2021 ISL Final: Day 2 Live Recap


It all comes down to this.

After 35 days of competition, spanning three months and 17 (and a half) matches, the 2021 International Swimming League (ISL) champions will be crowned Saturday in Eindhoven.

The defending champion Cali Condors were starting to really take control down the stretch of the opening day, but a costly (and controversial) disqualification in the women’s 400 medley relay vaulted Energy Standard into the lead coming into Day 2.

The disqualification also allowed Energy Standard to select the stroke for the women’s skins, which will be backstroke, while Cali opted for fly in the men’s skins. A deep dive into each club’s selection can be found here.

Energy Standard, the inaugural league champions in 2019, is up by 19 points on the Condors entering Saturday’s action, while the London Roar and LA Current are entrenched in third and fourth.


  1. Energy Standard, 271.0
  2. Cali Condors, 250.0
  3. London Roar, 206.0
  4. LA Current, 171.0

Cali’s Caeleb Dressel will race the men’s 100 IM today, but not the 100 free or 50 fly. He will be relied upon heavily, however, at the end of the day in the men’s butterfly skins, which could decide the Season 3 champion.

Women’s 100 Free

  • World Record: 50.25, Cate Campbell (AUS), 2017
  • ISL Record: 50.94, Siobhan Haughey (HKG), 2020
  1. Siobhan Haughey (ENS), 50.79
  2. Sarah Sjostrom (ENS), 51.26
  3. Emma McKeon (LON), 51.58
  4. Abbey Weitzeil (LAC), 51.98
  5. Erika Brown (CAC), 52.08
  6. Madison Wilson (LAC), 52.26
  7. Natalie Hinds (CAC), 52.32
  8. Freya Anderson (LON), 52.37

Siobhan Haughey becomes the first and only woman to crack the 51-second barrier in the 100 freestyle this season, splitting 24.47/26.32 en route to winning the event in a new Asian and ISL Record of 50.79.

Haughey set both records at 50.94 last season.

Her Energy Standard teammate Sarah Sjostrom used a strong-back half to claim second in 51.26, securing the club 16 points in the event.

London’s Emma McKeon (51.58) started off her busy session with a strong showing for third, while LA’s Abbey Weitzeil (51.98) made it four women sub-52 in the elite field.

Men’s 100 Free

  1. Kyle Chalmers (LON), 45.73
  2. Justin Ress (CAC), 45.93
  3. Dylan Carter (LON), 46.45
  4. Maxime Rooney (LAC), 46.84
  5. Adam Barrett (ENS), 46.94
  6. Kristian Gkolomeev (LAC), 47.05
  7. Kacper Majchrzak (CAC), 47.44
  8. James Guy (ENS), 47.66

Kyle Chalmers came storming home in 23.84 to run down Justin Ress and get the win in the men’s 100 free for the London Roar, clocking a time of 45.73 to take down Cali’s Ress (45.93) by two-tenths.

Dylan Carter (46.45) was the only other swimmer in the field home sub-24, splitting 23.89 on the way back as he helps give the Roar 16 points in the event as they try to claw their way back into the team race.

Chalmers noted that this was his “58th race in the last 13 weeks,” in his post-race interview. This was his sixth 100 free win of the season, including going four-for-four in the playoffs (and final).

Team Standings Update

  1. Energy Standard, 291.0
  2. Cali Condors, 267.0
  3. London Roar, 229.0
  4. LA Current, 185.0

Women’s 200 Fly

  • World Record: 1:59.61, Mireia Belmonte (ESP), 2014
  • ISL Record: 2:03.12, Suzuka Hasegawa (JPN), 2020
  1. Hali Flickinger (CAC), 2:03.73
  2. Katerine Savard (CAC), 2:05.72
  3. Helena Rosendahl Bach (ENS), 2:06.21
  4. Ilaria Bianchi (LON), 2:07.55
  5. Laura Lahtinen (LON), 2:07.60
  6. Valentine Dumont (LAC), 2:09.33
  7. Viktoriya Gunes (ENS), 2:09.95
  8. Mikaela Dahlke (LAC), DNS

Hali Flickinger ran down early leader Ilaria Bianchi and cruised to victory in the women’s 200 fly, soaring to a two-second victory in 2:03.73—the fastest time of the season—while scoring a 15-point jackpot.

