30-year-old man goes missing in South Africa’s Midmar Mile open water event

A 30-year-old swimmer has gone missing during the Midmar Mile race in South Africa this weekend.

Tristan Dennis was swimming in the company relay race on the first day of the Midmar Mile event Saturday, according to Sport24, but didn’t exit the water at the end of the race.

Event organizers went through their emergency protocols, checking all of their medical facilities at the event and making sure Dennis wasn’t pulled from the water during the race. When that turned up no leads, the search moved to the water.

Dennis still hadn’t been found as of Sunday morning. His brother Tarquin swam Sunday’s race in his brother’s honor, according to an update from Sport24.

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5 years ago

Isn’t this the second year in a row? Maybe they need to review their safety measures??

5 years ago

Should the U.S. boycott this race just like UAE?

Reply to  Tom
5 years ago

Hey Tom,

It’s important to note that USA Swimming has said repeatedly that they’re not considering the UAE meet a boycott. Their members are welcome to go, USA Swimming is just not providing financial assistance. I believe that USA Swimming already doesn’t provide financial assistance to the Midmar Mile, so nothing would change.

Reply to  Braden Keith
5 years ago

Hey Braden:

I’m guessing you missed Tom’s point. The U.S. is actively trying to prevent FINA from allowing the UAE World Cup to exist. They are doing no such thing with this race.

Reply to  Bubbly
5 years ago

Bubbly – I didn’t miss the point. A FINA-organized World Cup race in another country is different than a privately run event in another country. Regardless, I know that this is a heated subject, but to make the arguments for or against the race in the UAE, it’s important to accurately characterize what’s actually happening there. There is no USA Swimming boycott of the open water race in the UAE.

5 years ago

How experienced was the swimmer? Did someone say this happened last year?

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