2021 U.S. Olympic Swimming Trials: Day 1 Finals Photo Vault


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Go navy
15 days ago

Luke and Garrett are switched

Jack Spitser
Reply to  Go navy
15 days ago

Thank you! Will get that fixed.

What a tough guy
15 days ago

I’m so glad they were able to capture Seth Bailey spraying the lane next to him with water in the face. If only you caught the encore at finals, holding the start to huff smelling salts and blatantly hacking a loogie into lane next to him from the blocks. His sportsmanship skills are atrocious and what an embarrassment for Tennessee. Made watching him get crushed all the better.

Last edited 15 days ago by What a tough guy
Reply to  What a tough guy
14 days ago

Not only the sportsmanship or lack thereof, but considering all the Covid-19 protocols that are supposed to be followed, in my opinion he should have been pulled from the block and escorted out of the facility and disqualified from further participation in the meet.

15 days ago

Great pictures of outstanding swimmers.

Jack Spitser
Reply to  Dan
15 days ago

Appreciate that Dan! 🤙🏽

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