2022 Men’s B1G Championships: Day 4 Prelims Live Recap



  1. Indiana: 972.5 points
  2. Ohio State: 940.5 points
  3. Michigan: 756.5 points
  4. Wisconsin: 564.5 points
  5. Purdue: 556 points
  6. Northwestern: 511 points
  7. Penn State: 427 points
  8. Minnesota: 404 points

Through day 3, Indiana and Ohio State are in a tight battle for the conference title. Michigan looks to be set at third place after winning the last two championships in a row. The battle for fourth is also close as Wisconsin and Purdue are only separated by 8.5 points.

This morning will feature the 200 backstroke, 100 freestyle, 200 breaststroke, 200 butterfly, and platform diving. The 1650 freestyle will begin in the afternoon with the top 8 seeded swimmers competing in the first heat of the finals session. All of last year’s champions in each of the events for today are back competing for their respective teams this year.

200 Backstroke

  • NCAA A Cut: 1:39.13
  • NCAA B Cut: 1:45.04

Top 8 Qualifiers:

  1. Gabriel Fantoni (Indiana), 1:40.06
  2. Brendan Burns (Indiana), 1:40.75
  3. Jacob Newmark (Wisconsin), 1:40.88
  4. Jacob Steele (Indiana), 1:41.07
  5. Wesley Jekel (Wisconsin), 1:41.24
  6. Michael Daly (Penn St), 1:41.45
  7. Jared Daigle (Michigan), 1:41.61
  8. Manuel Martos Bacarizo (Northwestern), 1:41.65

Indiana will score huge points here compared to Ohio State as the Hoosiers placed three swimmers into the A final and Ohio State only has 1 B finalist.

Indiana fifth year Gabriel Fantoni won heat four in 1:40.06 to be the top seed going into finals. Fantoni was sixth in the event last year with a 1:42.42. Defending champion in the event Brendan Burns swam to a 1:40.75 this morning which was about half of a second off of his seed time. He was 1:40.33 last year in prelims and then won in 1:39.37 in finals.  Teammate and fifth year Jacob Steele was third last year in 1:41.53 in finals and was 1:41.07 this morning to be seeded fourth.

Wisconsin will have two in the A final tonight as Jacob Newmark qualified third in 1:40.88. Last year he did not make the A final and finished 11th in 1:42.39. Wesley Jekel did not compete in the event last year at this meet but dropped over a second off of his seed time to qualify fifth in 1:41.24.

Michael Daly of Penn St, Jared Daigle of Michigan, and Manuel Martos Bacarizo round out the top 8. All three were in the A final last year as well.

Tonight’s field in this event will be mostly upperclass men as all but Newmark, who is a sophomore, are juniors, seniors, or fifth years.

100 Freestyle

  • NCAA A Cut: 41.71
  • NCAA B Cut: 43.80

Top 8 qualifiers:

  1. Hunter Armstrong (Ohio St), 41.54
  2. Semuede Andreis (Ohio St), 42.08
  3. Bruno Blaskovic (Indiana), 42.31
  4. Rafael Miroslaw (Indiana), 42.33
  5. Nikola Acin (Purdue), 42.64
  6. Braden Samuels (Purdue), 42.66
  7. Victor Baganha (Penn St), 42.71
  8. Ruslan Gaziev (Ohio St), 42.72

Hunter Armstrong swam to the top seed this morning out of heat six with a time of 41.54. That was over a second faster than his seed time. Teammate Semuede Andreis won the event last year in 42.23 and already went 42.08 this morning to be seeded second.

Indiana fifth year Bruno Balskovic did not swim last season but won the event back in 2020 in a time of 41.88. This morning he was a 42.31 out of heat five to seed him third heading into tonight. Freshman Rafael Miroslaw qualified fourth in 42.33, swimming 0.08 faster than his seed time.

Purdue placed two into the A final as they look to keep the points close with Wisconsin as they battle for fourth. Acin was second in this event last year swimming a 42.31 and was 42.64 this morning to place him fifth heading into finals. Freshman Braden Samuels swam to a 42.66 out of heat five to place sixth.

Victor Baganha and Ruslan Gaziev round out the top eight. Baganha went 0.18 faster than his seed time out of heat six and Gaziev went just off his seed time out of heat four.

Notably, after having three A finalists last year, Michigan will have zero in the A final tonight, but four in the B final and one in the C.

