2019 European Junior C’ships Day 2 Finals Live Recap



  • Euro Jr Record – 52.53, Kliment Kolesnikov (RUS), 2018
  • Championships Record – 53.52, Kliment Kolesnikov (RUS), 2018
  • GOLD – Thomas Ceccon (ITA), 54.13
  • SILVER – Nikolai Zuev (RUS), 54.40
  • BRONZE – Jan Cejka (CZE), 54.47

Leading the men’s 100m free wire-to-wire was Italian Thomas Ceccon. The 18-year-old split 26.26/27.87 to top the podium in 54.13, slower than his bronze medal-winning performance 53.65 at the 2018 Youth Olympic Games, but good enough to clinch gold here in Kazan.

Ceccon owns a PB of 53.60 in the event, which marked the only sub-54 second swimmer of the entire incoming field. He’ll be contesting this event, along with the 50m back, in Gwangju at the World Championships.

Runner-up tonight came in the form of Russia’s Nikolai Zuev, who hit the wall in 54.40, his fastest time by .41.

Czech Republic got on the board courtesy of Jan Cejka‘s bronze medal-worthy 54.47. That’s a big-time personal best for the 18-year-old, obliterating his previous lifetime fastest of 55.48 from just April of this year. He now sits just .15 away from the Czech National Record in this event.


  • Euro Jr Record – 4:03.57, Ajna Kesely (HUN), 2018
  • Championships Record – 4:05.89, Ajna Kesely (HUN), 2018
  • GOLD – Isabel Gose (GER), 4:07.96
  • SILVER – Giulia Salin (ITA), 4:10.13
  • BRONZE – Yana Kurtseva (RUS), 4:10.26

Shining on this European Junior Championships stage was 17-year-old Isabel Gose of Germany, the teen who simply dominated this women’s 400m free tonight.

Hitting the wall in 4:07.96, the German produced the only sub-4:10 time of the field. That’s a huge feat for the teen, as Gose’s previous PB sat at 4:10.00 exactly, so she knocked over 2 seconds off of that career-fastest with this one swim. Her time establishes a new German Age Record for 17-year-olds as well.

Gose was silver medalist in this event at last year’s edition of the competition, clocking a silver medal-worthy time of 4:11.01, so she has made major strides in this race within just one year. Look for her in the women’s 100m free final and mixed 4x100m medley relay later in the session.

Last night’s 800m freestyle gold medalist Giulia Salin got her hands on the wall in 4:10.13 for runner-up this time around, while Russia’s Yana Kurtseva finished just .13 out of silver in 4:10.26. Salin’s PB was 4:12.54 entering this meet, while Kurseva had never been faster than 4:13.14, so they both put up some terrific efforts to land on the podium.


Men’s sprinting in Great Britain appears to be in good hands, with 2 of the top 8 men in this 100m free stemming from the nation. Leading the pack is Age Group Record holder for 16-year-olds Matthew Richards, with the man knocking .51 off of his newly-minted PB of 49.91 from this morning.

Hitting the wall tonight in a monster 49.50, Richards sits .05 ahead of Ukraine’s Vlayslav Bukhov, who produced 49.55 for the runner-up spot, with Sweden’s Robin Hanson also flanking Richards in tomorrow night’s final. Bukhov’s mark represents his first time ever under the 50-second threshold.

Making some noise as one of the youngest members of this competition was Jacob WhittleRichards’ British teammate. Just 14-years-old, the Derventio Excel athlete snagged a sub-50 mark of his own in 49.97. That’s his first time ever doing so, with his previous PB resting at the 50.37 produced at this year’s British Championships. It was there that Whittle became the world’s fastest-ever 100m freestyler at his age, which he just crushed once again here.

Of note, Italy’s Ceccon was supposed to race in tonight’s final, but wound up finishing 15th in 50.77. That’s in stark contrast to his 48.17 relay split from last night.


  • Euro Jr Record – 2:06.71 (target time)
  • Championships Record – 2:08.55, Emese Kovacs (HUN), 2007
  • GOLD – Blanka Berecz (HUN), 2:09.80
  • SILVER – Fanni Fabian (HUN), 2:09.97
  • BRONZE – Laura Lahtinen (FIN) 2:11.14

Reigning 200m fly European Junior Champion Blanka Berecz of Hungary successfully defended her title, although it was probably closer than the 17-year-old would have liked.

After taking the top seed after both prelims and finals, Berecz’s teammate Fanni Fabian almost stole the show, finishing just .17 behind Berecz. Berecz took the gold in 2:09.80, a new PB by .10, and Fabian produced a lifetime best of 2:09.97 for silver.

Entering this meet, Fabian’s previous PB was the 2:12.19 produced just this past March at the Hungarian Junior Championships.

