Add Intensity to your Workout with Zoomers Gold

Courtesy of FINIS, a SwimSwam Partner.

zoomers gold, FINIS, product picThe Zoomers Gold are an absolute staple for any level of swimmer. They add intensity to any workout, making it an invaluable tool for training. The added resistance and weight of the short blade fin adds strength and muscular endurance to the critical leg drive of every stroke. Zoomers Gold are great for any set and are particularly useful during periods of hard training when swimmers are most fatigued. Rather than sacrificing intensity through the Christmas training block, use these fins to perform bursts of speed that simulate perfect race quality swimming.

Try the following swimming workout using your FINIS Zoomers!

200 Free

150 Kick, no board

8 x 100 Scull, Swim, Drill, Swim (by 25)

Rounds: Odd- Free; Even- Stroke

8 x 75 Swim

Rounds: Odd- Free, EZ-Med-Fast by 25; Even- IM Switch

4 Rounds with Zoomers:

1 x 50 Kick, flutter-FAST

2 x 25 Swim; one EZ, one FAST- no breath/one breath

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