200 Breaststroke

  • NCAA A Cut: 1:52.28
  • NCAA B Cut: 1:58.43

Top 8 qualifiers:

  1. Max McHugh (Minnesota), 1:52.92
  2. Josh Matheny (Indiana), 1:53.16
  3. Maxwell Reich (Indiana), 1:53.83
  4. Daniel Raisanen (Penn St), 1:54.03
  5. Kai Tik Mok (Northwestern), 1:54.32
  6. Caleb Aman (Wisconsin), 1:54.84
  7. Luke Barr (Indiana), 1:55.44
  8. Connor Morikawa (Northwestern), 1:55.49

Defending champion Max McHugh swam to a 1:52.92 out of heat five this morning to be the top seed heading into tonight. Last year he was a 1:52.84 in prelims and a 1:50.93 in finals.

Indiana freshman Josh Matheny went out in a 53.70 at the 100 mark and finished in 1:53.16 to be second heading into tonight. Teammate Maxwell Reich was 14th in the event last year with a 1:56.22 but was much faster this morning swimming to a 1:53.83. That time was over a second faster than his seed time. Freshman Luke Barr swam to a 1:55.44 to qualify seventh. That time was over two seconds faster than his seed time.

Northwestern also placed two into the A final as Kai Tik Mok swam to a 1:54.32 and Connor Morikawa swam to a 1:55.49. Kai Tik Mok was ninth in the event last year swimming a 1:54.06 in finals. Morikawa transferred to Northwestern this year after spending a year at Georgetown (which did not compete last year due to COVID-19).

Penn State’s Daniel Raisanen and Wisconsin’s Caleb Aman round out the A final. Aman was 12th in the event last year with a 1:55.98 and Raisanen was 13th last year with a 1:56.08.

Indiana’s Jassen Yep is an exhibition swimmer but swam over two seconds faster than his seed time with a 1:53.86, a time that would have been fourth going into tonight.

200 Butterfly

  • NCAA A Cut: 1:40.44
  • NCAA B Cut: 1:46.69

Top 8 qualifiers:

  1. Brendan Burns (Indiana), 1:40.65
  2. Federico Burdisso (Northwestern), 1:42.56
  3. Chachi Gustafson (Ohio St), 1:42.57
  4. Gal Groumi (Michigan), 1:42.71
  5. Corey Gambardella (Indiana), 1:42.95
  6. Alex Quach (Ohio St), 1:42.99
  7. Tomer Frankel (Indiana), 1:43.65
  8. Connor Lamastra (Northwestern), 1:43.69

Defending champion Brendan Burns will be the top seed tonight after swimming a 1:40.65 out of heat four this morning. Burns won in 1:39.22 last year which also set a B1G meet record. Second place finisher last year Corey Gambardella was a 1:42.95 this morning. Last year he won second in 1:42.53. Tomer Frankel did not swim the event last year at this meet but qualified seventh heading into tonight going a 1:43.65 in heat two.

Northwestern’s Federico Burdisso did not swim last year for the Wildcats but was fourth in the event back in 2020. He will be second heading into tonight after swimming a 1:42.56 out of heat four. Senior teammate Connor Lamastra swam a 1:43.69 to be eighth heading into tonight. Lamastra was third in the event last year swimming a 1:43.91 in prelims and a 1:42.68 in finals.

Ohio State’s Chahi Gustafson qualified third in 1:42.57. He was much faster this morning than he was last year as he was 21st in the event last year swimming a 1:48.11. Gustafson also dropped over three second off of his entry time to help earn him the spot in the A final tonight. This drop helps Ohio State in their team battle with Indiana as they compete for the conference title. Freshman Alex Quach swam to a 1:42.99 out of heat three to qualify sixth.

Michigan freshman Gal Groumi was almost two seconds off of his seed time but swam to a 1:42.71 to qualify fourth.

Platform Diving

Top 8 Qualifiers:

  1. Tyler Downs, Purdue
  2. Carson Tyler, Indiana
  3. Jacob Siler, Ohio St
  4. Jacob Fielding, Ohio St
  5. Andrew Capobiano, Indiana
  6. Clayton Chaplin, Ohio St
  7. Ross Todd, Michigan
  8. Jordan Rzepka, Purdue

1650 Freestyle

  • NCAA A Cut: 14:37.31
  • NCAA B Cut: 15:26.19

Begin at 3:40 EST

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Unknown Swimmer
1 year ago

Don’t know the official up/middle/downs…but that sure seems like to locked it up for IU?

Former Big10
Reply to  Unknown Swimmer
1 year ago

Yep :/

Also former Big
Reply to  Former Big10
1 year ago

OSU still has 8 divers and historically platform has been a high scoring event from them. You might see it tighten up a little – enough to overtake though? Unsure

1 year ago

Would love to see OSU beat IU

1 year ago

IU to the top o the podium!

Carol Glover
1 year ago

Great swim for Yep in 2breast!

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