Making things even better for Cali was Katerine Savard, who moved up from sixth at the 100 to snag second in 2:05.72, giving the club 22 points in the event.

Energy Standard got six points in the race, all from Helena Rosendahl Bach, who took third in 2:06.21.

LA Current’s Mikaela Dahlke didn’t show, which costs her club four points.

Men’s 200 Fly

  • World Record: 1:48.24, Daiya Seto (JPN), 2018
  • ISL Record: 1:48.57, Chad Le Clos (RSA), 2020
  1. Teppei Morimoto (LON), 1:50.44
  2. Chad Le Clos (ENS), 1:50.97
  3. Kregor Zirk (ENS), 1:51.14
  4. Eddie Wang (CAC), 1:51.27
  5. Jose Angel Martinez (CAC), 1:51.39
  6. Tomoe Hvas (LAC), 1:52.18
  7. Edward Mildred (LON), 1:55.11
  8. Tom Shields (LAC), DNS

The men’s 200 fly produced an incredibly exciting race, with the top five finishers all within a second of one another.

Energy Standard’s Chad Le Clos grabbed the early lead, his teammate Kregor Zirk overtook first place on the third 50, but it was London’s Teppei Morimoto charging home in 27.93 to win the event in a time of 1:50.44.

This was Morimoto’s fourth win of the season, and the fastest winning time we’ve seen since Daiya Seto’s 1:49.41 in Match 8 of the regular season.

Le Clos (1:50.97) came back on Zirk (1:51.14) to give Energy Standard the 2-3 finish and 13 points, while Cali’s Eddie Wang (1:51.27) and Jose Angel Martinez (1:51.39) were locked out of the top three in fourth and fifth.

LA Current’s Tom Shields is reportedly ill and DNS’d the event.

Team Standings Update

  1. Energy Standard, 310.0
  2. Cali Condors, 298.0
  3. London Roar, 250.0
  4. LA Current, 180.0

Women’s 100 Back

  1. Ingrid Wilm (LAC), 55.73
  2. Olivia Smoliga (CAC), 56.63
  3. Mary-Sophie Harvey (ENS), 56.84
  4. Minna Atherton (LON), 56.94
  5. Maaike de Waard (CAC), 57.06
  6. Kathleen Baker (LAC), 57.12
  7. Simona Kubova (ENS), 57.33
  8. Emma McKeon (LON), 58.68

LA’s Ingrid Wilm was dominant in winning the women’s 100 backstroke, blasting to a time of 55.73 while being the only swimmer in the field sub-27 on the first 50 (26.95) and sub-29 on the back-half (28.78).

Wilm’s time falls just over a tenth shy of her PB set in the regular season of 55.61.

Olivia Smoliga showed some solid form for Cali in taking second, recording a time of 56.63, while Mary-Sophie Harvey (56.84) edged out London’s Minna Atherton (56.94) to take third for Energy Standard.

Emma McKeon was jackpotted by Wilm, having to fill in here on backstroke for the absent Kira Toussaint.

Men’s 100 Back

  1. Evgeny Rylov (ENS), 48.94
  2. Coleman Stewart (CAC), 49.13
  3. Ryan Murphy (LAC), 49.67
  4. Apostolos Christou (LAC), 50.16
  5. Guilherme Guido (LON), 50.37
  6. Christian Diener (LON), 50.43
  7. Travis Mahoney (ENS), 52.09
  8. Brodie Williams (CAC), 52.53

Evgeny Rylov used a scintillating opening 50 of 23.54 to pick up the win in the men’s 100 backstroke, holding off world record holder Coleman Stewart in a time of 48.94.

Rylov also broke 49 seconds on the lead-off of the men’s medley relay yesterday, but this is the first time the individual 100 back has been won in 48-something since Guilherme Guido did it back in Match 3 of the regular season.

Stewart took second in 49.13, eight-tenths off his world record from Match 2, while Ryan Murphy was slightly off his swims from the playoffs in 49.67 for third.

