2020 U.S. Olympic Swimming Trials Dates Approved

The dates for the 2020 U.S. Olympic Swimming Trials were approved in a meeting off the Board of Directors on Tuesday. The event will be hosted in Omaha, Nebraska from June 21-28, 2020. That means that, even with the inclusion of 2 new events (the women’s 1500 and men’s 800; the mixed medley isn’t held at the Olympic Trials), USA Swimming will keep the trials meet at 8 days.

That means at least a 3-day overlap in the city with the NCAA’s Division I baseball College World Series, which runs from June 12th through June 23rd or 24th (depending on how the bracket plays out). In 2016, the championship game was rain-delayed, and ticket-holders to the swimming trials received free admission to watch the game.

The pool swimming events at the 2020 Olympic Games will run from July 25th through August 2nd in Tokyo. That means a 27-day gap from the end of the American trial to the start of competition at the Olympics. That’s shorter than the gap between events in 2016, but about the same as the gap between events in 2012.

2008-2020 Trials vs. Olympics

Year Trials End Date Olympics Start Date (Swimming) Gap Trials Host Olympics Host Distance Between Hosts Time Zones Between Hosts
2020 June 28th July 25th 27 days Omaha Tokyo 6060 miles 14 hours
2016 July 3rd August 6th 34 days Omaha Rio 5573 miles 2 hours
2012 July 2nd July 28th 26 days Omaha London 4269 miles 6 hours
2008 July 6th August 9th 34 days Omaha Beijing 6,472.73 miles 13 hours

2020 will be the 4th-straight occasion where the event is hosted at the 18,000-seat CHI Health Center in Omaha. Omaha was announced as host in May of 2017. Time standards for the 2020 Olympic Trials will be announced via a live webcast this Thursday – after the summer’s championship meets, which is later than they’ve traditionally been released.

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mike in dallas

Frankly, I’m tired of Omaha. . . .


Dont go then.





mike in dallas

. . .The ultimate “non-answer”. . .


I second that.


Central location…small town with a big city feel…welcoming hosts…great facility…hard to beat – can you name another option?


San Antonio… cheaper to get to, to stay, etc. Omaha jacks up prices so a family has to spend over 2 grand to go watch their kid swim- and that’s on the cheap end

mike in dallas

San Antonio would be another GREAT place!

mike in dallas

DALLAS! Virtually accessible by air non-stop for tons of places; several great 50-meter facilities; hotels everywhere with prices that are NOT jacked up for big events; food, museums, major sports, heck, IT’S TEXAS!

Omaha – nice people; decent facility – otherwise, pretty zero. . . . and baseball NCAA D1 is goin’ to make a mess, you watch!


There isn’t a mess ..the traffic control is excellent..San Antonio would be toasty in late June

Chas in TX

“Jerry World” enough said.

joe bagodonuts

Dean Farris’s house! His mom has a freezer full of frozen yogurt and they can run multiple garden hoses for drinking water.

Erik Collins

Well said, Joe Bagodonuts- Dean Farris’s mum for President!


So is the rest of the country.

Beach bum Jason

Would have been better if they did it around 34 days like the other past couple Olympics. Give those athletes more time to double taper and adjust to the host city time change and event times.

Mike A

Except any earlier and they really collide with the baseball tournament. By the time the trials start, baseball is down to the last few teams. No way there are enough hotel rooms earlier when 8 teams are still playing. It’s a good reason to look at other host cities, as good as Omaha has been.


All the more reason to move it to a state that supports men’s collegiate swimming

SuperSwimmer 2000

Meh. It always seems to work out. One more day than for London, and that turned out fine.

Steve Nolan

London’s closer than Tokyo, tho. Basically an entire extra day of traveling.

That said, it’ll prolly be fine.


Going there is probably because of a great financial situation that the swimming membership has no knowledge of what it is specifically. Just calculate roughly plenty to go around. Like how are Nattional sites awarded?

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