8 Things We Learned From 3 Olympic Swimmers…And One Cycling Champion

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August 18th, 2020 Industry, News

Do you need some fresh motivation? Would you like to up your game in swimming and life? You’ll want to download Champion’s Mojo’s latest four podcasts. As these four champions, Jeffrey Ritter, Caroline Burckle, Scott Dickens & Josh Prenot share their inspirational wisdom, their stories will motivate you and change you. Listen to the full podcast to get the real deal. But here’s a taste…..

  1. Passion and optimism can motivate you to do the impossible.

Jeffrey Ritter fell from a bridge on his bicycle and broke his neck. Listen to the full podcast to see what happened next.

  1. Tiny goals can keep you moving when big goals seem too hard.

Imagine racing 12 hours in the desert.

  1. Failures, especially big ones, have a lot to teach you.

Scott Dickens made 2 Olympic teams, but 8 years apart. Learn how he’s using what he learned to create an incredible new product for the swimming community.

  1. True champions make one another better

And (can have a lot of fun.)

  1. Be authentic and explore other parts of yourself.

In addition to being a champion swimmer, Caroline Burckle expresses herself through art and design

  1. You don’t have to win or produce something to have value.

You are valuable because you are human.

  1. Focus on the process.

Josh Prenot won an Olympic medal and graduated from a prestigious university with a degree in physics, you’ll want to hear how he manages his time. Spoiler alert: not by multitasking.

  1. Debrief

After every event or practice Josh thinks about how it went and uses the opportunity to learn what to do better next time.

Besides what we learned from Olympians we also learned that swimming in a mask doesn’t work. Champion’s Mojo Host and Masters Swimmer Kelly Palace tries a mask. It was all in good fun to make the lifeguards laugh!

  1. We also learned that swimming in a mask doesn’t work, Kelly Palace, pictured above. It’s a bit like we imagine waterboarding might feel. Don’t try this at home, it was all in good fun!

That’s just a hint, but you’ll want to hear every word. Go to Championsmojo.com to listen and subscribe so you don’t miss a single inspirational interview.

Swimming podcast feature is courtesy of Champion’s Mojo, a SwimSwam partner. 

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