For Finnish swimmer Laura Lahtinen, the teen’s 2:11.14 bronze medal-worthy outing here in Kazan now sits less than half a second off of the senior national record of 2:10.89.


  • Euro Jr Record – 1:59.50 (target time)
  • Championships Record – 1:59.17, Tom Dean (GBR), 2018
  • Top 8:
    1. Leon Marchand (FRA), 2:00.66
    2. Ron Polonsky (ISR), 2:01.32
    3. Apostolos Papastamos (GRE), 2:01.79
    4. Gal Cohen Groumi (ISR), 2:01.87
    5. Noe Ponti (SUI), 2:01.89
    6. Danil Zaytsev (RUS), 2:01.98
    7. Clement Bidard (FRA), 2:02.04
    8. Sergei Isaev (RUS), 2:02.20

We’re still awaiting our first sub-2:00 200m IMer here in Kazan, as Frenchman Leon Marchand clocked 2:00.66 to take the top seed out of tonight’s semi-final. As a reminder, the #1 seed Ceccon scratched this event, as did #5 seed Gabor Zombori of Hungary, #7 seed Maksim Fofanov of Russia and #14 seed Mark Torok of Hungary.

In the hunt, though are 2 Israelis in the form of Ron Polonsky, who punched the wall in 2:01.32, while his teammate Gal Cohen Groumi followed in 4th in 2:01.87.

Greek athlete Apostolos Papastamos sits as the 3rd seed in 2:01.79, while the top swimmer of the morning and 50m fly gold medalist here form last night, Noe Pontiis lurking as the 5th seed in 2:1.89.

Russia’s Danil Zaytsev shouldn’t be ignored, as he took bronze in this event at the 2018 edition of these Championships.


  • Euro Jr Record – 53.61, Freya Anderson (GBR), 2018
  • Championships Record – 53.97, Marrit Steenbergen (NED), 2015
  • GOLD – Isabel Gose (GER), 54.86
  • SILVER – Maya Tobehn (GER), 55.21
  • BRONZE – Aleksandra Sabitova (RUS), 55.38

Despite a relatively short turnaround time after her 400m freestyle gold medal earlier in this session, 17-year-old Gose of Germany pulled out the double and got the gold in this 100m free as well.

Punching a winning effort of 54.86, Gose surpassed her previous personal best of 55.65 entering this meet, as well as smashed her 55.08 newly-minted career-fastest produced in last night’s semi-final. As such, this Gose’s first outing under the 55-second barrier.

Her teammate Maya Tobehn was right behind in 55.21 to give Germany a 1-2 punch, while Russia’s Aleksandra Sabitova collected bronze in 55.38.


  • Euro Jr Record – 2:09.64 (target time)
  • Championships Record – 2:10.69, Anton Chupkov (RUS), 2015
  • GOLD – Aleksandr Zhigalov (RUS), 2:11.25
  • SILVER – Caspar Corbeau (NED), 2:11.41
  • BRONZE – Leon Marchand (FRA), 2:12.17

After both Frenchman Leon Marchand and Dutchman Caspar Corbeau posted lifetime best swims in the 2:12 range in both prelims and semi-finals, their parade was rained on by a Russian.

Both men settled for minor medals in new personal best marks in the final, with Corbeau hitting 2:11.41 for silver, while Marchand clocked 2:12.17 for bronze.

Surging to the lead was Aleksandr Zhigalov, the man who won this event at last year’s European Junor Championships. HIs time this year was 2:11.15, while his 2018 mark was 2:12.47, so he was over a second faster.

For Corbeau, the University of Texas-commit upgraded from his bronze from last year and also checks-in with a new Dutch National Youth Record in this event, lowering his 2:12.28 from semi-finals.


  • Euro Jr Record – 2:06.62 (target time)
  • Championships Record – 2:08.97, Polina Egorova (RUS), 2017
  • GOLD – Erika Gaetani (ITA), 2:10.28
  • SILVER – Honey Osrin (GBR), 2:10.30
  • BRONZE – Anastasiya Shkurdai (BLR), 2:11.84

In a race that went down to the touch, Italian Erika Gaetani got the gold in this women’s 200m back, registering a winning time of 2:10.28. That slid into the time pad just .02 ahead of British standout Honey Osrin.

Gaetani crushed her previous lifetime best of 2:12.86 put up last year with her winning time tonight.

Osrin, who trains at Plymouth Leander, fired off a personal best of 2:11.57 last night, but decimated that with a 2:10.30 here for silver. She took 4th in the senior final in this women’s 200m back event at the 2019 British Championships, producing a time there of 2:12.53, so she is making major strides in this event, becoming the 14th fastest British performer ever now.

