2018 Italy Most Successful European Championship Ever With 22 Medals


The Italian team made a commitment to prioritize results at this year’s European Championships, and they had a record-setting result, in more ways than one. Their 22 medals were the most that Italy has ever scored in that meet, and they added National Records in 12 events.

2018 stands as Italy’s most successful European Championship ever.

With 22 medals, they beat out the country’s 2012 performance. At the London championship that year, Italy had 6 gold, 8 silver, and 4 bronze medals. 2018 cleared 2012 as the most medals ever, by 4, and tied that same year for the most gold medals in the country’s history.

All of this came with the country’s two best-known swimmers, Gregorio Paltrinieri and Federica Pellegrini, not having great meets; and Gabriele Detti missing the meet altogether with an injury.


The Italian national team has so far scored 22 medals, 6 gold, 5 silver and 11 bronze medals.


  1. 800 m freestyle woman- Simona Quadarella 8’16 “35 RI
  2. 100 m freestyle male Alessandro Miressi  48 “01
  3. 1500 m freestyle female Simona Quadarella  15’51 “61
  4. 400 m freestyle female Simona Quadarella 4:03.35
  5. 100 m butterfly male Piero Codia 50.64
  6. 200 backstroke female Margherita Panziera 2:06.18


  1. 400 m IM female Ilaria Cusinato  4’35 “05
  2. 800 m freestyle male Gregorio Paltrinieri  7: 45.16
  3. 50 m breaststroke male Fabio Scozzoli  26 “79
  4. 200 m IM female Ilaria Cusinato  2: 10.25 RI)
  5. 4 × 100 m freestyle relay male Luca Dotto, Ivano Vendrame, Lorenzo Zazzeri, Alessandro Miressi   3’12 “90


  1. 100 m butterfly female: Elena Di Liddo  57 “58
  2. 1500 m freestyle male: Gregorio Paltrinieri  14’42 “85
  3. 100 m breaststroke female: Arianna Castiglioni  1’06 “54
  4. 200 m butterfly male: Federico Burdisso  1’55 “97
  5. 4 × 200 freestyle relay male: Alessio Proietti Colonna , Filippo MegliMatteo Ciampi , Mattia Zuin  7: 7:58
  6. 200 m breaststroke male: Luca Pizzini 2’08 “54
  7. relay 4 × 100 IM mixed: Margherita Panziera Fabio Scozzoli , Elena Di Liddo , Alessandro Miressi  3: 44.85 Italian Record
  8. 100 m backstroke female: Carlotta Zofkova  59.61 RI
  9. 200 m backstroke male: Matteo Restivo  1’56 “29 RI
  10. 50m freestyle man Andrea Vergani 21.68
  11. 50 breaststroke female Arianna Castiglioni 30.41


12 national records were broken in the meet, especially by younger athletes: 6 women’s records, two men’s, two junior and two in mixed relays.

On the second day of competition, Simona Quadarella  won gold in the 800m freestyle with a time of 8: 16:35 and broken the national record. The previous one belonged to  Alessia Filippi  and was established during the World Championships in Rome (2009), in the “super suit era”.

Quadarella broke the oldest record, which was an 8:17.21 in the 800 free that was set by Alessia Filippi in a rubber suit at the 2009 World Championships. Quadarella took .76 seconds off that mark.

The only Italian to beat two records instead  Carlotta Zofkova:  50 and 100 back.

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4 years ago

Good on them- they all look super excited!

4 years ago

They surely found their own Ledecky in Quadarella !!!! 3 wins in 400 , 800 and 1.500 .

Frank Sorzelli
4 years ago

Congratulations to the Italian team

Philip Johnson
4 years ago

Unprecedented what they did. If their trajectory continues, they could very well be the best swimming nation in Europe.

4 years ago

It’s a little bit unusual to not see Pelligrini in the list of contributors.

4 years ago

A non US country had rapid improvement? They had a spectacular meet, a little out of nowhere?


Reply to  DMacNCheez
4 years ago

Tap water?

4 years ago

Really intriguing future for Italian swimming, because, for the first time in history, there is also a strong women team (apart 50, 100 and 200 free): in general a competitive team all-around.
It would be too long analysing all the athletes with interesting perspectives in the next future also on the world stage.
In the past, Italian swimming had some great, sometimes fantastic, swimmers; now has a team.

samuel huntington
4 years ago

The Italian men did all this – and Detti and Martinenghi out, Paltrinieri not at his best, plus Condorelli is becoming Italian, wow they will be good at Tokyo.

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