2018 Big 12 Championships: Day 3 Finals Live Recap


We’re back with day 3 finals of the 2018 Big 12 Championships in Austin, Texas. Swimmers are set to compete for individual titles in the 400 IM, 100 fly, 200 free, 100 breast, and 100 back. We’ll also see finals of the 200 free relays and 3-meter diving. Among the swimmers to watch out for tonight on the men’s side are Texas All-Americans Joseph Schooling (100 fly), Jonathan Roberts (400 IM), and Townley Haas (200 free). Notably, Texas’ John Shebat will not be swimming the 100 back final after his 45.92 swim in prelims. West Virginia’s Jake Armstrong looks to prevent a Longhorn sweep of the events as he’s the heavy favorite in the 100 breast.

On the women’s side, Texas’ Kennedy Lohman (100 breast) is looking for her first Big 12 title after dropping half a second from her lifetime best in prelims. Freshman teammate Evie Pfeifer, who had a big swim in last night’s 500 free final, is going for her 2nd win of the meet. Another Longhorn standout, Claire Adams, is closing in on the Meet Record in the 100 back.


  • Big 12 Meet Record: 51.92, Lily Moldenhauer (Texas), 2014
  • NCAA ‘A’ Standard: 51.19
  • 2017 NCAA Invite Time: 52.52
  1. GOLD: Remedy Rule, Texas, 52.41
  2. SILVER: Lauren Case, Texas, 52.72
  3. BRONZE: Morgan Bullock, West Virginia, 53.15

Texas teammates Remedy Rule and Lauren Case turned closely, 24.40 to 24.60, at the halfway mark, with Rule holding on to the slight edge to win the race by 3 tenths. West Virginia’s Morgan Bullock continued her impressive run with a bronze medal, knocking another 2 tenths off her best time as she came from behind to out-touch Texas’ Emily Reese (53.25), who took it out with Rule in 24.40 but faded slightly on the back half.

MEN’S 100 FLY:

  • Big 12 Meet Record: 44.06, Joseph Schooling (Texas), 2017
  • NCAA ‘A’ Standard: 45.49
  • 2017 NCAA Invite Time: 46.10
  1. GOLD: Joseph Schooling, Texas, 45.10
  2. SILVER: Brett Ringgold, Texas, 46.18
  3. BRONZE: Tate Jackon, Texas, 46.24

Texas’ Joseph Schooling controlled the race, taking it out in 21.09 en route to his 45.10 victory. Teammates Brett Ringgold and Tate Jackson were separated by a nail, with Jackson knocking half a second from his lifetime best. West Virginia’s Sam Neaveill and Texas’ Sam Pomajevich were neck-and-neck throughout the race, with Neaveill just out-touching Pomajevich 47.30 to 47.36 for 4th place.


  • Big 12 Meet Record: 4:01.15, Madisyn Cox (Texas), 2017
  • NCAA ‘A’ Standard: 4:04.70
  • 2017 NCAA Invite Time: 4:10.86
  1. GOLD: Evie Pfeifer, Texas, 4:10.27
  2. SILVER: Maxine Wolters, Texas, 4:13.01
  3. BRONZE: Mary Kate Luddy, Iowa State, 4:17.77

Texas freshmen Evie Pfeifer and Maxine Wolters were neck-and-neck through the fly leg, but Pfeifer started to take control through the back leg. She continued to extend her lead, closing in 28.37 as she won by nearly 3 seconds. She’s been quicker than that this season, however, with a 4:08.47 from the Texas Invite. Wolters was about a second shy of her best to take silver. Iowa State’s Mary Kate Luddy took 2 seconds off her lifetime best to earn bronze, outpacing teammate Haley Ruegemer (4:18.15) through the back half.

MEN’S 400 IM:

  • Big 12 Meet Record: 3:40.26, Jonathan Roberts (Texas), 2017
  • NCAA ‘A’ Standard: 3:39.95
  • 2017 NCAA Invite Time: 3:44.92
  1. GOLD: Jonathan Roberts, Texas, 3:43.72
  2. SILVER: Sam Stewart, Texas, 3:44.93
  3. BRONZE: Ryan Harty. Texas, 3:46.45

Texas’ Jonathan Roberts led from start to finish here, outpacing teammate Sam Stewart to win by a second. Fellow Longhorn Ryan Harty trailed Stewart by tenths after the back leg, but started to fall back on breaststroke as he settled for bronze. West Virginia’s Nate Carr (3:48.06) and Texas’ JohnThomas Larson (3:49.97) joined them in breaking 3:50.


  • Big 12 Meet Record: 1:43.43, Karlee Bispo (Texas), 2011
  • NCAA ‘A’ Standard: 1:43.30
  • 2017 NCAA Invite Time: 1:45.44
  1. GOLD: Quinn Carrozza, Texas, 1:44.41
  2. SILVER: Nora McCullagh, Texas, 1:46.54
  3. BRONZE: Giselle Gursoy, West Virginia, 1:47.39

Texas’ Quinn Carrozza was already leading by a second when she flipped at 50.44 halfway, extending her lead to 2 seconds to take the gold. Nora McCullagh followed to give the Horns the 1-2 punch, while West Virgnia’s Giselle Gusroy rounded out the top 3. Kansas teammates Jenny Nusbaum (1:47.92) and Lauryn Parrish (1:48.84) each earned a spot in the top 5.


