2023 Speedo Atlanta Classic: Caeleb Dressel No-Shows 100 Free ‘A’ Final


Despite being listed on the heat sheets, Caeleb Dressel was a no show for the ‘A’ final of the men’s 100 freestyle. It was supposed to be his last swim here on the closing night of the 2023 Speedo Atlanta Classic–the meet that marks his return to the sport after he took a break following his early departure from the 2022 World Championships last June.

Dressel qualified for the ‘A’ final in fifth, clocking 50.29 in prelims. Without Dressel, Mark Szaranek drew into the ‘A’ final, ultimately finishing sixth in 50.92.

There was actually quite a bit of last minute shuffling in the event, which was unsurprising given that it was the last of the meet. Alternates Eamon Monaghan, Eddie Choi, and Jackson Brooks all got the chance at a second swim due to last minute withdrawals. The other no-shows besides Dressel were Antony DeMott and Nicholas Kjaeruff. 

Dressel was a no show for the 200 IM during Day 3 prelims. The 26-year-old also DFS’ed his first event of the meet, the 200 freestyle. In the events he did swim though, he had a solid first meet back. He finished second in the 100 fly (52.41) and third in the 50 free (22.57). He also swam 2:05.18 in the 200 fly prelims, qualifying 12th before opting out of finals.

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12 days ago

did he get interviewed anywhere? Sorry if I miss. If not, shocking how he has been able to mostly avoid the cameras for the past year

Reply to  father
12 days ago

No. Florida chose not to have any of their athletes participate in media at the meet.

12 days ago

Swimswam made his no show a headline? Why?? Maybe to generate all the comments? Geez!

Reply to  Susan
12 days ago

Or maybe…because it was the most-anticipated swim of the meet, and will answer the most common question we were going to get on Sunday about the meet?

It’s almost like out job is to communicate what has happened at a swim meet to swim fans. How nefarious.

The world at his feet
12 days ago

A lot of this criticism is like saying Ledecky should have had more respect for her teammates in Gwangju after she she got a stomach virus. Why is Dressel’s mental health any different from someone’s stomach virus or getting covid or dislocating a shoulder?

Also… I don’t think this scratch was mental health related. It’s honestly not a horrible decision to scratch this finals and to just go home and get back to training Monday morning. To me this looks like a lack of communication between Dressel and the coaches.

Casual swim fan
Reply to  The world at his feet
12 days ago

The issue is that he didn’t scratch. He no showed.

Boxall's Railing
Reply to  Casual swim fan
12 days ago

Late scratched* Didn’t see an open lane where he would have been, unless I missed something.

Reply to  Casual swim fan
12 days ago

The commentary here is so quick to jump down his throat. Agree that it’s as much the coach’s responsibility to handle that situation, and it was seemingly resolved with all the lanes filled.

I’m sure he’ll be back to full strength come Paris.

12 days ago

I feel like you guys are lashing out at him for not meeting your expectations this weekend. He is in a tough spot now for summer, its seems like he can make his way on the team still but it will not be at a medal winning performance level at least individually. The other option would be to opt out and just swim domestically. Remember what Phelps did in 2015 it was pretty amazing. I’m sure people would look down on him for going that route but it may just be for the best.

Last edited 12 days ago by Taa
12 days ago

This is a 1 out of 10 compared to walking out of Worlds in the middle of the meet

12 days ago

Haters gonna hate.

Reply to  Yep
10 days ago

2009 called and wants it’s phrase back.

Mike McCormack
12 days ago

Is this all about the punters (i.e. those of us out here, the unwashed, making comments), or just what? There’s an awful lot of spoilage going on here. To each contestant his and hers, and let no man or woman believe he or she knows better about what course another should have followed. To each his understanding of his OWN placements, efforts, arrivals… and the opposite of them also.

12 days ago


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