Team Standings Update

  1. Energy Standard, 330.0
  2. Cali Condors, 316.0
  3. London Roar, 262.0
  4. LA Current, 204.0

Women’s 100 IM

  • World Record: 56.51, Katinka Hosszu (HUN), 2017
  • ISL Record: 57.30, Beryl Gastaldello (LAC), 2020
  1. Sarah Sjostrom (ENS), 57.46
  2. Beata Nelson (CAC), 57.72
  3. Anastasia Gorbenko (LAC), 57.97
  4. Anastasiya Shkurdai (ENS), 58.30
  5. Abbey Weitzeil (LAC), 58.64
  6. Sydney Pickrem (LON), 59.39
  7. Emily Escobedo (CAC), 59.54
  8. Kim Busch (LON), 59.63

Energy Standard’s Sarah Sjostrom outduelled Cali’s Beata Nelson to win the women’s 100 IM for just the second time this season in 57.46, the fastest time of the season.

Nelson broke her own American Record of 57.90 in 57.72 for second, while LA’s Anastasia Gorbenko (57.97) also cracked 58 seconds in what was a blistering race.

The win for Sjostrom likely locks in her as Season MVP.

Men’s 100 IM

  1. Caeleb Dressel (CAC), 50.74
  2. Kliment Kolesnikov (ENS), 51.62
  3. Javier Acevedo (LAC), 51.76
  4. Brett Pinfold (LAC), 52.04
  5. Duncan Scott (LON), 52.06
  6. Marcin Cieslak (CAC), 52.38
  7. Vini Lanza (LON), 52.40
  8. Andrey Zhilkin (ENS), 52.59

Caeleb Dressel came through for Cali in the men’s 100 IM, earning his first individual win of the match in 50.74, the second-fastest time of the season, though he failed to jackpot any swimmers and only scores nine points.

Dressel owns the fastest time of the season at 50.68 from the regular season.

Energy Standard’s Kliment Kolesnikov held off a late push from LA’s Javier Acevedo (51.76) to claim second in 51.62.

Energy Standard’s advantage sits at 15 points through the first session.

Team Standings Update

  1. Energy Standard, 352.0
  2. Cali Condors, 337.0
  3. London Roar, 272.0
  4. LA Current, 225.0

Women’s 100 Breast

  • World Record: 1:02.36, Ruta Meilutyte (LTU) / Alia Atkinson (JAM)*, 2013/2014/2016
  • ISL Record: 1:02.50, Lilly King (USA), 2020

*Atkinson has tied the world record time of 1:02.36 on two occasions.

  1. Lilly King (CAC), 1:03.75
  2. Alia Atkinson (LON), 1:03.85
  3. Molly Hannis (CAC), 1:05.01
  4. Evgenia Chikunova (ENS), 1:05.37
  5. Kotryna Teterevkova (LAC), 1:05.44
  6. Annie Lazor (LON), 1:05.51
  7. Benedetta Pilato (ENS), 1:05.67
  8. Sara Franceschi (LAC), 1:09.20

Lilly King edged out Alia Atkinson at the wall to win the women’s 100 breaststroke for the 18th time in her ISL career, getting some redemption for herself after yesterday’s DQ.

King (1:03.75) went 1-3 with Cali teammate Molly Hannis (1:05.01), giving the Condors 16 points compared to seven for Energy Standard.

Atkinson was just a tenth off King in 1:03.85, making up more than three-tenths on the back 50 in 33.41.

Men’s 100 Breast

  1. Nic Fink (CAC), 55.56
  2. Ilya Shymanovich (ENS), 55.59
  3. Felipe Lima (ENS), 56.97
  4. Kevin Cordes (CAC), 57.55
  5. Christopher Rothbauer (LAC), 58.05
  6. Ross Murdoch (LON), 58.07
  7. Sam Williamson (LON), 58.66
  8. Abrahm DeVine (LAC), 1:03.62

Nic Fink. What more needs to be said?

After upsetting Ilya Shymanovich in the 50 and 200 breast on Friday, Fink denied the world record holder in the men’s 100 breaststroke here on Day 2, annihilating his American Record by six-tenths of a second in 55.56 to score 19 massive points for the Condors.

Shymanovich, who had lowered the world record in the event twice during the playoffs in November, was .03 back in 55.59.

Felipe Lima took third for ENS in 56.97, giving them 13 points, but Fink’s jackpot victory propels Cali back into the team lead for the first time since the relay DQ yesterday.

