. NCAP prevailed with a 2:03.61 anchor from Travis (8:19.49), while Clovis touched 2nd in 8:20.94, as Tuggle led off in 2:03.57.


  • Gillian Davey of Central Iowa Aquatics posted a 2:32.14 to win the women’s 200 breast by more than 2 seconds.
  • NCAP’s Spencer Rowe swam a time of 2:17.03 to take the men’s 200 breast.

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Claire Tuggle = Ledecky junior

200 m free, 400 m free, 800 m free, 400 m IM

more like Leah Smith jr.

Much better technique than Leah Smith. 🙂

I wouldn’t compare – worried about her going 2:03.5 leading off a relay that lost by :01. You can add a second because you are tired, not three.

Yeah… let’s not forget she just turned 13… consistency is a virtue learned later in swimming

So what you’re saying is that a swimmer should never swim more than a second slower than her PB when not tired on 200M race?
Wow, you sound like a swimming “expert”. You probably have what 10-20 NAGs and some WRs to boot?

Ridiculous. The rest of us will never measure up to you…

Really on the relay swim? She’s had an incredibly demanding schedule at this meet…a challenge for any swimmer much less one who just turned 13. She’s performed PB’s in basically every individual event, often times twice in prelims and finals.

Is there video of this girl swimming? Her times are amazing.

I found a video of her 500 free this spring.

Wow, this girl is a true prodigy. I guess that’s what keeps the USA on top of the Swimming World.


yes , totally right , there is always a prodigy that will show up at some point .

Steve Hulford

I found this video of her swimming from July. 400 free long course she goes 4:21.8 in it. 4th from the bottom.

Steve Hulford

Eric was 3:56.51 not 21, also bybee had about 17 min between his races if that’s worth mentioning.

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