3 Secrets To Smart Eating For Swimmers On Race Day

Swimmers know how critical timing is, and timing your meals on race day is just as important in helping you reach your competitive best. Knowing which foods to eat, which supplements to take and when to take them will give you an edge over the competition. It will also help you to achieve your personal best. Having a training diet and an execution plan can remove doubt and worry about hunger, energy levels, digestive problems, and keep you focused on the race at hand.

Before the Race

Start your day with the right type of breakfast; and by this, we mean the right amount of food. If you are competing in the morning, be sure to keep it light. Opt for a heavier breakfast if your competition is in the afternoon. Oatmeal made with milk, toast with nut butter, dry cereal, yogurt, and fruit are all light options that can get the body for a race.

During the Race

Pack enough snacks and pack a variety.  We can’t stress the importance of snacking for swimmers. The right types of snacks can give you a competitive edge and keep you fueled for the long haul. Have a healthy mix of protein and carb heavy snacks in your bag. Protein will be an ally in keeping your blood sugar stable, thus keeping your hunger, energy levels and mood in check. Hummus, hard-boiled eggs, a nutritional shake or edamame are all great protein fuels. And don’t forget the carbohydrates since your muscles rely on carbs for fuel. Pack easily digestible sources such as 100% fruit juice, applesauce, or dried fruit. In addition, some complex carbs such as wheat crackers or graham crackers will keep your energy stores at the right level.

After your Race, before a nap or bedtime.

Don’t forget about providing your body with the right nutrients to help it recover effectively. Keep your dinner high in carbs and protein and don’t forget to make sure you’re getting the vitamins and minerals you need! Try sleep as soon as you can after a race, after your warm down and once you have eaten something. This will help your body recover faster and allow you to be on your game for race night or tomorrow. Although not a nutrition recommendation, sleep is vital to recovery, and if you want to be at 100% before your race, you need to get enough sleep. Sleep is energizing and restorative, it’s also the time period where your muscles will be in major renovation mode, healing, building, strengthening and using all that good nutrition it received during the day.

And don’t forget!

Avoid sugary snacks and drinks, which will only sabotage your nutrition strategy. Bring more food than you think you might eat, since those hunger pangs sometimes sneak up on you during a meet. Of course, hydration is always paramount, so don’t forget to drink water. You’ll also want to watch out for fiber-rich snacks, as these may upset your stomach, which is the last thing a swimmer wants to worry about on race day.

Good luck!


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