Team Standings Update

  1. Cali Condors, 377.0
  2. Energy Standard, 372.0
  3. London Roar, 282.0
  4. LA Current, 227.0

Women’s 50 Fly

  • World Record: 24.38, Therese Alshammar (SWE), 2009
  • ISL Record: 24.59, Ranomi Kromowidjojo (NED), 2020
  1. Kelsi Dahlia (CAC), 24.86
  2. Sarah Sjostrom (ENS), 24.87
  3. Madeline Banic (ENS), 25.01
  4. Anna Ntountounaki (LAC), 25.16
  5. Beata Nelson (CAC), 25.37
  6. Emma McKeon (LON), 25.44
  7. Marie Wattel (LON), 25.63
  8. Imogen Clark (LAC), 26.35

Kelsi Dahlia out-touched Sarah Sjostrom by .01 to win the women’s 50 fly in 24.86, just off of the American Record of 24.80 held by Madeline Banic.

Sjostrom (24.87) and Banic (25.01) went 2-3 for Energy Standard, but Dahlia and Beata Nelson (25.37) outscored them by one point to further extend Cali’s team lead to six points.

Men’s 50 Fly

  • World Record: 21.75, Nicholas Santos (BRA) / Szebasztian Szabo (HUN), 2018 / 2021
  • ISL Record: 21.78, Nicholas Santos (BRA), 2020
  1. Ben Proud (ENS), 22.18
  2. Tom Shields (LAC), 22.27
  3. Dylan Carter (LON), 22.36
  4. Jose Angel Martinez (CAC), 22.69
  5. Chad Le Clos (ENS), 22.83
  6. Vini Lanza (LON), 22.99
  7. Jesse Puts (CAC), 23.04
  8. Kristian Gkolomeev (LAC), 23.14

Ben Proud picks up just his second 50 fly win of the season in a time of 22.18, moving Energy Standard back into the team lead by one point over Cali.

LA Current’s Tom Shields, who didn’t swim the 200 fly due to a reported stomach bug, was in the water here and finished an impressive second in 22.27.

Cali only managed seven points to Energy’s 14 with Caeleb Dressel not in the mix.

Team Standings Update

  1. Energy Standard, 399.0
  2. Cali Condors, 398.0
  3. London Roar, 296.0
  4. LA Current, 239.0

Women’s 200 Free

  1. Siobhan Haughey (ENS), 1:51.04
  2. Freya Anderson (LON), 1:53.04
  3. Madison Wilson (LAC), 1:54.64
  4. Katerine Savard (CAC), 1:54.72
  5. Hali Flickinger (CAC), 1:55.07
  6. Valentine Dumont (LAC), 1:56.20
  7. Janja Segel (ENS), 1:56.81
  8. Laura Lahtinen (LON), 1:59.79

Despite the fact it wasn’t quite a world record, Siobhan Haughey did cruise to her eighth 200 free victory of the season in a time of 1:51.04, clearing the field by two seconds and scoring a sizeable 15-point jackpot.

Haughey swam back-to-back times of 1:50.66 and 1:50.65 in Energy Standard’s last two playoff matches, which rank #2 and #3 all-time.

London’s Freya Anderson had a solid showing to finish second in 1:53.04, while Madison Wilson (1:54.64) used a 28.56 last 50 to overtake Cali’s Katerine Savard (1:54.72) and Hali Flickinger (1:55.07).

Haughey’s win extends Energy Standard’s lead to seven points.

Men’s 200 Free

  • World Record: 1:39.37, Paul Biedermann (GER), 2009
  • ISL Record: 1:40.25, Duncan Scott (GBR), 2020
  1. Townley Haas (CAC), 1:42.18
  2. Fernando Scheffer (LAC), 1:42.32
  3. Kyle Chalmers (LON), 1:42.86
  4. Kregor Zirk (ENS), 1:42.97
  5. Tom Dean (LON), 1:43.25
  6. James Guy (ENS), 1:44.01
  7. Martin Malyutin (LAC), 1:44.75
  8. Kacper Majchrzak (CAC), 1:45.35

Townley Haas‘ first win of the season couldn’t have come at a better time for Cali, as the American Record holder went toe-to-toe with LA’s Fernando Scheffer and prevailed in a time of 1:42.18.

