2017 W. NCAAs: Manuel Obliterates Records with 45.5 100 Free



  • NCAA record: 46.09 – Simone Manuel (Stanford) – 3/21/2015
  • American record: 46.09 – Simone Manuel (Stanford) – 3/21/2015
  • U.S. Open Record: 46.09 – Simone Manuel (Stanford) – 3/21/2015
  • 2016 NCAA Champion: Olivia Smoliga, Georgia, 46.70
  • Pool: 47.17 Margo Geer

Simone Manuel stepped up to take on a star-studded field in tonight’s 100 free final, but the Olympic gold medalist from Stanford was ready to make history. As a freshman in the NCAA, Manuel narrowly missed clearing the 46-second barrier, clocking a 46.09. Tonight she returned after taking an Olympic redshirt in 2015-16, destroying her own record. The crowd went wild as they looked up at the board and saw Manuel’s final time: 45.56.

You can see the top 10 fastest swims in history below:

  1. Simone Manuel (3/18/17): 45.56
  2. Simone Manuel (3/18/17): 46.02
  3. Simone Manuel (3/21/15): 46.09
  4. Abbey Weitzeil (12/13/14): 46.29
  5. Olivia Smoliga (3/18/17): 46.30 (TIE)
  6. Simone Manuel (3/18/17): 46.30 (TIE)
  7. Mallory Comerford (3/18/17): 46.35
  8. Simone Manuel (2/25/17): 46.36
  9. Abbey Weitzeil (3/2016) – 46.47
  10. Abbey Weitzeil (3/2016) – 46.52

Below you can see a split comparison to Manuel’s American record swim from 2015 NCAAs.

Simone Manuel 2015 NCAAs (American record) Simone Manuel 2017 NCAAs (prelims)
22.31  21.90
23.78  23.66
Time: 46.09  Time: 45.56



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Tom from Chicago

Manuel has a great stroke. Out in 21.90. Wow. It seems Standford sprinters are doing a bit better than their distance swimmers.


They had 3 swimmers score in the 500 (1A, 2Bs) and 1650 (3As). How much better should they have been?


Well if you compare their times from PAC 12s they could’ve been better. Places they did fine, but this is a time based sport…do you think Ledecky or Drabot are happy with their times?


I don’t think time matters when you win first place


time matters, always. even in first place. ask schooling if he thinks time doesn’t matter from last year, you don’t think he wanted that 43? ask any swimmer who gets first at a big meet but doesn’t get a pb, time always matters its what we are chasing as swimmers.


Actually, Drabot improved her PACs time by 4 whole seconds. Stevens by over 5 seconds. Katie didn’t swim the 1650 at PACs. Her seed time was from Ohio invitational.


The Stanford distance swimmers just went 1, 3, 4 in the mile. Not sure how much better those distance swimmers could do besides a sweep.




52.00 this summer


I’d love to see it, but I also know she absolutely uncorks on those turns, an advantage minimized in LCM.


Absolutely correct. This meet showed that Semone’s speed endurance ends somewhere at 150-170 yards. In long pool with smaller underwater part of the race the number of strokes increases by approximately 30%. That will directly affect her endurance. At about 85-92m of long course race she will be in trouble if she swims with same intensity as she did it today. She either has to race with slower speed or she may have same difficulties as Cate Campbell had in Rio.

E Gamble

You do know that Simone ( correct spelling) tied for gold in the 100 free swimming in between C1 and C2. She didn’t have any trouble finishing her race in Rio. Simone won two gold and two silver medals. I think her intensity is just fine. ?


I don’t recommend anybody to learn English by reading my comments, but this particular misspelling can be definitely blamed on autocorrect. It is very creative 🙂 Three major things distinguish SCY competition from LCM one. It is 10% shorter. It is different proportion between underwater part of the race and actual stroke. It can be crucial in terms of endurance because more load falls on weakest muscles. And that is what these conversion utilities doesn’t take under consideration, because the third factor is very individual. Do you know how Missy’s 200y records converts into LCM? Nothing even close to her personal best. In Ledecky’s case it is quite accurate. What I was trying to figure out in previous comment is… Read more »


Watching her race, I don’t think her turns are as good as Smoliga’s. She just had a much better third turn, because she has much better sprint-endurance that most of her competitors. That really shows itself in the way she was able to close her 100 in Rio (her last 35 was the best of anyone besides Oleksiak).


She won a gold medal in the LCM 100 freestyle at the Olympics. I’m pretty confident that she understands how to pace herself in the big pool.


Maybe you also confident with the prediction what Simone Manuel is capable of at 100LCM? If so then let us know what it is. If Penny Oleksiak swam two days in a row 52.7 then it is more or less clear where she stands and what can be conservatively expected from her. When I saw Semone’s reaction at the end of the Olympic race I had no idea what struck her more: the fact that she swam 52.7 or that this time was enough for gold medal. Her lead off leg in 400 relay didn’t predict such a huge improvement just a few days later. And nobody was ready to tell after Rio if Simone Manual is reliable 52 swimmer.… Read more »


People were saying the same things about Ryan Murphy, he went 52.1 in the mixed medley in Kazan then but 53 in the men’s medley. He made a similar drop in the 100 back short course then swam consistent 52s (with a 51 in there too) the rest of the season. Not saying Manuel is the same, but I think she’s gained a lot of confidence, which is what proved the difference for Murphy.


lets be honest : a 52.4 would already be awesome ……in the final of the 100 free and in the relay

E Gamble

It converts to a 50.17 LCM

E Gamble

Ha ha….52.17 lcm ?

bobo gigi

I’m a big fan of Miss Manuel but no, I don’t think so. 🙂

bobo gigi

Looks like Simone was very angry tonight. 🙂
She saved the best for the final day.


Just a little bit. ?

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