  • Big 12 Meet Record: 1:32.01, Ricky Berens (Texas), 2009
  • NCAA ‘A’ Standard: 1:32.54
  • 2017 NCAA Invite Time: 1:34.20
  1. GOLD: Townley Haas, Texas, 1:33.53
  2. SILVER: Jeff Newkirk, Texas, 1:33.69
  3. BRONZE: Parker Neri, Texas, 1:35.10

Reigning NCAA champ Townley Haas flipped in 45.50, leading Texas teammate Jeff Newkirk by a couple of tenths at the 100-yard mark. Newkirk outpaced Haas slightly on the 3rd 50, but they came home in identical 23.88s as Haas touched just over a tenth ahead of Newkirk. Longhorn freshman Parker Neri rolled in with a 1:35.10 for bronze, clipping about a tenth off his lifetime best.


  • Big 12 Meet Record: 57.92, Breeja Larson (Texas A&M), 2012
  • NCAA ‘A’ Standard: 58.85
  • 2017 NCAA Invite Time: 1:00.34
  1. GOLD: Kennedy Lohman, Texas, 59.25
  2. SILVER: Olivia Anderson, Texas, 1:00.37
  3. BRONZE: Haley Downey, Kansas, 1:01.43

Texas’ Kennedy Lohman knocked a few more hundredths off her lifetime best to top the field by a second. Teammate Olivia Anderson was about 3 tenths shy of her lifetime best and finished right around the 2017 NCAA invite time. Kansas’ Haley Downey used her front-end speed to take the edge over Texas’ Brooke Hansen (1:01.98) for bronze, while Hansen used her back-half speed to out-touch West Virginia’s Emma Harris (1:02.07).


  • Big 12 Meet Record: 51.15, Will Licon (Texas), 2017
  • NCAA ‘A’ Standard: 51.74
  • 2017 NCAA Invite Time: 52.62
  1. GOLD: Jake Armstrong, West Virginia, 52.59
  2. SILVER: Tristen Disibio, West Virginia, 52.75
  3. BRONZE: Casey Melzer, Texas, 52.97

West Virginia went 1-2 with Jake Armstrong and Tristen Disibio. Armstrong was about half a second shy of his lifetime best 52.11 from prelims, but still managed to hold off Disibio. Texas’ Casey Melzer dipped below 53 second for the first time to take bronze, while teammate Austin Temple was 4th in 53.60.


  • Big 12 Meet Record: 50.96, Tasija Karosas (Texas), 2017
  • NCAA ‘A’ Standard: 51.16
  • 2017 NCAA Invite Time: 52.65
  1. GOLD: Claire Adams, Texas, 51.13
  2. SILVER: Amelie Currat, West Virginia, 53.73
  3. BRONZE: Kaitlin Harty, Texas, 53.91

Claire Adams picked up another win for Texas, coming within 2 tenths of her lifetime best with an NCAA ‘A’ cut. That was her 3rd fastest swim ever in the event, behind only her swims from 2017 NCAAs. West Virginia’s Amelie Currat came from behind to clip Texas’ Kaitlin Harty for silver. That was Currat’s fastest swim in an individual race, but she was slightly faster with a 53.50 leadoff on the 400 medley relay.


  • Big 12 Meet Record: 45.41, Andrew Marsh (West Virginia), 2016
  • NCAA ‘A’ Standard: 45.25
  • 2017 NCAA Invite Time: 46.28
  1. GOLD: Austin Katz, Texas, 46.02
  2. SILVER: Josh Artmann, Texas, 47.38
  3. BRONZE: Angelo Russo, West Virginia, 47.89

Austin Katz was about 7 tenths shy of his season best, but still won handily in 46.02. West Virginia’s Angelo Russo was out ahead of Josh Artmann, 22.80 to 23.00, but Artmann had the better back-half speed as he finished half a second ahead for the silver.


  • Big 12 Meet Record: 414.20, Maren Taylor (Texas), 2014
  1. GOLD: Alison Gibson, Texas, 388.05
  2. SILVER: Meghan O’Brien, Texas, 368.65
  3. BRONZE: Murphy Bromberg, Texas, 365.40

The Texas women swept the podium again, with Alison Gibson winning gold. Meghan O’Brien and Murphy Bromberg had a close contest for 2nd, but O’Brien came up 3.25 points ahead.


  • Big 12 Meet Record: 527.10, Drew Livingston (Texas), 2011
  1. GOLD: Jordan Windle, Texas, 470.80
  2. SILVER: Michael Proietto, West Virginia, 374.85
  3. BRONZE: Reed Merrit, Texas, 358.40

Jordan Windle topped the podium tonight, giving the Longhorn men their 5th win of the day. West Virginia’s Michael Proietto represented the Mountaineers with a silver ahead of Texas’ Reed Merrit.


