It’s Here! The 2017 Women’s NCAA Pick ‘Em Contest is Here!

The Pick ‘Em Contest for the 2017 NCAA Women’s Swimming and Diving Championships has arrived!

At this year’s meet, some events seem wide open – like the butterflies after the graduation of Kelsi Worrell. Others appear to be slam dunks – like Katie Ledecky in the mile. Each year, though, brings its own surprises, twists, and turns that make the NCAA Championships the most interesting and entertaining meet in the world.

Click Here to Enter! (Google Login Required)


Correctly picking a swimmer to place:

  • 1st – 7 points
  • 2nd – 5 points
  • 3rd – 4 points
  • 4th – 3 points

Correctly picking a swimmer to place in the top 4, but putting them in the wrong spot, will earn you 1 point.

In the team picks, correctly picking a team to finish in exactly each place will earn this many points:

  • 1st – 20
  • 2nd – 17
  • 3rd – 16
  • 4th – 15
  • 5th – 14
  • 6th – 13
  • 7th – 12
  • 8th – 11
  • 9th – 9
  • 10th – 7

Picks will close at 4PM Eastern Time on Wednesday, March 15th, and at that time, we will post everyone’s picks for them to see.

By using the new Google Forms format, you CAN go in and edit your responses up until 4 PM on Wednesday. You can also use this “edit responses” ability to go in and print or save your answers.

The tie-breaker for prizes, if necessary, will be the most correctly-picked winners, then 2nd-place finishers, then 3rd-place finishers, etc. in the relevant time period.

Note: this year, we’ve solved a technical limitation that we had last year that made it impossible to change your mind on the team selections once a team had been clicked. The “JK” columns are designed for any such errors. If you don’t need them, feel free to leave them blank!


The top 3 scorers of the full meet will receive:

  • A one-year subscription to SwimSwam Magazine
  • An official, can’t-be-bought, “Swimming Expert” t-shirt (design to be revealed)


Anybody is eligible to play, but only certain people are eligible for prizes. For starters, only one entry per person is allowed. If we discover that you have made multiple entries, we may disqualify all of your entries.

To win prizes, entrant must:

  • Be 18 or older
  • Accept responsibility for any and all taxes
  • Accept responsibility for any impact on high school or college eligibility
  • Be a legal resident of the United States or Canada (prizes will only be mailed to these countries)

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So it begins, Im going to go out on a limb here and say Ledecky wins the 500 and 1650 and laps everyone in the 1650


I also like to live dangerously.


With such accuracy you won’t win the prize. 🙂 There would be finalists who will be lapped twice at 1650.


And then there’s the guy on the Men’s side last year, whom Rowdy thought was getting lapped but was actually winning it.

Ex Quaker

Muh boi Chris. #goquakers


don’t get too harsh on Rowdy. The mile race in very short pool (not even meters – yards) is very confusing. Everybody are moving in different directions. The only way to figure out the leader is to trust guys that display the number of pools have been swum already. I used to volunteer this job at HS meets and not always was accurate: making some guys very happy with personal best ( 🙂 ). Fortunately they were not leaders and nobody noticed my mistake.


You should re-read what you just wrote. You said that we should be lenient on a commentator who specializes in that same sport. A guy, whom i believe is very braggadocios about his accomplishments in swimming. I personally think him forgetting Chris Swanson’s lap count is as bad as Steve Harvey announcing the wrong winner.




Roberto, of course you are right. If he is paid for this job then some quality of broadcasting is expected. I actually wanted to say that after half of a distance the 1650 race in 25 yards (22.5m) pool is a mess and is hard to follow.

Tea rex

Sure, Rowdy’s call on the 1650 was embarrassing. But if most of us had MC’ed hundreds of swimming events, we would have much worse on record.

Pau Hana

Rowdy missed Chris Swanson because he didn’t know who CS was and wasn’t paying attention to him – probably too busy explaining again that he knows Clark Smith’s mother. He comes into every race with a planned story and a few swimmers on whom to focus, and is too busy concentrating on his pre-planned narratives/concentrations to pay attention to the whole race. It’s a constant problem.


Can’t wait to watch Leah Smith perform the greatest upset in ncaa swimming


LOL, you mean biggest upset for second?


That would be astounding. I’d watch that over and over again. whoever the announcer is (Rowdy?) I’m sure their head will pop off with excitement.


That is the beauty of Katie Ledecky’s talent: no matter if she wins or loses there are always people that are getting happy 🙂


If it happens, undoubtedly it will be because Ledecky was breathing to one side and didn’t see her. Fortunately, it’s short course, so we’ll only have to hear that commentary for 14 seconds or less.


Although unfortunately for swimming, if Leah were to beat Katie in the mile, it would be a huge upset but would unlikely to be the greatest swim in NCAA history. Given both swimmers’ times, Leah couldn’t pull off the upset only by having her best-ever swim; it would also take Katie “swimming down” in some way, such as by being sick or completely blowing up. That is never fun to see.


While as a Wahoo fan I’d love that, I’ll be very happy if she breaks under 4:30 in the 500 and stays within 15 seconds in the 1650.

Years of Plain Suck

I think it will be interesting to see if Katie can get within 50 yards of the men’s winning time in the 1650. In other words, can she finish less than 26 seconds behind the men’s winner?

For example, if the winning men’s time is 14:26, will Katie’s 1,600 yard split be sub 14:26 (for a full 1,650 time of about 14:52, or about 11 seconds faster than her current American record)?

I’m willing to bet Katie can do it.

That we are even contemplating this is an enormous compliment to her swimming prowess.

E Gamble

Katie Ledecky has earned her dominance with hard work. And now you want to move the goal post and see how close she can come to a man’s time? I’m pretty sure her goal is not to see how close she can come to a man’s time.

Years of Plain Suck

I remember the series of stories in SwimSwam last April and May (2016) about KL intimidating the men’s middle and distance swimmers at the Colorado Springs training facility (in a good humored way). I think she thrives on competition.

Contemplating how close a woman can come to a man in the 1650 is something many of us would not have contemplated a few years ago. That we are doing so now is a compliment to KL.

E Gamble

I don’t think it was a series of stories. If I’m not mistaken, it was a mere statement made by Conner Dwyer. He talked about Katie Ledecky out swimming some men at the Colorado Springs Olympic Traing Center. When the media asked Ledecky about this, she claimed not to have even noticed. She said. ….“I was probably just concentrating on doing my own work.” Just like Serena Williams will never play Nadal for a grand Slam…. Katie Ledecky will never race Conner Dwyer in a 400 free for a gold medal. Comparing women to men in sports is just wrong in my opinion and a waste of time. And contemplating how close Katie Ledecky can come to a man’s swimming… Read more »

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