2016 Longhorn Elite Invite: Day 1 Prelims Live Recap



Arizona’s Margo Geer took the top spot in prelims this morning, dipping under 55 with her 54.93. Not far behind her were Olympians Allison Schmitt (55.15) and Missy Franklin (55.19), who clocked 55-lows to take 2nd and 3rd seed respectively for finals. Texas’ Rebecca Millard was also under 56 to take 4th in 55.85.

Lauren Pitzer, a member of the USA National Junior Team, came in at 56.90 to take 6th behind Lisa Boyce (56.18). Arizona’s Bonnie Brandon was a nail behind in 56.93 to take 7th seed. Texas’ Tasija Karosas rounded out this morning’s top 8 with a 57.16.

Top 8:

  1. Margo Geer, 54.93
  2. Allison Schmitt, 55.15
  3. Missy Franklin, 55.19
  4. Rebecca Millard, 55.85
  5. Lisa Boyce, 56.18
  6. Lauren Pitzer, 56.90
  7. Bonnie Brandon, 56.93
  8. Tasija Karosas, 57.16


David Nolan was the only man under 50 seconds this morning, clocking a 49.80 to take the top seed headed into finals. Just behind him was Texas’ Jack Conger, who clocked a 50.03 for 2nd ahead of Ray Bornman (50.09).

Conger’s teammates Clay Youngquist (50.32), Brett Ringgold (50.51), and Townley Haas (50.81) took the 4th through 6th spots. Tying for 7th and sneaking into the final were Michael Phelps (50.84) and Longhorn alum Austin Surhoff (50.84).

Top 8:

  1. David Nolan, 49.80
  2. Jack Conger, 50.03
  3. Ray Bornman, 50.09
  4. Clay Youngquist, 50.32
  5. Brett Ringgold, 50.51
  6. Townley Haas, 50.81
  7. (T-7) Austin Surhoff, 50.84
  8. (T-7) Michael Phelps, 50.84


Texas Longhorn Madisyn Cox clocked a 2:29.68 for top seed in the 200 breast this morning, almost 2 seconds faster than anyone else. Georgia’s Annie Zhu took 2nd in 2:31.46, followed by Amanda Sanders (2:32.00) and Olivia Anderson (2:32.76), who battled closely for 3rd. Laura Sogar, a member of the pro group training at Texas, finished 5th in 2:34.26.

Top 8:

  1. Madisyn Cox, 2:29.68
  2. Annie Zhu, 2:31.46
  3. Amanda Sanders, 2:32.00
  4. Olivia Anderson, 2:32.76
  5. Laura Sogar, 2:34.26
  6. Lara Bate, 2:34.42
  7. Morgan Friesen, 2:35.81
  8. Danielle DellaTorre, 2:37.66


NBAC’s Chase Kalisz took control of the men’s 200 breast this morning, clocking a 2:13.66 to take top seed. Texas’ Will Licon, the American Record holder in the 200 yard breast, swam to a 2:15.31 for 2nd. Licon’s training partner Andrew Wilson, a Division III NCAA Champion, took 3rd in 2:16.58.

Top 8:

  1. Chase Kalisz, 2:13.66
  2. Will Licon, 2:15.31
  3. Andrew Wilson, 2:16.58
  4. Jackson Ford, 2:17.64
  5. Trent Jackson, 2:18.51
  6. Casey Meizer, 2:18.76
  7. Basil Orr, 2:19.06
  8. Hayden Henry, 2:19.73


U.S. National Teamer Cierra Runge and Danish Olympic medalist Lotte Friis put up a pair of 4:10s to lead the women’s 400 free prelims. Runge was the fastest overall, clocking a 4:10.36 to Friis’ 4:10.96. Tenths behind Friis was U.S. Olympian Allison Schmitt, who medaled in this event at the London Olympics. Schmitt clocked a 4:11.63 for 3rd seed.

Top 8:

  1. Cierra Runge, 4:10.36
  2. Lotte Friis, 4:10.96
  3. Allison Schmitt, 4:11.63
  4. Sierra Schmidt, 4:12.86
  5. Joanna Evans, 4:16.01
  6. Quinn Carrozza, 4:16.61
  7. Rachel Zilinskas, 4:19.20
  8. Haley Herzberg, 4:19.83


The Longhorn men got a slew of swimmers into the top 8 of the men’s 400 free, led by Longhorn Alum Michael McBroom. McBroom swam to the wall in 3:53.21 for top seed, narrowly ahead of Texas’ Clark Smith, who clocked a 3:53.23. Taking 3rd, also in the 3:53-range, was Yale’s Kei Hyogo in 3:53.85.

Smith’s teammate Townley Haas will also compete in tonight’s loaded final after taking 5th in 3:57.42. That time landed him one slot behind Junior World Champion Sean Grieshop (3:56.85) and a nail ahead of teammate Jonathan Roberts (3:57.54).

Top 8:

  1. Michael McBroom, 3:53.21
  2. Clark Smith, 3:53.23
  3. Kei Hyogo, 3:53.85
  4. Sean Grieshop, 3:56.85
  5. Townley Haas, 3:57.42
  6. Jonathan Roberts, 3:57.54
  7. Chris Yeager, 3:58.31
  8. Dylan Bunch, 3:59.60


Georgia’s Megan Kingsley was the top qualifier for finals in the women’s 100 fly, posting the only sub-1:00 of the morning with her 59.91. Victoria Edwards (1:00.43) and Dakota Luther (1:00.62) were closely matched for 2nd and 3rd, respectively. Lisa Boyce qualified for her 2nd final of tonight’s session with a 1:00.79 for 4th overall.