Scheffer (1:42.32) took second, while London’s Kyle Chalmers (1:42.86) managed to hold off Energy Standard’s Kregor Zirk (1:42.97) for third.

Cali outscores Energy by two points, bringing the team lead down to nine.

Team Standings Update

  1. Energy Standard, 440.0
  2. Cali Condors, 431.0
  3. London Roar, 312.0
  4. LA Current, 254.0

Mixed 400 Medley Relay

  • ISL Record: 3:31.96, Energy Standard, 2021
  1. Energy Standard, 3:30.94
  2. Cali Condors, 3:31.94
  3. Energy Standard, 3:34.71
  4. LA Current, 3:35.46
  5. Cali Condors, 3:36.05
  6. London Roar, 3:36.15
  7. LA Current, 3:38.95
  8. London Roar, 3:40.79

Energy Standard had four flawless legs in the mixed 400 medley relay, setting a new ISL Record for the fastest time ever recorded in 3:30.94.

The record-setting team was comprised of Evgeny Rylov (48.90), Ilya Shymanovich (55.88), Anastasiya Shkurdai (55.07) and Sarah Sjostrom (51.07).

Their ‘B’ team placed third, and with the ‘A’ squad earning a 24-point jackpot, Energy Standard scores 36 points for the event and extends the team lead to 19 points.

The Cali Condors placed second in 3:31.94, also under the previous ISL Record (3:31.96), and they finished with 22 total points for the relay.

That team included Nic Fink splitting 55.58 on breast and Kelsi Dahlia going 54.97 on fly.

Team Standings Update

  1. Energy Standard, 458.0
  2. Cali Condors, 439.0
  3. London Roar, 318.0
  4. LA Current, 264.0

Women’s 400 IM

  • World Record: 4:18.94, Mireia Belmonte (ESP), 2017
  • ISL Record: 4:23.25, Yui Ohashi (JPN), 2020
  1. Hali Flickinger (CAC), 4:29.92
  2. Mary-Sophie Harvey (ENS), 4:30.65
  3. Viktoriya Gunes (ENS), 4:31.35
  4. Katie Shanahan (LON), 4:32.78
  5. Sydney Pickrem (LON), 4:33.87
  6. Kathrin Demler (CAC), 4:35.52
  7. Valentine Dumont (LAC), 4:41.71
  8. Sara Franceschi (LAC), 4:43.69

In another showdown between Cali and Energy swimmers, Hali Flickinger ran down Mary-Sophie Harvey to get the Condors the victory in the women’s 400 IM, using a scintillating 28.58 last 50 to finish in a time of 4:29.92.

Harvey, who opened up a big lead early and held it all the way until the closing meters, touched second in 4:30.65, and her teammate Viktoriya Gunes (4:31.35) was third.

Flickinger scored 16 points, with Cali earning a total of 22, but Energy Standard going 2-3 gave them 20 to maintain the overall lead (478-461).

This was also Cali’s first win in the women’s 400 IM this season. London’s Sydney Pickrem had won it twice in the playoffs, but fell to fifth here in 4:33.87.

Men’s 400 IM

  • World Record: 3:54.81, Daiya Seto (JPN), 2019
  • ISL Record: 3:54.81, Daiya Seto (JPN), 2019
  1. Duncan Scott (LON), 4:03.24
  2. Charlie Swanson (ENS), 4:04.81
  3. Brodie Williams (CAC), 4:06.68
  4. Luke Greenbank (LON), 4:11.69
  5. Travis Mahoney (ENS), 4:12.02
  6. Abrahm DeVine (LAC), 4:12.05
  7. Jose Angel Martinez (CAC), 4:12.62
  8. Tomoe Hvas (LAC), 4:17.27

London put up a whopping 25 points in the men’s 400 IM, with Duncan Scott claiming the win in 4:03.24 and Luke Greenbank snagging the early checkpoint points while ultimately taking fourth.

Energy Standard and Cali were essentially even in the race, with the Condors trailing by 18 entering the skins.