Bronze went to Belarusian standout Anastasiya Shkurdai in 2:11.84. That was actually sluggish for the 16-year-old who holds a personal best and National Record of 2:10.58 from this April’s Belarusian National Junior Championships.


  • Euro Jr Record – 1:52.71, Kristof Milak (HUN), 2018
  • Championships Record – 1:53.79, Kristof Milak (HUN), 2017
  • Top 8:
    1. Mark Torok Dominik (HUN), 1:59.34
    2. Adam Hloben (CZE), 1:59.64
    3. Sebastian Lunak (CZE), 1:59.83
    4. Igor Troyanovs’kyy (UKR), 1:59.93
    5. Edward Mildred (GBR), 2:00.27
    6. Bjoern Kammann (GER), 2:00.42
    7. Ferran Sire Figueras (ESP), 2:00.68
    8. Michele Sassi (ITA), 2:01.11

We saw 4 men now venture under 2:00 territory in the men’s 200 fly, led by Hungary’s Mark Torok Dominik and his time of 1:59.34. Behind him were 2 Czech swimmers in Adam Hloben and Sebastian Lunak, who produced times of 1:59.64 and 1:59.83, respectively.

Russia’s top-seeded swimmer on paper heading into these Championships. Egor Pavlov, has a PB of 1:56.81, but mustered just a 2:01.69 to finish 9th and out of the final, pending any scratches.

British teen Edward Mildred continues to impress, entering the meet as the 15th seed, but rocketing to 4th in the morning in 2:01.65. He slipped to 5th in these semi-finals but rocked an even lower PB of 2:00.27 to come closer to the coveted 2:00 barrier.


  • European Jr Record – 2:19.64 (target time)
  • Championships Record – 2:23.06, Maria Astashkina (RUS), 2015
  • Top 8:
    1. Evgenia Chikunova (RUS), 2:21.07* Championships Record
    2. Anastasia Marakova (RUS), 2:27.13
    3. Kayle Van Der Merwe (GBR), 2:27.18
    4. Justine Delmas (FRA), 2:27.91
    5. Eszter Bekesi (HUN), 2:28.19
    6. Laura Lahtinen (FIN), 2:28.70
    7. Josephine Dumont (BEL), 2:28.94
    8. Thea Blomsterberg (DEN), 2:29.00

Rocking the women’s 200m breaststroke in a world-class time was Evgenia Chikunova, the 14-year-old Russian who is in her own league here at Euro Jrs.

Pumping out a humongous effort of 2:21.07, the teen smashed her previous personal best and Russian National title-winning mark of 2:22.67 from just this past April.

Chikunova’s time now sits as 2nd fastest in the world this season, only behind American Annie Lazor, with the final tomorrow night yet to come.

2018-2019 LCM WOMEN 200 BREAST

View Top 26»


  • Euro Jr Record – 14:48.92 (target time)
  • Championships Record – 15:04.91, Akos Kalmar (HUN), 2018
  • GOLD – Kirill Martynychev (RUS), 15:01.59* Championships Record
  • SILVER – Ilia Sibirtsev (RUS), 15:08.57
  • BRONZE – Sven Shwarz (GER), 15:09.41

Russia went 1-2 in this men’s 1500m freestyle event, with Kirill Martynychev reaping gold in 15:01.59. The nation came up empty in this event at last year’s edition of these European Championships, so to claim 2 medals here tonight is a vast improvement. Ilia Sibirtsev took silver in 15:08.57.

Martynychev now sits among the top 20 competitors worldwide this season.

Bronze went to Germany, the nation who has been on-fire here thus far on the whole. Sven Shwarz got the job done for 3rd in 15:09.41.


  • Euro Jr Record – 3:28.50, HUN, 2017
  • Championships Record – 3:28.50, HUN, 2017
  • GOLD – GER, 3:28.43* Championships Record
  • SILVER – RUS, 3:29.12
  • BRONZE – ITA, 3:30.12

Germany capped off day 2 with a statement swim in the mixed 4x100m free relay. The squad of Rafael Miroslaw, Artem Selin, Maya Tobehn and Isabel Gose combined to slam the wall in 3:28.43, a new Championships Record.

Splits for the winning German team include 49.54 for Miroslaw, 49.49 for Selin, 54.98 for Tobehn and a 54.42 anchor from Gose. Of note, this was Gose’s 3rd swim of the night and 3rd gold at that, having won the 400m free and 100 free titles earlier. That’s a heck of a night for the 17-year-old German swimmer.

Additional notable splits came from Andrei Minakov leading the Russian runner-up squad in a 49.03 lead-off, with Thomas Ceccon of Italy helping his team snag bronze with a 48.62 2nd leg.