Top 8:

  1. Megan Kingsley, 59.91
  2. Victoria Edwards, 1:00.43
  3. Dakota Luther, 1:00.62
  4. Lisa Boyce, 1:00.79
  5. Remedy Rule, 1:01.52
  6. Mimi Schneider, 1:01.62
  7. Brynne Wong, 1:01.67
  8. Kara Eisenmann, 1:01.97


David Nolan came out on top again in the men’s 100 fly, posting a 53.24 to take top seed for the final tonight. Nolan was the slimmest possible margin ahead of teammate Michael Phelps, who was 2nd in 53.25. Texas’ Joseph Schooling came in behind them for 3rd in 53.40.

Tonight’s final will be packed full of talent, as 3 more Texas men were in the 53-range to qualify in the top 8. Will Glass and Jack Conger were within hundredths of each other, with Glass taking 4th in 53.63 just ahead of Conger (53.66). Their teammate Tripp Cooper also snuck under 54, taking 6th seed with his 53.99 this morning.

Georgia’s Pace Clark (54.04) took 7th to earn himself a spot in the race tonight. Behind him was Arizona’s Chatham Dobbs, who won a very close battle for 8th in 54.45. Just missing out on the final were John Shebat (54.46) and Pavel Sankovich (54.47).

Top 8:

  1. David Nolan, 53.24
  2. Michael Phelps, 53.25
  3. Joseph Schooling, 53.40
  4. Will Glass. 53.63
  5. Jack Conger, 53.66
  6. Tripp Cooper, 53.99
  7. Pace Clark, 54.04
  8. Chatham Dobbs, 54.45

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Lane Four
4 years ago

There is only ONE RACE I want to see and that is the men’s 100 Fly. Please, someone, ANYONE, record this on your phone and upload ASAP for the world to see. Phelps vs. Texas is a rare opportunity. It kills me that this is not being offered by USA Swimming on a live stream.

Reply to  Lane Four
4 years ago

Why would the world want to see Phelps not being Phelps? It’s obvious from his 100 free (50+) he’s not in superstar mode. You may as well watch a training swim for all the relevance it’ll probably have to the Olympic Trials. .

Reply to  John
4 years ago

Phelps vs. those from Texas is a race to see, championship meet or not. I think many of us would love to watch some training swims (esp. Phelps, Haas, Schooling, etc.) live as well, but alas, this is as big as it gets before Omaha. The process of training is just as telling as the result, perhaps even more so!

Reply to  John
4 years ago

Then Phelps go a 51 on 100 fly… his free has been his concern since return.. can´t say for sure going bad on free is that he is on heavy workload or something on that line..

Reply to  Rafael
4 years ago

It’s pretty funny. His breaststroke has looked better than free. I think it’ll come around though. He was 48.5 after a few months in training at pan pacs.

Reply to  Pvdh
4 years ago

i think Phelps said in a recent video that he had lost 10 lbs, that will impact his times!

Irish Ringer
Reply to  John
4 years ago

Let’s wait for finals to see what he goes in the 100 free. I believe he won his heat and the heat prior was a little faster but still slow. I’m guessing a 49 low.

Reply to  John
4 years ago

Well stated, John, none the less, there are those that want to see just to see, sort of like an addition.

bobo gigi
Reply to  Lauren Neidigh
4 years ago

That’s a miracle that a channel broadcasts that meet.
And for people outside of Texas?

Lane Four
Reply to  Lauren Neidigh
4 years ago

Thank you, Lauren. I found out that I would have to pay my cable company in order to watch the stream on Longhorn. Thank you for the information, anyway.

Kristaps Porzingis
Reply to  Lane Four
4 years ago

Its on Longhorn network. Upgrade your TV service

Irish Ringer
Reply to  Kristaps Porzingis
4 years ago

Probably has more viewers than knicks games eh Kristaps 🙂

Kristaps Porzingis
Reply to  Irish Ringer
4 years ago

Not if you count ratings from Latvia

Irish Ringer
Reply to  Kristaps Porzingis
4 years ago

Could be true, never underestimate the power of the foreign fans. Great player with a lot of upside. The Knicks picked well when they scooped up Kristaps. Hopefully Hornacek can right the ship. I miss those Knicks teams of the 90’s that gave your boy Phil Jackson a run for his money.

tea rex
4 years ago

Did a 47 year old just go 57.24 in the 100 free? That’s insane

Old sprinter
Reply to  tea rex
4 years ago

National masters reord for 45-49 is 53.90 by Jack Grosselle. He’s been mid 57 as a 60 year old

Ancient swimmer
Reply to  Old sprinter
4 years ago

Ummm…this time was done by a FEMALE

Old sprinter
Reply to  Ancient swimmer
4 years ago

My apologies to Ms. Thomas. She currently holds the world record at 57.40. As this meet is not FINA Masters sanctioned, her new faster time won’t count as a new record. Wow, she is quick

Irish Ringer
Reply to  Ancient swimmer
4 years ago


Reply to  tea rex
4 years ago

Melanie Thomas is the former Melanie Valerio, who was a gold medalist in the 1996 Olympics from the 4×100 free relay.

Melanie Thomas
Reply to  tea rex
4 years ago

Ahhhh Thanks Tea Rex! You made my day! My best this year is 57.11 (Austin Arena Pro Series). I tried so hard to make Trials! Maybe in 2020. Yes I am 47, no it’s not easy and yes it hurts a lot more than it ever did.

Reply to  Melanie Thomas
4 years ago

Way to go Girl!Come on…56.99 you can do it!

4 years ago

Good race for Nolan – to be .3 off his best here can’t really be a bad thing. I wonder if he just got excited this morning or if this is an indication of a broader trend. Possibly a bit of both.

Irish Ringer
Reply to  THEO
4 years ago

He was good on the 100 fly too. Hopefully he has some more in the tank for tonight. Could see him under 2:00 in the IM if that is the case.

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