Team Standings Update

  1. Energy Standard, 491.0
  2. Cali Condors, 473.0
  3. London Roar, 354.0
  4. LA Current, 267.0

Women’s Skins – Backstroke (50m)

Round 1

  1. Minna Atherton (LON), 25.95
  2. Anastasiya Shkurdai (ENS), 26.05
  3. Maaike de Waard (CAC), 26.19
  4. Ingrid Wilm (LAC), 26.28
  5. Kathleen Baker (LAC), 26.31
  6. Beata Nelson (CAC), 26.44
  7. Simona Kubova (ENS), 26.58
  8. Emma McKeon (LON), 27.23

Round 2

  1. Minna Atherton (LON), 26.47
  2. Anastasiya Shkurdai (ENS), 26.62
  3. Ingrid Wilm (LAC), 26.86
  4. Maaike de Waard (CAC), 27.29

Round 3

  1. Minna Atherton (LON), 27.24
  2. Anastasiya Shkurdai (ENS), 27.56

Minna Atherton picks up the skins win for London, but Energy Standard gains nine points on Cali thanks to Anastasiya Shkurdai securing the runner-up finish.

Atherton went wire-to-wire, dropping times of 25.95/26.47/27.24, while Shkurdai was very strong the whole way to get ENS some critical points.

London scored a total of 33 points, all from Atherton, while Energy Standard got 23 and Cali 14.

Team Standings Update

  1. Energy Standard, 514.0
  2. Cali Condors, 487.0
  3. London Roar, 387.0
  4. LA Current, 282.0

Men’s Skins – Butterfly (50m)

Round 1

  1. Ben Proud (ENS), 22.30
  2. Tom Shields (LAC), 22.31
  3. Caeleb Dressel (CAC), 22.33
  4. Adam Barrett (ENS), 22.35
  5. Dylan Carter (LON), 22.39
  6. Vini Lanza (LON) / Maxime Rooney (LAC), 22.81
  7. Coleman Stewart (CAC)

Round 2

  1. Caeleb Dressel (CAC), 22.77
  2. Tom Shields (LAC), 23.09
  3. Adam Barrett (ENS), 23.33
  4. Ben Proud (ENS), 23.74

Round 1

  1. Caeleb Dressel (CAC), 23.05
  2. Tom Shields (LAC), 23.40

Caeleb Dressel won the battle for the Cali Condors but Energy Standard wins the war, claiming their second ISL title by 12 points with 534.

Energy Standard was the only club to get two men through to the second round of the skins, and after Dressel didn’t jackpot both swimmers in Round 2 (he jackpotted Ben Proud, but not Adam Barrett), Energy Standard confirmed the victory.

Dressel finished the meet strong, ultimately winning the final round over LA’s Tom Shields, 23.05 to 23.40.

Cali scored 35 points in the men’s skins, 34 coming from Dressel, but Energy Standard’s 20 was enough to solidify the overall title.


  1. Energy Standard, 534.0
  2. Cali Condors, 522.0
  3. London Roar, 393.5
  4. LA Current, 305.5

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2 years ago

no, they will still be 7 points behind

2 years ago

The MVP was the King DQ in the medley relay.

2 years ago

Lost interest after that strange DQ yesterday, did not bother to watch today but it seems like it turned out to be close in the end. The strange thing is what is being DQed and what is not!
Wonder how this will affect the interest and the future of the League.

Reply to  Dan
2 years ago

This result is just so unsettling. As much as I want the ISL to continue on, they must fix the transparency and fairness problems to motivate people to continue watching.

Coach mike 1952
2 years ago

Does anyone have any idea what happened to ber yl gastaldelo?

The unoriginal Tim
Reply to  Coach mike 1952
2 years ago

Dropped by LAC for missing semis for personal reasons.

2 years ago

Nice win for the condors by 38 points

Vittori Marchetti Rossi
2 years ago

Typical Rylov on finals. The guy knows how to taper

Stewart 100 back gold in Fukuoka
Reply to  Vittori Marchetti Rossi
2 years ago

This guy is literally the inverse version of Shymanovich, always delivers when it counts the most.

Coach mike 1952
2 years ago

Any word on Barrel guess the Dello

2 years ago

It is incredibly telling that the ISL let such a controversial call ruin and skew the whole meet. I have been a die hard fan of the ISL for 3 years DESPITE their obvious bias. They lost so many fans this past match – they have no idea. So disappointing and unprofessional. GOODBYE ISL.

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