  • Big 12 Meet Record: 1:28.04, Texas, 2017
  • NCAA ‘A’ Standard: 1:28.71
  1. GOLD: Texas, 1:28.31
  2. SILVER: West Virginia, 1:31.53
  3. BRONZE: Kansas, 1:32.02

Rebecca Millard got the ball rolling for Texas in 22.10. Claire Adams put up the fastest split of the field with a 21.84 on the 2nd leg. Bringing them home on the back half were Anelise Diener (22.12) and Remedy Rule (22.25). Notably, Brooke Hansen had the 2nd fastest split with a 22.04 as the anchor of Texas’ B relay.


  1. University of Texas               703   2. West Virginia University        434.5
  3. University of Kansas            407.5   4. Iowa State University             321
  5. Texas Christian University        310


  • Big 12 Meet Record: 1:16.89, Texas, 2009
  • NCAA ‘A’ Standard: 1:17.62
  1. GOLD: Texas, 1:16.90
  2. SILVER: West Virginia, 1:18.30
  3. BRONZE: TCU, 1:22.55

The Texas men came up just .01 shy of the Meet Record, with Tate Jackson leading off in 19.20. Brett Ringgold threw down the fastest split of the field in 18.65 on the 2nd leg. Austin Katz (19.94) and Joseph Schooling (19.11) took over the back half. The Horns’ John Shebat had the 4th fastest split for Texas with a 19.40 on the 2nd leg of the B relay.


  1. University of Texas               723   2. West Virginia University          611
  3. Texas Christian University        444

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3 years ago

In before all of the UT haters after that 45.1 100 Fly by Schooling…

j pine
Reply to  Pinodee
3 years ago

I don’t think he’s rested though

Reply to  j pine
3 years ago

Ya not rested for sure. Like Eddie said, their program is one of the toughest this year.

Reply to  Buona
3 years ago

No chance it’s tougher than what Troy has Florida swimming under

Sir Swimsalot
Reply to  Pvdh
3 years ago

Who knows? Regardless, it’s tough nonetheless. Just because one team might have the toughest training doesn’t mean the other teams aren’t experiencing tough training as well.

Reply to  Pinodee
3 years ago

Just a 0.03 drop from his prelim swim. Competition is not there. If there is Jack Conger swimming beside him, it might force him to swim faster. Like what he did in Texas Invite.

Reply to  Buona
3 years ago

One of Schoolings greatest comments. I like swimming with Jack I know who is going to come in second. He always has my back.

Reply to  Swimmer
3 years ago

like that 200 fly last year… ooooohhhhhh

Reply to  Pinodee
3 years ago

He would barely be 2nd at ACCs.

Silent Observer
Reply to  Swimmer
3 years ago

by a mere 0.01..to Coleman. Who is on fire…so probably would of been out touched

Swimbo Fisher
Reply to  Pinodee
3 years ago

A&M Boys and Girls would have won this meet

Justin Thompson
3 years ago

Not rested but neither was Dressel ??‍♂️

Sir Swimsalot
Reply to  Justin Thompson
3 years ago

I really don’t believe Dressel when he daily’s he wasn’t rested. If he wasn’t truly rested at all, he’d be going 44 in a 100 FR like he did during duel meets. He had to have had some rest.

Reply to  Sir Swimsalot
3 years ago

There’s a difference between being “rested” and being ready to swim fast. Anyone who follows swimming knows this, and a coach like Greg Troy knows how to pull it off better than most. Not saying he wasn’t rested (though I’d be surprised) but you shouldn’t take caeleb dressel swimming fast as a sign that he was on some kind of taper. We’l see what happens at NCs

40 Flat
3 years ago

I sure hope joe isn’t rested right now because I want to see a good 100 fly race at NCs

3 years ago

Texas commit Charlie Scheinfeld throwing down a 53.6 100 Breast Illinois State record in prelims today, let’s see what Eddie can do with him next year

3 years ago

Dressel opened his 200IM with the same
Plot that schooling opened 100 fly

Reply to  Pvdh
3 years ago


Reply to  Pvdh
3 years ago

Dressel 21.03. fly split of 200 IM. Schooling 21.09 100 fly

Dressel took his 2 IM out faster ?

3 years ago

Haas looking good. Gaining some momentum.

3 years ago

There’s not an article for the MAC, so i’ll say it here. A swimmer from Eastern Michigan just put up a 58.3 to take over 4th in the nation in the 100 breast. Love to see that in Mid-Major.

40 Flat
3 years ago

Why did Shebat swim exhibition?

Reply to  40 Flat
3 years ago

He needed a good time to still qualify for for NCs. He can still be chosen even if he doesn’t have an automatic A cut based on his time.

Reply to  E+Gamble
3 years ago

But why exhibition and not the actual A final?

40 Flat
Reply to  Mike
3 years ago

Yeah that’s what I meant by my question too haha

Sean Sullivan
Reply to  Mike
3 years ago

You only get a certain number of guys on your scoring roster and I guess since they new he wasn’t going to play a part on their scoring relays they decided to use his spot on someone else. (Not that they need any more points at conference.

Reply to  40 Flat
3 years ago

Shebat won the consolation with a quicker time that what it took to win the A final

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