British stud Matthew Richards also put on a nice showing once again, hitting 49.54 for 4th place Britain after already producing a 49.50 top seeded 100m free swim in the semi-finals earlier. His 14-year-old teammate Jacob Whittle clocked 50.19 in the 2nd position.

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2 years ago

Finally a breakthrough swim for Gose, never expected her to go sub 4:08. If this improvement translates to the 200 free she should be able to go 1:56 high or 1:57 low but i am probably way too optimistic. Not sure if it is even physically possible to be that fast in the 200 free when you can barely break 55 seconds in the 100 free …
Also men’s 100 back was slower then expected. I thought that the russian guy would win it but it seems as if italian swimmers can do no wrong since 2018 …

Reply to  AnEn
2 years ago

Ceccon is preparing the WC in couple of weeks, do not thing he is fully rested. A hint comes from his 1free 10 minutes after the backstroke event in which he is out of the final, 50.6, while this morning he swan 49.5 I believe and yesterday 48.1 in the relay

Reply to  JFG
2 years ago

In which events did he qualify for the world championships?

Reply to  AnEn
2 years ago

50 – 100 backstroke

Reply to  Eras
2 years ago

Thanks didn’t know that he qualified. I remember that Italy used to have 2 guys between 53 and 53.5, how was Ceccon able to qualify? Nevertheless a great talent, especially because he is super versatile. I think at least at european level he could make finals in the 100 free, the 100 back and the 200 IM.

Italy is in a great spot going forward:
50 free: Vergani
100 free: Miressi, Burdisso, Ceccon
200 free: ?
400 free: Detti
800 free: Detti
1500 free: Paltrinieri
100 back: Ceccon + Sabbioni?
200 back: ?
100 fly: Burdisso
200 fly: Burdisso
100 breast: Martinenghi
200 breast: ?… Read more »

Reply to  Eras
2 years ago

Only 100 back. Had a minor groin injury during the Italian trials while swimming the 2IM and probably got affected. He swam 1,59 at the 2IM at the Sette Colli a week or so ago.

2 years ago

Isabel Marie Gose looked pretty emotional there – Perhaps starting to feel ready to fulfil her massive potential.

49.97 for Whittle; First 14yo under 50.

Reply to  Dee
2 years ago

Congrats! With Burdisso and Minakov absent and Ceccon too tired from the 100 back final we might very well see a britsh gold medallist in men’s 100 free tomorrow. I am happy that Gose went all out, but she was so far ahead that maybe it would have made more sense to save some energy for the 100 free final later on. We just saw how hopeless Ceccon was after swimming the 100 back final earlier, i don’t even want to imagine how much more tired Gose will be after that 400 free final …

Reply to  AnEn
2 years ago

Hoping for a 1.57low from Gose this week – She is more than capable. Nice to see her swim tough like that too – Massively deserved. Feeling more positive about British male sprinting than I have for a long time – A 14 year old and a 16 year old going 49s is just… Our national champs was won in 50s not very long ago haha!

Reply to  Dee
2 years ago

I hope so too, we’ll see … i think she improved her 100 free PB here by about 0.8 seconds and i think she could have gone even faster if the 400 free final wouldn’t have taken place 40 minutes earlier. I would say something like 54.5 could have been possible, so if we are looking at a one second improvement of her 100 free PB, then 1:57 low should definitely be possible considering that she swam 1:58.1 when her 100 free PB was one second slower.
In the end this is all speculation and of course it would be completely understandable if her schedule would catch up with her and not allow her to be at 100 %… Read more »

Reply to  AnEn
2 years ago

Isabel isn”t fully tapered, just returned from a high-altitude training camp. World Championships in Gwangju are her season highlight. 4X200 free relay. She missed the German nomination standard for the 200 free but hopefully she will be ready in 1 year to qualify for Tokyo. She is very focused, has a great support by her family and one of the best German coaches, Michael Spikermann, trains in Heidelberg.

2 years ago

Wasn’t Zuev 54.0 in the morning? Quite off that swim and faster than Ceccon in the final

Reply to  Pvdh
2 years ago


The Ready Room
2 years ago

It’s official. We have a 14yo under 50.

2 years ago

14 years old and under 50 seconds…insane

2 years ago

Mens 200br & Women’s 200bk great races. Massive PBs all over the place in both. Gaetani & Osrin will get the chance to go at it again next year too.

2 years ago

Chikunova 2:21.07!
Efimova who?

bear drinks beer
Reply to  KnifeSmile
2 years ago

The evil queen who makes Chikunuova unable to perform at Worlds.

2 years ago

Chikunova made that look easy. So smooth. She has the most beautiful stroke – Everything looks effortless. Lazor’s world leading time will be gone tomorrow. Unreal talent.

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Swim analyst, businesswoman.

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