8 Positive Tests From 2012 Olympics Come From Russia

As reported yesterday, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) released its initial findings of reanalysis of samples from the 2012 London Olympics. A total of 265 samples from London were retested using the latest technology available. Of those, 23 athletes across 6 different countries have tested positive for banned substances, with the athletes stemming from 5 different sports.

Although the athletes and federations were not released in yesterday’s IOC announcement, the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) said today that 8 of its athletes are among the 23 positive tests. The 8 athletes span 3 different sports.

With 14 of its athletes having been among the 31 positive tests resulting from a reanalysis of samples from the 2008 Beijing Olympics, that means between the 2 Olympic Games retests, Russia accounts for 40% of the positive results.

The ROC indicates it will not name the specific athletes involved in the London ordeal until the result of their B samples are received, as well as after the official disciplinary proceedings get underway next month.

In WADA’s statement on the 23 positive tests rendered from the reanalsysis, the organization reiterated yesterday that the World Anti-Doping Code makes it possible to open a disciplinary proceeding within 10 years from the date an Anti-Doping Rule Violation occurred. Such a period of time allows for the advancement in testing techniques to be applied to past samples as a means for promoting clean sport.

“Under the revised Code, if athletes choose to cheat, they can’t rest easy until ten years is up,” said David Howman, Director General. “We believe that retrospective analysis serves as a strong deterrent to those who may consider cheating,” he continued.

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